Queenly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your most popular questions, answered!
Can I be both a buyer and a seller on Queenly?
Definitely! As a user, you can post your dresses for sale and buy a dress from other users.
Does Queenly have a rental feature?
We certainly recognize the need to take it a step further and to make it more sustainable for everyone, so we plan to support dress rental in the future. We will notify all our users once this dress rental on Queenly becomes available!
What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB). Payments are handled by Stripe and Apple Pay, our secure third party payment processors. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more info.
How secure is my credit/debit card information on Queenly?
Your payment information is extremely secure and protected on Queenly. It is SSL protected, PCI compliant, and end-to-end encrypted. For more details, please visit Security at Stripe and Apple Pay Security.
What is Queenly's mission?
Queenly is a peer-to-peer marketplace dedicated towards formal wear fashion and the pageant industry. Queenly's purpose is to remind girls everywhere that you don't have to break the bank to be confidently beautiful. For a fraction of the price, you can attain that dress that you've always wanted to rock on stage or glide in on the dance floor. We are not a retail store; we are a revolutionary platform focused on fashion and we foster a community that uplifts and strives to help one another look incredible and feel like a queen on their special night.
Where is Queenly available?
Queenly is currently available everywhere in the US via the Apple App Store and web
Is Queenly available in the Apple App Store?
Yes, check it out here.
Is Queenly available in the Google Play Store?
Yes, check it out here.
How do I contact Queenly support if I have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns?
You can email [email protected] We will get back to you within a 48-hour timeframe, during business days.
Is there a membership fee to join Queenly?
Being a member on Queenly is completely FREE! We do not charge any membership fee. Signing up simply means that you will always have access to see all of our users' wardrobes, look for your next dress and receive special discounts and updates from us.
What types of clothing are allowed on Queenly?
We allow postings of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, prom/homecoming dresses and glam jumpsuits.
Is Queenly only for pageant girls?
Of course not! This app is for women of all ages (13 years or older) that want to be queenly for any special event! Whether it be prom, homecoming, gala, red carpet, cotillion, quinceanera, wedding, etc., Queenly will make it easier for you to find something to wear. We only emphasize the pageant industry as this was the source of inspiration for the creation of the app, as pageant girls have been using pageant resale methods for years. We hope that the pageant industry can help us start with the traction that we need in order to let more women know about our handy platform.
Who handles dry cleaning?
While we do provide minor dry cleaning and spot cleaning for minor imperfections found on gowns over $300 in our Quality check, we do not offer fully-fledged professional dry cleaning services.
What are your shipping options?
We will have 2 different shipping options for our buyers: standard shipping (8-11 business days) and expedited shipping (5-8 business days). We are currently utilizing USPS. The buyer will be responsible for paying for the shipping option and we take care of shipping for Sellers shipping to our fulfillment center.
How do refunds work?
Because we are a third-party platform and do not own any of the inventory, we currently do not accept any regular refund request. The exception to this is that if we missed anything during our quality check. After the receipt of delivery of the dress, you have 24 hours to report a refund request. Refunds are only given if there is a damage that is significantly present that we didn't catch during quality check, and the buyer must email us right away with photos that can certify the complaint. You cannot get a refund if it doesn't fit right, or if you simply don't like it. Since we are only a platform to connect users to share their wardrobes, and we do not own the inventory ourselves, we cannot promise a refund for every transaction if it is not our fault. We deeply apologize for this current inconvenience, but we hope you can understand, and once Queenly starts to gain more traction and success, we would love to provide a 100% guarantee refund in the near future. It is up to the buyer to check all of the info that the seller includes in the offer post, to guarantee that the sizes match and that all the preferences are correct.
How much do I get for the dress that I've sold on Queenly?
To make sure we run our platform successfully for our users, we charge a 20% service fee on all transactions sold on Queenly. This is significantly lower than our competitors, so you'll be happy to know you're still keeping a big chunk of 80%. Through this process, we guarantee your safety online and that your transactions run through a trusted platform, excellent quality of dresses, and we take care of packaging and shipping so your experience is hassle-free so you can focus on looking and feeling like a queen!
How will I get my earnings from my dress?
Seller earnings are securely disbursed within 3 days of your dress being delivered and/or after the buyer accepts their item. Buyers have 3 days from the posted delivery date to accept their item. Your seller earnings will be disbursed at the end of the third day if the buyer fails to accept their item. For dresses being sent to HQ for Quality Check, seller earnings are disbursed once they have passed quality check. Your earnings will be disbursed via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and/or Cash App.
How do I ship the dress that I just sold to a buyer?
We will send you a free prepaid shipping label once your offer has been accepted by the buyer and their payment transaction has gone through. We currently use USPS to ship out all items, and you can utilize any box/envelope/packaging you want, as long as the dress is secure and that you put the shipping label clearly visible on the outside. You can then drop it off at any USPS designated USPS blue collection box nearest you, or at any USPS location.
What types of photo should I use for my dress listing?
We recommend using a real-life photo of the dress. Please make sure the photo is taken as clearly and with the highest resolution possible. Taking a photo in good natural lighting would be best, with the least amount of distractions in the background. Also, it would be great to take a photo of it being worn on a person's body, so the buyer can see how it fits and the length. If you don't have time to take one, you can just upload the retail photo from the store/designer's website from which you have originally purchased it (but be certain that it is the same exact style and color).

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