How To Style A Gown

How To Style A Gown

January 26, 2021
By Dani Walker

You just purchased the perfect gown. You tried it on without full hair and makeup, but know that it will look even more incredible once it’s styled. The only problem is…”how do you style it?” There’s four thing to consider when styling a gown: hair, makeup, accessories and shoes.

Let’s start with hair. Whether you decide to style it curly or straight, up or down, your hair will help you to create a desired look. The first step is to think about the overall look you want to create, then imagine a hair style that will best compliment your vision. If you want to feel like a fairytale queen, consider wearing your hair in a loose up do. For a modelesque effect, style hair pin straight or pull it into a sleek pony.

Makeup should compliment your gown, as well as your hairstyle. If you choose an elaborate hair style, you may want to avoid a smokey eye and bold lip. For voluminous and curled styles, consider soft glam makeup. Even if you decide to incorporate details of a decade, like finger waves in your hair, you can compliment the look with makeup of a Hollywood starlet.

Accessories are a mix of items to adorn your hair and body. They may range from a statement necklace, to a delicate hand bag. The items you choose should make the most sense for your event. If you’re attending a gala, you probably need a purse. But, if you’re competing in a pageant, leave the purse behind and focus on evening gown earrings to compliment your stage look.

Before you head out the door you’ll need to put on your shoes. Take it from Cinderella’s fairy godmother, shoes are just as important as the gown. They can elevate your entire look, or cheapen it. So, choose wisely. Generally, if you want to create height you will wear a platform heel. Unfortunately these styles look rather bulky and often draw the eye to the wearer’s feet. I save skyscraper platform heels for long gowns that cover the feet. Nine times out of ten, you’re better off wearing a minimal strappy heel or classic pointed toe, if your feet are exposed.

Mix and match these four different elements to create your perfectly styled looked. When you create your own combination you’ll always have an original look that compliments your unique style.

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