Ideas for Bridesmaid Dress Themes

Ideas for Bridesmaid Dress Themes

May 13, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Summer is coming and so is wedding season! Look below for some unique bridesmaids dress themes and options that you can find on Queenly!

1. Sequined bridesmaid dresses

This is perfect for that glamorous wedding of your dreams. Going with sequined dresses is not for every bride, but can definitely add an element of glamour to your celebration. If you’re looking to have your bridal party sparkle at your wedding, take a look at these options for your bridesmaids that you can find on Queenly!

2. Floral bridesmaid dresses

Florals prints and accents are the way to go if you are looking for a good summer themed wedding and a way to make your bridal party stand out in a subtle way! Florals are nice and feminine and add a warm tone to your celebration. These are some of my favorite floral dresses that you can find on Queenly!

3. Garden pastel bridesmaid dresses

Pastels are big this season! So why not join the trend and dress your girls in beautiful pastel colors? You can either go for an array of different colors or different shades of one pastel color. Either way, this option will look beautiful. Take a look at these pastel colored dresses on our website.

4. Lace bridesmaid dresses

5. Satin bridesmaid dresses

Satin dresses are a great choice for your bridal party! The glossy fabric of satin photographs well, giving your group of close friends a subtle glamorous glow, perfect for a sunrise or sunset wedding. Satin bridesmaid dresses are also easy to steam, comfortable to wear, and package pretty well!

6. Short bridesmaid dresses

If you're part of a smaller, less extravagant wedding party, short tea-length bridesmaid dresses could be a great way to go. Your bridesmaids will be grateful to not need to get these dresses hemmed! The bridesmaid cocktail dress style works well for the summer months, when it can be hot and stuffy inside a heavier dress (sorry brides!).

Happy dress shopping! Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous wedding parties this summer 😎

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