The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 2

The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 2

November 21, 2022
By Emily Tinoco

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The beginning of this episode was dramatic to say the least. The first thing we see is Sarah falling to the side of the stage at what appears to be the rose ceremony. The editing really set us up for this episode!

Anyways, let’s get right into the dresses we saw the women in this episode! I am not surprised at all that the first group date was set to be a photoshoot in wedding gowns. They do this every season. Kinda over it. But since the women got a variety of choices, let’s look at some of my favorites!

Of course Chelsea’s dress was my favorite. I could tell from night one she was going to be one of the best-dressed women this season. Her choice of wedding gown did not disappoint. It was simple, yet unique. It featured a corset with an a-line shirt. Sooo beautiful!

Checkout these dresses that remind me of hers!

Kit's choice of wedding dress on the Bachelor

Another gown that stood out was Kit’s. Again, not surprised as her mom is a famous designer. I would not expect less from her! Kit’s dress featured some big and puffy off-the-shoulder sleeves. Totally unconventional, but very romantic and intriguing. This has me reconsidering my dream wedding dress. I mean just look at it!

The only thing I would add is that I am not a big fan of the lace. I would love a satin or maybe even some tulle. Look at these dresses from Queenly that I am also in love with!

Besides Chelsea’s and Kit’s dress, none of the other women’s choices excited me. I hope that had to do more with the lack of choices than their actual preference. Either way, here are two other dresses that I think would have been drop-dead gorgeous choices.

Moving onto the night portion of the date, it looks like Victoria was the only one to go with a cocktail dress. It stood out, but not in a good way, I personally thought all the jewels were too much. If she wanted to stick to a black cocktail dress, these are some option I would have gone with:

I know Victoria is not one to shine away from a dramatic look, so I made sure to include some picks that included some glam.

Talking about Victoria...can we talk about her choice of dress for cocktail hour? Her dress was a blush pink satin, covered in small flowers. It also featured puffed sleeves, a heart-line top, and ruching down the middle of the dress. I know, WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON. Let’s take a look:

Victoria's puff sleeved dress

I am not one to go with a floral design, but if I did, these are some bold look I would have opted for:

Rachel's black gown on the Bachelor

In all honesty, I would choose something like Rachel’s gown. So simple!

I hope you enjoyed admiring all the gowns this episode like I did. Can’t wait to see all the drama next week. Oh! And the dresses of course.

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