Plus Size Dresses and Sizing: The Breakthrough

Plus Size Dresses and Sizing: The Breakthrough

March 22, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Gone are the days of squeezing into jeans two sizes too small. Or opting for a style we did not want for the sake of a better fit. Today, women celebrate each others’ different shapes and sizes. That’s what makes us beautiful.

There was a time where an introduction to a Plus Size line was a huge deal. This meant a line with different designs and for a limited time. But can we stop for a minute and discuss why this was not a justifiable solution for women who don’t fall under a size 8.

When you think about being different, there is really not much but a desire to want to fit in. And this is just me talking in general. You know, society does a really good job at highlighting our insecurities and discouraging us from showing what makes us unique. So while an additional line may seem like a step in the right direction, it actually is a step in exclusion and othering.

Something brands have learned to do recently is starting their designs and tailoring them to bigger body sizes. Instead of introducing new products for these body types, companies have learned to include all women right from the start. That means from the design process. How does one alter lingerie to support women with a bigger chest while still holding the same design as the one in the smaller size? At the end of the day, two girls with different body types can have the same taste in bras.

This is something Savage x Fenty has done a great job at accomplishing. That is: including all women from the beginning of the process. Not only can women feel included, but they can also feel at ease when thinking about a perfect fit. At the end of the day, these designers are thinking about ways to adjust designs so they are made to fit women of different sizes and shapes.

Not only that, Savage x Fenty has done a great job at finding influencers that send that message of body positivity. While we were used to seeing size 0 models, we can now find women that more accurately represent our society. Plus-size and mid-size.

One of my favorite sponsored influencers by Fenty x Savage: Remi Cruz. With 1 million followers on Instagram and YouTube, Remi is a perfect example of what women want to see. Make sure to follow her @missremiashten on Instagram to see more body positivity posts! Ugh she’s so perfect. Look at her!

Remi Cruz, sponsored plus size influencer
Plus size Tiktok influencer Remi Bader

Another trend that is here to stay is the recognition of social media influencers with different bodies. Some of my favorite ones on TikTik include: @remibader who focuses her content on realistic hauls, @inmyseams who focuses on styling tips for women with a larger chest, and @labelswithlattes who focuses on mid size clothing and styling hauls.

These women are contributing to the growing fashion industry that promises inclusions and diversity.

Plus size Tiktok influencers @inmyseams and @ labelswithlattes

The formalwear industry has also taken large steps towards inclusivity. Emma Loney, Miss Wisconsin Earth made history when she placed top 12 at Miss Earth USA. If you want to hear more about here journey, check out her Tea Talk with Queenly here

Not only that, gown designers have taken steps to produce gown tailored to all women. At Queenly, you can find dresses from sizes 00 to 32! Make sure to take a look at one of our featured Queenly Partners, Mac Duggal and their line of plus size dresses!

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