Miss Universe 2020: The Hot Picks And Predictions for the 69th MU

Miss Universe 2020: The Hot Picks And Predictions for the 69th MU

May 6, 2021
By Monito Power

With Miss Universe inching closer every day, acclaimed pageant fans have their best bets posted to keep up with the competition! Read more to find out who their winners are, and who pageant accounts think people must watch out for.

It’s that time of year—the Miss Universe competition is on! After months of delay and planning, 74 women are descending into the city of Hollywood, Florida for ten days of pageant activities before the final night hosted by Olivia Culpo and Mario Lopez airing on FYI and Telemundo on May 16. Of the 74 competing nations, only few will be able to break through into the Top 21 announced during the final. For pageant fans and news portals, like myself, it’s quite a hard job to narrow down a personal ranking to share with others, but it can be done.

As I’ve said before, it’s no easy task to publish who your favourites for the crown are let alone make that list, but I interviewed Alix R., who owns a popular French pageant portal on Instagram, on how she did it. Here’s what she’s had to say:

Maria Thattil, Miss Universe Australia

When I asked her about who it is she’s placed high on her leaderboard, she said, “Secured spots in my Top 5 are Maria Thattil from Australia and Amanda Obdam from Thailand. These two incredible ladies have been ready for the job since day one. They give 110% and in my opinion, they’re shoe-in for the Top 5 on the final night.” It’s no surprise to find out that even for the Paris-based pageant admin, delegates like Thailand’s Amanda Obdam and Mexico’s Andrea Meza, who is a Miss World runner-up, have taken up space as front-runners for the Mouawad crown.

She continues on to note, “I think we definitely have to watch out for Mexico, Chile, and Puerto Rico as well because I can sense it could be time for a latina to win again and these three seem the most prepared for me! The dark horses of the competition this year for me are Nepal and Iceland. Both have show just how much they’re preparing for Miss Universe and are unbelievably lovely, so I would love to see them place.” You can watch an exclusive interview with Miss Universe Iceland Elisabet Hulda from the Queenly app Instagram.

Andrea Meza, Miss Universe Mexico

Pageant accounts and fanatics around the world have published their latest picks, and a growing trend can be seen in listed favourites such as India, Canada, South Africa, Peru, and many more women continuously being featured.

Queenly’s very own Lucas Sigarini released his first hot picks yesterday, keeping them in alphabetical order. In the caption, he reveals making his next picks before the final competition, given things will surely change after pageant preliminaries.

Rabiya Mateo, Miss Universe Philippines

Roger G., who owns the PageantNerd based in Sydney, showcases a Top 20 sporting familiar faces such as Australia, the Philippines, Iceland, and Puerto Rico.

Hong Kong based International_Poll ranks her favorites using a Top 21, and again Australia, Thailand, Puerto Rico are boldly seen along with USA’s Asya Branch.

Asya Branch, Miss USA
Estefania Soto Torres, Miss Universe Puerto Rico

On my very own pageant account, I admit it was hard to batter something up. Nevertheless, Australia’s Maria Thattil, Puerto Rico’s Estefania Soto Torres, Great Britain’s Jeanette Akua, Canada’s Nova Stevens, and Janick Maceta del Castillo from Peru all make highly favoured appearances on my account.

These pageant “hot picks” and personal “leaderboards” are big and considered a staple of the pageant community when a competition is around the corner. Some fans even strike up arguments about them in comments or through message boards. But regardless of the impact they seem to have on the outside, Miss Universe is never chosen by the fans. A winner in any pageant is born out of pure hard work, her confidence and ability to connect with others, but never through how fans deceive a titleholder for who she is and what she represents. At the end of the day, these are all but personal opinions.

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