12 Days of Holiday Dress Trends

12 Days of Holiday Dress Trends

October 27, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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The holiday season brings so many delightful things: warm, delicious drinks, twinkling snowfall, and of course, holiday fashion trends! Whether you’re going on a cute, holiday-themed date, attending a winter gala, or going to a holiday party, the perfect dress is on Queenly waiting for you. If you’re stuck on which trend to embrace or just aren’t sure what they are, then we have some great news! Do you know the 12 Days of Christmas? Well, we’re counting down the 12 days of holiday dress trends! With a dozen different holiday trends to choose from, we know you’ll find one to make you stand out all season long.

Holiday Dresses with Bows

One of the most classic holiday traditions is gift-giving. I think we can all admit that we love getting gifts, especially when they’re from someone who knows you well. Just like you’ll wrap your gifts up in a beautiful bow, you can incorporate festive bows into your holiday outfits too! What is going to be the biggest trend this holiday season? Bows are one of the cutest trends we’ve seen in 2022 and it’s an especially perfect trend for the holiday season.

Cold Shoulder Holiday Dresses

Cold shoulder dresses are a popular winter style that combines the warmth and comfort of long sleeves with the sex appeal of an off the shoulder or sleeveless dress. These cute cutouts will add a touch of fun and festivity to your overall look, which is absolutely ideal for a wintertime holiday party.

One Shoulder Holiday Dresses

Are you looking for another way to show off your shoulders? If cold shoulder dresses aren’t your style, then you might want to try on some one shoulder holiday dresses! This asymmetrical silhouette will make you stand out in any room, so maybe it’s time to try something new.

Off the Shoulder Holiday Dresses

Another 2022 formalwear trend that will show off your shoulders is an obvious one: off the shoulder dresses! This sexy style is perfect for a holiday party where your crush will be in attendance, so get ready to catch their eye. You’ll also have the perfect excuse to borrow a jacket or walk away together somewhere warmer- it can’t be more of a win-win!

Gold Holiday Dresses

Gold is a classic color of the holiday season that’s perfect for a chic fashionista like you! Although there are many colors that you can embrace during the winter months, gold is the most elegant one you can choose. Whether you want to impress your boss at a holiday party or look elegant at a holiday gala, gold could be the perfect option for you!

Dark Green Holiday Dresses

Dark green is a mesmerizing color that can be seen everywhere during the holiday season. Pine trees and winter wreaths don’t have to be the only things that embrace this deep shade of green. Dark green dresses are a perfect choice for any holiday party. Not only is this shade an elegant one, but it also perfectly captures the holiday vibe.

White Holiday Dresses

Forget about not wearing white after labor day! Winter white is all the rave this holiday season! White can be a crisp, bright option that is appropriate for many types of holiday parties. You’ll remind everyone of glistening snowfall as you twirl across the dance floor!

Floor Length Holiday Dresses

While some holiday parties are on the more casual side, like holiday office parties or friendly gift exchanges, you might find yourself invited to a holiday gala or charity event. In this case, you should embrace this next eye-catching trend: floor length dresses! Floor length gowns are one of the most elegant options out there, so get ready to wear one of these dresses to your classiest events.

Midi Length Holiday Dresses

Floor length dresses aren’t the only type of gown sweeping the 2022 trend list! Midi length dresses are another elegant option that would be perfect for most holiday parties. This feminine and classy silhouette gives off all the wintertime vibes, so it’s time to show off your elegant side!

Broken Mirror Dresses

Broken mirror dresses have been a widely popular trend in 2022. We’ve seen them at countless proms and pageants, so now it’s time to carry them over to holiday parties! One of the best ways to transition this trend into the winter season is by incorporating holiday colors, such as green, gold, red, silver, and white.

Long Sleeve Holiday Dresses

Sometimes, the winter season means sacrificing fashion for warmth. Long sleeve dresses, however, combine cuteness and comfort! Long sleeve dresses are the perfect option for holiday parties that are being held on colder, winter nights.

Two Piece Holiday Dresses

The winter season shouldn’t always mean you need to sacrifice a sexy silhouette! Two piece dresses have always been a popular option, but combining this style with winter colors would make it absolutely perfect for a fun holiday party.

Have you been convinced to embrace some winter fashion trends? Don’t sacrifice your fashion sense just because the weather is getting colder. Holiday parties are the perfect time to show the world that you’re a fashionista who can never be stopped!

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