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How Do I Ship My Dress Once It's Sold?

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Step 1

When a buyer purchases your dress, you will be contacted by the Queenly team through email, push notification, and/or text message. You will be sent a pre-paid shipping label

Step 2

Print out the pre-paid shipping label. This will be placed on the outside of the box you ship your dress in.

Step 3

Find a cardboard box to put your dress into. Fold your dress into the box.

Step 4

Tape close the box and tape the shipping label to the outside of your box

Step 5

Drop off your box containing your dress at your local USPS Post Office. You're done!

Step 6

Dresses sold at less than $500 will be shipped directly to the buyer. Dresses sold at more than $500 will be sent to Queenly HQ for professional verification and packaging.

Questions? Head over to the Support Center for full details

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