Interview with Elisabet Hulda, Miss Universe Iceland 2020

Interview with Elisabet Hulda, Miss Universe Iceland 2020

April 26, 2021
By Monito Power

Elisabet Hulda Snorradóttir, Miss Universe Iceland, sits down with Monito Power of @pageatthreads as part of our Queenly Tea Talks Instagram Live series to talk about her experience in the pageant world and beyond.

Monito: Hi Elisabet! I’m sure everyone knows who you are, but please tell us more about who yourself!

Elisabet Hulda Miss Universe Iceland

Elisabet: I am the current Miss Universe Iceland. One of my biggest traits that I have is that I have travelled a lot and I have lived in many different countries. I know five different languages and I think that is the most interesting part of me.

M: I also read in your bio that you know morse code. WOW! So going into the questions...How is it like getting ready for the pageant in the U.S?

E: I am loving it. All of my sponsors are here and so are my coaches. I really like being in this focused environment to get my mindset on the completion.

M: I am happy that you are in that mindset! Do you think you have an edge because you have arrived to the states so early before the competition taking place in mid-May?

E: I was actually the second woman to depart! I think it is exciting because it gets people excited for the event. I am a lot less stressed now that I have made it here.

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<b>M: Have you found the ONE..THE gown you are going to be wearing to Miss Universe?</b>

E: Yes! I have the one. I actually had it specially made by my designer, Johnathan Kayne. I tried it on for the first time the other day and it was everything I had ever imagined.

<b>M: What had first inspired you to compete for the your national title?</b>

E: So I completed in 2019 and I was the first runner up. I went into the competition with not the best mindset. I was more so doing it for fun and meeting the girls. And I was actually not going to compete again because I was content. But then COVID happened and I signed up again and here we are!

M: I want to ask you, what is one of the biggest lessons you have learned from pageantry?

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E: You definitely become more articulate when speaking because in pageantry you are asked a lot about different issues around the world. You have to be able to speak your mind in a way that doesn’t affect others.

M: There are some questions coming in the chat: If Miss Universe was tomorrow, what is one something you would bring to the competition?

E: That is difficult! I would bring my pillow if I was staying overnight because I can’t sleep without my pillow. But otherwise, I would say shoes. Proper sandals you can rest your feet on are a must! Or my contact lenses because I have horrible vision!

<b>M: Here's a fun question: Do you prefer the swimsuit segment or evening gown?</b>

E: I always say swimsuit because I feel like it’s so fun. You just strut down the runway like, “Yes, I am here!” It’s always fun and sexy and powerful.

M: Trisha asks, what are you looking forward to the most about competing in Miss Universe?

E: I am looking forward to being there before the competition. So everything that leads up to the competition from the check-in point. I can’t wait to be backstage and watch everyone running around. I love being able to watch things behind the scenes.

M: That’s a very unique answer and I totally agree with you! Someone is asking: who is your biggest inspiration in life?

E: My biggest inspiration in life is my mom. Most definitely. She has gone through so many challenges and she always makes sure everything is okay. I love the relationship I have with my mother.

Thank you Elisabet! Check out the full interview here and make sure to follow Queenly on Instagram for more exclusive interviews.

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