How To Dress for a Girls Night Out

How To Dress for a Girls Night Out

February 10, 2022
By Emily Tinoco

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It is almost summertime! This year, it looks like we might have somewhat of a normal summer. After being tucked away for over a year, and spending my last two semesters of college at home, I am ready to get all glammed up and go out with my friends for some dancing and good food.

I have found seven of the most beautiful dresses on Queenly for you to look at and gather some inspo from! Also, do not forget that if these are not your favorite, you can find tons more options on our website!

Queenly has dresses to offer women of all ages and sizes so even if these just inspire your next outfit choices, that’s ok! We know you’re bound to find the right look with our guidance.

Take a Look at My Lookbook

1. White Cocktail Dresses

I imagine myself wearing these dresses on a cold night when I am heading out to a nice classy dinner. These long-sleeved dresses are perfect for those nights that are clear but a little chilly. White dresses are great for any skin tone and the best part about neutral dresses is the range of accessories that can be added, so don’t be afraid to add some color when inspiration strikes!

In the first listing: the long sleeves and V-cut neckline give you the perfect balance of sexy and sophistication. If you look at the listing, the model is wearing clear pumps. I think this choice is perfect, but I would also take this opportunity to wear some color. I think some simple neon yellow heels would go perfect with this look. That, along with some simple silver jewelry would bring it all together.

You could also opt for a knee or thigh-high boot if the weather does require a little more coverage. The balloon sleeves and flared skirt would be perfect with tight boots that hug the leg, especially in a tan or gray color; think mix and match textures, fit, and colors.

The second dress would be killer with a white trench coat and ankle booties. Definitely want to stick to neutrals considering the pattern and sheen of the dress, so consider either a tan or white heel or bootie.

The last white dress is also amazing with a thigh-high boot but if weather permits, a strappy clear heel is to die for! Since it is a style that naturally offers a bit more coverage to keep warm, opt for a long heavy scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders for heat instead of a big coat; the dress will be able to shine and the scarf will be trendy and fashionable for the look.

2. "Date Night" Little Red Dress

These dresses are perfect for date night…..with your girls. Date night with your besties could be just because, to celebrate a work accomplishment, or our favorite, Galentine’s Day! What better time to plan a red dress than for the perfect bestie love day you could imagine?! It sounds a bit strange, but a bestie date night is a perfect way to stay connected and present in each others’ lives, and a lovely excuse to get dressed up. It’s important to always remember to date yourself, date your spouse, AND your best friends.

Imagine wearing this first dress on a rooftop enjoying some cocktails. A good view, a good time, and an amazing outfit. It’s a chic and creative location that deserves a dress with a bit of intrigue. The first dress’s rhinestone straps give it that glam factor without going too overboard. A little drama and a focal point for the dress mixed with the thinner style of the strap leaves the shoulders appearing soft and elongating your neck in a lovely way. A nice faux fur coat would go PERFECT with this. I would match this dress with some brown strappy heels to balance out the red color of the dress.

If the little bit of crystal detailing isn’t enough drama for you, then these other two sequin designs would do just the trick. The all-over shine would have you glowing, literally, and stealing all the glances in every room you walk into. These are great options for dinner at your favorite trendy spot and would kill at that swanky cocktail bar you and your friends have been dying to try.

Either dress would look best with a strappy heel. Black would be easiest but we love the idea of adding a silver or gold shoe, depending on which metallic speaks to you more. It’s a lot of shine but you want the wow factor so go for it! You could always go with a shade of green that you like the most; green is the complementary color to red so any shade of green shoes/accessories will make the red in the dress pop a little bit more.

3. All Glam Dresses

I am already a few steps, like a lot ahead...but these dresses should be the top picks for New Year’s Eve. Of course, you would be spending that night with your girls, who better to ring in the new year with than those people that were there for you through everything this year threw your way?

Since that is still a little far ahead, these are also perfect to celebrate your birthday with. Match it with a pink birthday crown and your night is all set. Your birthday celebration is all about you being the center of attention so don’t be afraid to demand the spotlight all night long! These dresses call for a big party, so don’t be afraid to plan the party of your dreams and dress to match your expectations.

It’s all about glam, so I would match it with equally as glamorous shoes. Rhinestones are a must! If that is too much drama for you, consider a shoe in a metallic color. It will be a complimentary style that will coordinate with the sparkle of the dress without diverting the eye away from it. Equally as great would be a nude heel in patent leather; this will be a more understated option so the shoes will camouflage rather than shine.

4. Pretty in Pink

These pink numbers are destination dresses. They must be worn on that all-exclusive trip you planned out with your girlfriends. All this beading means you don’t have to spend time stressing over your accessories; when garments offer a lot of texture and details in the cut, your accessories shouldn’t try to compete for attention and instead should try to elevate the dress to center stage.

A great way to style these dresses would be a nude heel or something in navy blue. Nude heels will keep the dress front and center and help to emphasize the dress and the details. Navy blue heels look really great with these hues of pink and would be a fun design choice especially on a fun getaway with friends.

As far as jewelry, gold would be a great option and I would style my hair in a sleek high ponytail and you could also wear some simple white strap heels if blue isn’t your thing but you want to add a more energetic design point.

5. Something Classy

If you are looking for something more simple and classic, these are perfect for a night of dancing. The short cut helps to keep you moving and won’t interfere with all your best moves! Plus the nude style dress is always a seductive choice so you are bound to have tons of people asking for your hand—on the dancefloor of course.

The ruching style of the first dress makes it a perfect choice for mobility! Not only that, you can choose whatever pair of heels you want with all of these neutral styles! With simple fabrics and cut like these dresses, a pair of fringe strappy heels or a big stack of bangles would give this look a little touch of drama to spice things up.

6. Back To the Basics

Of course, there has to be another red dress on this list! A true red dress is such an obvious choice when it comes to a night out. So sexy and such a classic. Especially this House of CB design….TO DIE FOR. I know I would pair this dress with some simple, but bold gold jewelry.

These dresses would kill in any color, but red is a great power color when you’re going out to add a bit of confidence and passion to your look. Gold jewelry is a great choice to keep things bright and bold. The BCBG dress really shows off those arms and shoulders so if you’ve been working on your pushups this is the perfect look to prove it!

7. All About the Blues

Last but not least, I would also go with these blue gowns. This color leaves me speechless! Fashion trends are predicting that blue will be the next “it” color so be ahead of the curve by shopping our blue options now! Matched with some clear heels, you are bound to look like the modern Cinderella. The side-slit and ruching make this the best summer dress! Plus the strappy back details of the other two designs are great for summer nights spent at rooftop cocktail events and possibly even a yacht party or two.

Time to Gal (Pal) Around Town

Whatever you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident before stepping out the door and everyone will be doing double takes all night. Style and fashion is a personal experience and different for everyone so picking designs that speak to you is the most important part!

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