Interview with Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State Nevada USA 2021

Interview with Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State Nevada USA 2021

June 17, 2021
By Monito Power

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Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State NV USA 2021, sits down with Monito Power of @pageatthreads as part of our Queenly Tea Talks Instagram Live series to talk about her experience in the pageant world and beyond.

<b>Monito: First off, could you tell me a little bit about Kataluna Kouture?</b>

Kataluna Kouture, a fashion brand started by Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State Nevada USA 2021

Kataluna: Yes! I started off my business like Queenly did. When I started to do pageants, I could not afford anything or find anything that could fit my body type. As a trans woman, I know my body is a little different from everybody else. I could never find anything that would make me feel powerful and so I made my own. I have learned that many people share the same challenges I have.

M: Pride month is just around the corner and I see you are partnering with some different organizations. Can you tell me about those and your future plans?

K: Pride Tree is a non-profit that helps and supports LGBTQ+ youth. I attended one of their classes and was so touched by the way I was able to share my story. I am also partnering with Arie and hosting a private shopping event to support the It Gets Better Project.

Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State NV USA 2021, is a proud trans model and pageant titleholder who volunteers with LGBTQ+ organizations

M: The most powerful thing about pageantry is having a platform to make a change. Recently, the Miss South Africa Organization announced they will begin to accept trans women contestants. What does that mean to you to see those changes happen?

K: I am glad South Africa made that move. They are setting a good example for neighboring countries. This is a good step.

M: Someone in the comments asked: Did you have any positive representation growing up?

K: Not at all. At this point, I still do not know of a Southeast Asian American who is competing in pageantry. That is also why I started competing. I know a lot of individuals do not have representation.

M: What is your favorite thing about your state and the possibility of being able to represent them?

K: It would mean a lot. Nevada made history when they made the move to protect same-sex marriage. To represent them would mean a lot to me.

M: I think you would be a perfect representation for that. In what ways are you preparing for the pageant?

K: In many ways! Most importantly, I am prioritizing my mental health. I have been finding my purpose and working with it.

<b>M: If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be?</b>

Kataluna Enriquez, Miss Silver State NV USA 2021, interview with Queenly Tea Talks

K: Great question! I would tell her to embrace everything that she is, including all her flaws, challenges, and trauma. All of that will lead to a stronger you. Your voice is just not a noise, it is a statement and pathway to something more.

Thank you, Kataluna! Check out the full interview here and make sure to follow Queenly on Instagram for more exclusive interviews.

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