The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 3

The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 3

April 2, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Can we agree that the edit of Sarah fainting at the beginning of last week’s episode was really uncalled for? I mean, they made us wait until this week to see what actually happened. Lame!!

Can we also agree that Victoria, along with MJ, Anna, and Jessenia are not giving out the most friendly vibes?? Sarah is on the side about to black out and all they can talk about is not having a rose yet. Definitely getting some villain vibes.

Let’s move on!

Victoria's fringe dress on the Bachelor

This episode brought us some beautiful formal wear at the night portion of the group date. I have not been a big fan of Victoria's gown choices, or any choices in general, if I am being honest. However, the dress she wore was so unique that I cannot leave it out of this blog! There is a lot going on, but it all makes sense.

If I were ever to go on The Bachelor, I would want to rock this style every second I could. Look at this gown. The same concept, but way bigger energy!

Kit's purple cocktail dress on the Bachelor

I know I keep on talking about Kit’s wardrobe, but how can I not?? Her dress was also one that stood out. Just look at it!

Kit has done an amazing job at standing out and making unique styling choices. I often don’t see women making such risky choices, but Kit has been the exception. The color, the fabric, the style! These are all unmatched!

Someone who I think could use some styling advice is Katie. Don’t get me wrong, Katie is someone who I have grown to love, but I don’t think her red dress was enough to make a statement. The lace trim on the back made it look like she had taken it off the rack at Forever 21. Not the look you want!

Here are some simple, yet breathtaking dresses I would have gone for.

That’s it for this episode! There was no rose ceremony (technically), so we will have the next episode to look forward to it!! See you then!

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