The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 9

The Bachelor Recap, Season 25 Week 9

March 10, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Well, we have reached the end of this season. If you have been keeping up with The Bachelor franchise drama, you know it’s time for this season to come to an end. This week we had fantasy suite dates! Usually the most emotional week for the contestants. During these dates, they are awarded the time to privately talk and spend the night with The Bachelor. At this point, I am less interested in these dates because of the many spoilers that have come out. Nonetheless, let's jump into this episode.

Michelle’s date came first. I have really liked Michelle throughout the season, and hope to see her in Bachelor in Paradise if she is not the winner. Same goes for Bri, whose date came second. To be honest, I could do without seeing Rachel again…

I did not find any of the dates particularly interesting, but I did fall in love with some of the women’s styling choices!

Blog image on Queenly

First, of course, is Bri, who has been a fashion icon this season. For her dinner portion of the date, she went for an asymmetrical brown cocktail dress. I fell in love with every detail of this dress. The subtle one-shoulder style, and rouching on the side. Again, super simple and classy, just like Bri.

I am loving that the color brown is in right now. Brown/bronze formalwear is my new obsession. Such a classic color! Check out these bronze dresses you can find on Queenly to get in on this trend!

The only other time we got to see more of the women’s formal wear choices was at the rose ceremony. Michelle and Bri did not disappoint. Michelle went for an asymmetrical styled velvet dress, while Bri went for a classy black turtleneck gown. Hands down, Bri made the best exit ever. I was heartbroken to see her go, but only because she was so sad. However, I know there are better things in store for her! Let’s admire her look of the night.

Blog image on Queenly
Blog image on Queenly

And if you are wondering what Michelle’s dress looked like, here's a quick picture of it!

Velvet is a fabric I am in constant battle with. Not sure if I love it or hate it, but Michelle made me double think this one. Here are some velvet gowns (I think) are solid choices:

Now to look forward to the Finale!

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