Your First Dress Listing For Sale: The Do’s and Don’ts

Your First Dress Listing For Sale: The Do’s and Don’ts

February 5, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

The time has finally come for you to post that prom dress that has been lingering in your closet for the past few years. Here are all the DO’s and DON’TS to make your first successful listing on Queenly in a couple simple steps!


1. Take clear pictures of your dress in good lighting - and lots of it! Don’t be afraid to include close up pictures of the details. You can put a variety of photos such as you wearing your dress at prom, on a mannequin, on a hanger, close up photos of the zipper or beading, etc.

Take photos in good lighting
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2. Check off everything that applies to your dress. Queenly makes this simple. Just click on everything that applies to your dress’ description. Including these details will help customers find your dress even faster! Include the size, original price, designer, color, silhouette, condition of the dress, etc.

3. Add a lot to the description! Some details are not always as obvious by just looking at the dress. Is the dress comfortable? Was it altered from a size 4 to a size 2? Is it missing a button? These are details that your customers will greatly appreciate. It will prevent any returns so that you have a smooth-sailing sale!

4. Make sure you answer any comments/questions made by buyers. It will help convince them way faster!


1. Take pictures in dark lighting. Trust us, they won’t look good! These photos make it hard for buyers to see the shape and details of the dress you're selling.

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2. Add only one picture. You want to make sure your customers have many pictures trying to convince them! Most purchases happen when the listing has more than one photo.

3. Leave out details, especially if you’ve had your dress altered! Any important details such as adding breast padding, the train is a bit long, the dress size was tailored from size 8 to size 6, etc.

4. Upload bad quality and badly cropped photos. We see this happen too often and unfortunately, this will reduce your chances of getting your dress sold.

5. Upload a copyrighted stock photo. We highly recommend that you only upload photos that you took yourself and that you own. Uploading stock photos from various designers is copyright infringement and we discourage our sellers from doing this.

6. Choose a ridiculously high price. We found that most dresses that are more reasonably priced get sold faster. We also enable buyers to offer so if your dress price is too high, you can receive offers. They are not guaranteed so the advice is that put up a price that makes sense and that more buyers will just want to buy it from you right away instead of waiting for offers.

7. Listing a dress that is no longer available. If you upload a dress that is not in your possession anymore, please do not post it. If you had one posted and it’s not available anymore, please be sure to delete the listing to avoid getting negative reviews.

8. Be dishonest on a listing. If your dress is no longer brand new/excellent condition, please state this in your description and choose the proper condition of the dress. We penalize sellers if they are not honest about their listing. We provide a quality check so we will know if your dress is not the same as the listing, and then we will have to refund the buyer. No one wants to go through this awkward and tedious process, so just be truthful.

Some examples of successful dress listing on Queenly:

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of this guide and are ready to contribute to the largest marketplace for formal dresses!

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