Top 10 Prom Dress Styles: Gowns That Wow

Top 10 Prom Dress Styles: Gowns That Wow

November 30, 2022
By Erin Clark

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There are so many styles and dress trends to choose from when it comes time for prom. How do you know what the right ones are? Well, while we can argue that there is no right style to stick to other than the one that defines your best self, we can definitely help steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re rocker chic or pretty, pretty princess, we have gathered the top trends for prom that are sure to knock your socks off.

Color Coordinated

We will argue that every color and shade of the rainbow is perfect for prom as long as it is authentically you

Any color dress that you love is the right color for you for prom. We will argue that every color and shade of the rainbow is perfect for prom as long as it is authentically you. However, in the spirit of the latest fashion trends, we do need to point out a few colors that are just really trending right now and we can’t help but notice.

1. Gorgeous Grays

Gray is the next “it” color for prom dresses and we love it. It’s a color that any girl can wear and look good in and its variety in shade will ensure every girl can find the right one. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra love gray dresses and we especially love this trend in lace, long or short.

It’s a great way to wear an all-over lace pattern and keep it from looking bridal. Similarly, a lace pattern in a bright color tends to be too loud, so something in gray works well. Its color is soft enough that it sneaks up on you but breathes a little fun and energy in patterns like lace that need a little excitement from time to time to stay fresh.

Give these gray dresses a try!

2. LBD Revamp

We’ve said it before, but designers are lining up with new and fresh takes on the little black dress. While it never truly goes out of style, it is coming back this year aiming for the top prom dress spot. Black dresses are flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. It’s also a great way to emphasize accessories a little more, as literally any color will match it with ease.

A great way to wear the black dress trend is in a mermaid gown. Black is a slimming color so it’ll be best to give you the best shape, add this to a mermaid gown that hugs in all the right places and you are guaranteed to knock them dead at prom.

These LBDs will never go out of style:

Laced Up

Corset bodices had a pretty good run in the early 2000s and have finally come back (

The votes have been tallied and the verdict is in: corset bodice gowns are back in style. Corset bodices had a pretty good run in the early 2000s and have finally come back (but with so much more style it’s insane). We’ve seen gowns hitting the scene that are tightly fitted bodices with thin tied straps and flowing A-line skirts, and they. Are. GORGEOUS. Sophie Turner definitely makes good use of the fitted bodice and just imagine how amazing you will look too!

We love this trend for so many reasons. The bodice has become less of the traditionally laced-up style reminiscent of the Victorian era, and more a tight-fitting top with a defined cup. More traditional corsets might have lifted your chest but weren’t as flattering as the defined waist and bust that we are getting from gowns now. Plus the thin straps with a cute tied bow detail are a perfect touch of femininity that we just love.

Check out these adorable corset dresses:

Righteous Ruffle

Tiered ruffle gowns aren’t for the faint of heart, but they will be sure to make a statement at prom. We won’t lie, it’s a full ball gown style and will be big; but it is a beautiful design and if you can embrace the ruffles the way they deserve, then you will absolutely shine on your big night.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try a beautiful prom dress from designer Jovani. They often offer dresses in this style.

Do ruffles right with these options from Queenly:

Cold Shoulder

Another trend happening right now is the off-the-shoulder looks, and honey, they’re fab. Dresses with a sidearm detail are so elegant and glamorous and really help emphasize your neckline. We know most looks and ideas are to emphasize the waist and bust but the collarbone is a very underplayed beautiful feature of a woman and it should be celebrated and shown off a little more.

A lot of celebrities love this look; the design is perfect for curvier women as well as more athletically shaped women (so think Salma Hayak all the way through Hailey Bieber). The collarbone is a beautiful feature in any shape and the off-the-shoulder look puts this on display while also adding curves to the bust and waistline. You will exude old Hollywood glam and jaws will drop when you walk through the doors.

You’ll bring the heat in these cold shoulder ‘fits:

Numerous Necklines

The asymmetrical neckline trend is something that offers a lot of variety in styles, so every girl will be able to find the perfect cut for their prom vibes. Asymmetrical necklines draw attention to the collarbone as well, which again, we love because it really just doesn’t get enough attention. Designers are realizing the untapped potential here and have been going for broke on the styles lately.

Asymmetrical necklines offer something extra to your prom story; the interesting shape created will have everyone talking and the way it flatters your body will have the compliments rolling in all night.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton stunned in a red dress recently. The design with a thicker strap accentuated her petite frame and she looked amaze. On the flip side, curvier celebrity Ariel Winter donned a red strapless asymmetrical neckline gown. It showed off her curves but still gave her a neckline to kill.

Check out these fun and flirty necklines:

Metal Mania

Metallics are back, and we really suggest you don’t miss out. They are loud and bold and let you bring out your inner 80’s rockstar and we love it. Jennifer Lawrence wore a drop-waist silver metallic dress to the Oscars one year and it made waves. If you also want to channel your inner girl on fire, you should give this trend a shot.

You will literally sparkle in a metallic prom dress without wearing all-over sequins. Sequins can be a bit heavy to wear so if you are interested in dancing the night away, metallic gowns might just be the vibe you have been searching for. Rock on sister!

Try the metallic trend with these gorgeous dresses:

Puff Sleeve Princess

Puff sleeves aren’t what they once were. Gone are the sleeves of our Christmas dress nightmares; instead, designers are giving us life in the new puff sleeve. They are just the right amount of volume without taking over the look and overwhelming us in tulle. A puff sleeve these days is all about giving us more movement and style. We love how they come in sheer as well, giving you a little volume and style without being a full covered sleeve.

A lot of designers are going for mini dresses with puff sleeves and it is fire. If you want a dress with a rocker edge, try a mini dress with a structured puff sleeve. It really channels the ’80s with the shoulder pad feel to the sleeve but is so much more couture than the blazers of yore.

Babydoll dresses are using puff sleeves to emphasize the softness and femininity of the style. Bonus points for this trend is that mini dresses with sleeves will cover a little more skin up top, and really show off those gorgeous legs without leaving you feeling exposed.

Take these puff sleeves for a spin:

Pitter Pattern

Pattern dresses are coming back this year and we’ve noticed. Patterns can be overwhelming for a lot of people; they aren’t always the easiest to navigate and can sometimes come off as too bold, if there is such a thing (we argue no, but if the pattern isn’t true to yourself, then yes, it can be too much).

You can’t just pick anything, it has to be something you connect with because patterns are just that: personal connections and memories that you see in the designs and shapes on the dress and you need to own it.

We recommend prom dress extraordinaire Tarik Ediz. His designs are everything we have talked about. Bold, bright, and vibrant patterns that scream to be noticed. But they’re done in such a tasteful way that you will have everyone at prom saying wow, not woah.

Wearing patterns is fun, as long as you take shape and cuts into consideration. Florals call for a more feminine shape, so sweetheart necklines, fitted waists, and ball gowns. More geometric and colorful patterns have sharper angles and designs, so sheath dresses with less sharp angles and cinching work really well. Try something that hangs a little more rather than something that fits tightly. This will keep the pattern of the dress from cutting off at the wrong places and making your shape and the pattern feel a bit off. If you do want a bold pattern with a tighter fit, try something with less pattern. Maybe a fitted bodice with a big design and a simple fabric skirt.

Pick your favorite pattern with Queenly:

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Now that you’ve been steered in the right direction for the right dress for you, it’s time to own that dance floor. We hope you feel just as good in that prom dress as we know you look. Take all the selfies girl, you are killing it.

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