How To Sell on Queenly

Queenly is the easiest place to sell dresses in your closet. Simply upload your pictures and check your notifications for shipping instructions!

Turn your dresses (and other fancy clothes) into cash! You're on the easiest app to use for selling all your formal event clothes. No more dresses gathering dust in the back of your closet! Queenly welcomes formalwear for proms, pageants, weddings, quinceañeras, school dances, and more.

As a Queenly seller, you don't need to worry about dry cleaning, packaging, or handling shipping costs of your dress. Queenly takes care of that all!

List your dress

Be sure to include plenty of photos, describe the dress accurately, and list a price you're comfortable with!

Answer Questions

Many buyers would like to learn more about your dress before they purchase it, so be sure to respond to questions in a quick manner!

Check your email for purchases/offers

We will notify you when a buyer either purchases the dress at your listed price or submits an offer

Quality Check

For dresses over $300, they will ship to our headquarters first so we can check the quality! It’s important to disclose any damages, stains, etc. in order to avoid refunds or sale cancellations
Holiday Note: Orders over $300 are being shipped directly to the Buyer during the holiday season to avoid delays. These orders will follow our standard processing policy and allow Buyers 3 days to accept their item or file any claims for a return/refund. Seller earnings will be disbursed after the item has been accepted or automatically on the third day after the posted delivery date.

Get Paid

Queenly takes a 20% commission fee and sellers receive 80% of the price sold. This helps our team cover shipping costs, operations, cost of running the app platform, secured payment verification, and more!

Get the app.

One girl's dress is another girl's treasure.

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