Galentine’s Day Ideas For You and Your Fave Ladies

Galentine’s Day Ideas For You and Your Fave Ladies

January 13, 2022
By Erin Clark

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Thanks to the likes of Leslie Knope and her best gal pals, Galentine’s day is like, the best holiday, ever. Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in the middle, Galentine’s day is for anyone and everyone wanting to celebrate the love in their lives. What better way to celebrate that love than with the best friends who have become better and closer people in your life than any ex ever has.

But what to do? And how to dress? We are going to take a look at some great ways to celebrate the best ladies life has given you, and how you should dress for the best holiday our calendar has to offer. But first, let’s discuss the finest colors for the festivities.

Color, Color, Everywhere

Valentine’s day and Galentine’s day celebrations usually involve specific colors. We will get to that later, but what if you like the holiday but you want to be original? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve put together a list of colors that work these days that are a little off-brand but still beautiful.

1. Lady in Red

Red is an obvious choice for Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day activities. And we agree; red is the color of love and passion and regardless of who you’re celebrating with, exude love on the days of the year set aside for just this. If you’re celebrating this day then you probably like cheesy days with fun at the forefront.

But Galentine’s day is meant to be more light-hearted than its romantic counterpart. So, if you’re choosing red, go for something in a jumpsuit or A-line mini skirt. These still have that fancy feel but with a little more fun mixed in.

Check out these radiant red outfits:

2. Pretty Pinks

Pink is generally the second choice for Valentine’s day; maybe you’ve only been dating someone for a little while and don’t want to go full color of love. But pink is a great choice for Galentine’s day, more specifically dusty pink colors. Not only are they trending at the moment, but light pink colors look great on all women from all backgrounds.

Dresses in this color are versatile so they transition easily from day to night. Think of a fabulous brunch date that goes so long it turns into happy hour drinks and apps. No one will ever know you didn’t change and you will be looking trendy from dawn till dusk.

Dazzle in these pretty pink picks:

3. Gem of a Lady

It’s a bit off-brand for love day, but we love emerald green for a Galentine’s Day date with the girls. The color is vibrant and deep and looks great on all women. The color will keep it from being too romantic for an evening that is about celebrating your best friendships but will keep your look eye-catching.

A great look that is trending right now is a long-sleeved mini. Because you’re showing off so much from the thigh down, you can cover up the top half a little more without coming off matronly. An emerald shade of green is a perfect translation for this look. The color is luxe so you’ll want more of it, but the mini dress look will kill on a Galentine’s date. Give a mini dress a chance, it begs for a good girls’ night.

You’ll sparkle in these emerald green looks:

Galentine’s Day Ideas

So let’s talk about some fun dates, cause your girls and your friendships are totally worth the best celebrations life can offer. But you will have to get dressed, so you might as well look good while you’re having fun. When it comes to friends and fashion, you can have your cake and eat it too!

1. Home Base

Some of the best get-togethers with your girls happen in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be a tabletop charcuterie board or a waffle brunch spread and mimosas, you can’t deny that hosting your best friends for a day of celebrating is always a good time. We love the idea of a brunch spread that includes heart-shaped waffles and fresh fruit and candy hearts everywhere, but if we’re being honest, we really care about the clothes.

A red peplum top with a cute puff sleeve would be right at home with a cute pair of black skinny jeans here. It screams a day of love, but with jeans, it’s a little more appropriate for a home party. If you’re thinking of doing a dinner party or a happy hour event, try a red two-piece or a pink ruffle dress. Bonus points if you will rock a headband with plastic springy hearts on it.

Try these at-home looks for your party:

2. Cookie Lovers Unite!

What better way to fall deep into Galentine’s day than to decorate heart-shaped cookies with your best friends? There are plenty of places around V-day that offer cookie decorating classes and this is such a fun way to celebrate with your best girls.

This might be a situation where you get a little messy, so we can understand if you want to keep it more casual. But where would be the fun in that?! We recommend something with a flow. It can have a more casual edge but will still be stylish and trendy. We love a little mini from Sherri Hill. It’s a floral pattern and has a great amount of movement in the skirt so it’s fresh and fun. Pair it with a cute coordinating blazer for a fun daytime look.

These looks from Sherri Hill are sweet as sugar:

3. Painting With Pinot

A sip and painting party could be another great way to celebrate your special girls’ day. Cute aprons with memories and paintings to last a lifetime. It’s a fun way to do a special activity, learn a new skill, or practice an old one, and have some time to spill the tea with your best friends.

We understand that a painting party can be a bit risky for your best clothes. While we don’t recommend wearing your most formal wear, a cute and short romper or jumpsuit can be the perfect way to look stylish and ensure that you’re not going to spill paint all over your best gown.

Get artsy in these adorable jumpsuits:

4. Nails on Point

Plenty of nail salons now do champagne and other fun treats, so why not book nail appointments for you and your best girls. Even better, there are plenty of salons that now offer services right to your door! Think of it, you could plan manis and pedis with mimosas and treats, and then have blowouts before a delicious lunch and shopping all day. We are totally RSVPing for this!!

We love the idea of a cute, shorter dress for this event. Something with strappy sandals, and has the look of sophistication and style but a little more casual for a day date with the girls. It is cute and breezy but is so trendy and stylish, you will not regret the choice.

You’ll love these cute Galentine’s-ready minis:

5. Death to Cupid

Thanks to Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, we could make a case for throwing an “I hate Valentine’s Day” party with your best friends. Even if you are in a relationship and planning a super romantic evening, it’s Galentine’s day, and the rules don’t apply.

This is the moment and event where you go all out with your clothing. A floor-length number would be amazing, something that isn’t overly formal but is fancy. A purple gown is a great choice here. Adding straps and off-the-shoulder details keep it from being too elegant, so it is at home at an upscale, trendy dinner.

These purple gowns are ready for any Galentine’s event:

Friends Are the Best

From Drew and Cameron to Selena and Taylor, we love girl gangs and friendships that last, because at the end of the day, if you can’t count on the friends that have turned into family, who can you count on? Everything that your wildest Galentine’s Day dreams are made of should be yours this coming February and we are expecting nothing but the best for you and your girls.

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