7 Pageant Trends to Help You Win

7 Pageant Trends to Help You Win

June 20, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Going after the pageant title of your dreams takes courage, determination, and a little bit of sparkle. Although we’d like to think that our outfits don’t play a role in the end results, pageant fashion is a vital part of being a successful competitor. Your hair and makeup can be perfect and your walk can be all that, but if your outfit doesn’t impress, your whole routine can fall flat.

Depending on your pageant system, you can be competing in many different areas of competition. Whether you need an evening gown for Miss USA, a fun fashion outfit for National American Miss, or an interview look for Miss World, your wardrobe should make you stand out while complementing your figure, complexion, and personality. You always want to showcase your best self to the judges!

Just like your fashion sense reflects your personality, your pageant wardrobe is a way to convey your personality to the judges without saying a word. Although you’ll have your chance to speak with the judges in the interview room, these might not be the same judges who are scoring you on stage. Even though these judges might be impressed by your personality and charm, the new set of judges hasn’t gotten a chance to know you. This is where your wardrobe comes in! Choosing a wardrobe that reflects your personality and captivates the judges is an easy way to impress them while you make your way across the stage. Show off your confidence and let the judges know exactly why you deserve the crown!

Staying on top of pageant trends is an easy way to show the judges that you’d be a trendsetting titleholder who’ll make waves in pageant fashion. If you’re a fashionable competitor, you’ll be a fashionable titleholder! These pageant trends are heating up just in time for the next season of competitions. Find out which trend will take you that much closer to the crown!

Feather Trims

We’re back in the roaring twenties! Feathers are a fun trend in the fashion industry that is making its way into the pageant world. Adding feathers to your evening gown can introduce an element of old Hollywood glamour to your look. If you’re going for glamour, this is the trend for you! Fun fashion is another area of competition that can include eye-catching feathers. Fun fashion should be exactly that- fun! Feathers are a unique way to add exciting movement to your routine without weighing down any part of your outfit.

Sequined Jumpsuits

Get ready to sparkle and shine your way to the crown! Jumpsuits have become increasingly popular in the pageant world and sequined jumpsuits are the newest trend to come from these outfits. Rather than remain limited to the interview room, sequined jumpsuits give you the chance to strut your stuff on stage in a trendy look that’s just as bold as you are. Whether it’s a fun fashion or top model competition, sequined jumpsuits are sure to make you stand out among the competition.


Bodysuits are typically worn in pageants as a way to achieve a sleek look during runway competitions. Although these will always remain a popular choice, we’re seeing bodysuits appear in a wide range of competitions, like fun fashion, top model, and evening gown. By pairing a bodysuit with an ultra-high slit, you can achieve a sexy, yet sophisticated look that will make you shine among a sea of dresses.

Bold Ball Gowns

Ball gowns have always been a popular evening gown choice at pageants. This year, ball gowns have changed to make them bolder and brighter than ever before! Instead of being limited to princess vibes, we’re seeing ball gowns in bold colors and covered in intricate embellishments. Now that ball gowns are more fashionable than ever, it’s the perfect time to incorporate this classic look into your wardrobe.

Two-Tone Looks

Sometimes you shouldn’t settle for just one color! Two-tone looks allow you to showcase multiple colors that highlight your personality and complement your complexion. This fun trend is especially popular during pageant interviews, as it conveys that you aren’t afraid to stand out and be the boldest one in the room.

Off the Shoulder Ruffles

It’s time to add some structure to your routine! Ruffles are an eye-catching way to incorporate structure into your overall look while still ensuring that it looks fun and flouncy on the pageant stage. Adding ruffles to your evening gown or interview jumpsuit can add a fun touch to an otherwise basic silhouette. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box!

Super High Slits

Show off your sexy side in a gown with a high slit! While slits have always been a popular choice during the evening gown competition, ultra-high slits are a glamorous way to help you confidently glide across the stage. Walking with a slit will help you move more freely than being confined in a tight skirt, so get ready to impress the judges with your routine. Although some might think that this style is reserved for the Miss division and above, there are many Teen appropriate evening gowns that feature a stunning slit.

There’s a crown out there that’s calling your name! Don’t shy away from chasing your dreams because of pageant fashion. These seven trends are eye-catching ways to win the judges over while staying on top of the trends.

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