The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 8: Hometown Dates

March 1, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

This week on The Bachelor, we finally made it to Hometown dates. Was I excited? Not really. At this point of the season we, as the viewers, get to see a more in depth look at the relationships between the women and Matt. However, if I’m being honest, I have not been that interested in that aspect in the season. For some reason, Matt has been very boring as a lead. Someone online said that if you took Matt of this season, it would be exactly the same and I could not agree more!

Because of the hometown dates, we only got to see the women in gowns at the very end. Serena P’s self-elimination also brought us down to only three gowns. Nonetheless, the gowns we got to see were some of my favorites. Rachel, Bri, and Michelle looked incredible! Let's take a look!

Both Michelle and Bri chose to go with a classic black gown and both blew me away! Bri’s dress featured an open-back with long sleeves. So timeless! Michelle went for a more glamorous look choosing and off-the-shoulder gown. Very old-Hollywood glam.

Rachel opted for a royal blue gown that suited her well. We’ve seen Rachel wear a lot of color this season, so I am not surprised she went for color for this night.

I loved the color, but would have chosen a different style. Here are some of my picks:

That’s it for this episode! Can’t wait till next week's episode of The Bachelor!

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