The Bachelor Recap, Season 25: Women Tell All

The Bachelor Recap, Season 25: Women Tell All

March 5, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Initial thoughts on this week’s episode of The Bachelor? After we lost 5 women during week seven, I was really looking forward to the Women Tell All episode. Let’s get into it!

I'm not going to lie, the first 20 minutes were brutal to watch….let me rephrase that. The entire episode was brutal to watch. Ouch! All the drama that we thought was going to get resolved just got worse. Above it all, we got some great looks from the women.

Just a disclaimer, I am going to be highlighting the women’s looks who (I think) looked amazing and did amazing this episode. In other words, the women who were kind and respectful to one another. Yay! We love women supporting women.

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Let’s start off with Katie. Even though I have been very critical of Katie’s looks this season, I have to say, she did a good job tonight. I thought her choice of a simple one-shoulder black little dress was spot on. It fit her perfectly! Take a look:

I’m just going to say: She looked powerful. Even though a majority of the women rallied against her, Katie was in the right and we all know it.

Also, shoutout for Jessenia for standing up for her. Not only that, she also looked amazing in her hot pink jumpsuit. You can always count on Jessenia to pull off a bright and daring look. I mean just look at her!

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I have been really liking the bright colors lately. I think hot pink, bright orange, and lemon colored dresses need to make a comeback. Like these!

Ryan also made a bold move by wearing a long teal gown. I think the one-shoulder long sleeve fit well, but the dress missed the mark for me. I would have gone for a suit. Like this!

Going back to the classic black little dress. Both Brittany and Abigail opted for the same exact look! They both looked amazing.

The suit-meets-cocktail-dress is totally in right now. And I don’t hate it. If I really wanted to get that blazer look, I would go for a full-on suit. Nonetheless, I still liked it.

Here are some looks that remind me of Abigail and Brittany’s dress!

That’s it for this week! Let’s hope next week’s episode is a lot more bearable to watch.

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