The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 6

The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 6

April 2, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Wow, I was really looking forward to this episode. First, because we are going to see the face-off between MJ and Jessenia and second, because we are finally going to see TYLER C.!!

I think the formalwear choices of Jessenia and MJ were interesting. We had Jessenia in a royal blue jumpsuit and MJ in a mock-suit mini dress. Either way, these two looks remind me of their statement pieces.

I love their wardrobe overall! Which rendition of their formalwear would you choose?

In the end, Jessenia won and MJ went home. But I think MJ’s style took it this time.

Chelsea's silver dress on the Bachelor

Moving on to the rose ceremony, I have to talk about Chelsea’s dress. We do not deserve this woman. She serves looks all day long. Take a look at this beautiful silver dress she wore.

Just wow. The flow of that dress is enough for me to approve. And you know what I say? Justice for silver gowns. I would love to see more of this color in the future. Just look at these silver gowns!

Brittany's mustard yellow dress on the Bachelor

Another dress that blew me away was Brittany’s. The yellow mustard color was the perfect choice.

On another note, I was shocked to see her go, especially over Serena C. At this point, I know the producers are keeping Serena C. because she is a villain, not because of her connection with Matt. Justice for Brittany and Magi (who also was eliminated). I hope we get to see them in Bachelor in Paradise!

As for the rest of the episode: wow how lucky was Katie for getting the chance to meet Tyler. At the end of the day, I am glad Katie was sent home after her one-on-one. She deserves a lot more than being ambushed by Serena C. and a relationship with boring Matt. Maybe we’ll see her rekindle something with Tyler in the future! They would make a good duo.

We ended this episode with an introduction to next week’s cocktail hour. It looks like Heather is finally coming in. See you next week!

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