7 Best Pageant Shoes for Every Type of Dress

7 Best Pageant Shoes for Every Type of Dress

January 5, 2023
By Katerina Katakalides

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Where to Buy Pageant Shoes

You can buy pageant shoes both in stores and online. Some popular pageant shoe designers are Marc DeFang, Chinese Laundry, and Diverse Styles. You’ll be able to find the most common pageant shoe styles like nude platform heels and clear pageant heels.

Every pageant shoe designer is different and finding the right one for you can be the edge you need to take home the crown. The pageant heel you’ll need will depend on a few things: the area of competition, your division, the style of your wardrobe, and your budget. Here are the most popular pageant shoe designers for every pageant system and any budget!

Marc DeFang

Marc DeFang is a pageant designer known for his rhinestone heels, handbags, and luggage sets. These blinged-out creations can also come with custom designs, so you’ll be able to show off your new pageant title after winning the crown in a pair of Marc DeFang heels! Marc DeFang pageant heels come in a ton of different styles and colors that you can wear for all different areas of competition. Marc Tops are one of his most popular styles since you can wear beige Marc Tops for evening gown.

Now, you can even wear a Marc DeFang evening gown during your pageant. Marc’s design skills don’t just stop with footwear and he recently began creating evening gowns, jumpsuits, and rompers that you can wear for a variety of competitions- even fun fashion! Marc DeFang evening gowns and fun fashion outfits are sure to take over the industry soon, so get your hands on one of these eye-catching designs before they’re gone.

Chinese Laundry

Chinese Laundry is a pageant shoe brand known for sponsoring the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant for many years. These sponsorships allowed them to dominate the pageant show industry for decades. Their most popular style, tippy tops, have been worn by countless pageant contestants at nearly every pageant system.

Jonathan Kayne

Jonathan Kayne has dressed some of the most recognizable pageant queens, including Miss Americas and Miss USAs. His skills don’t just stop with dresses though! Jonathan Kayne designs pageant heels too and many contestants choose to wear his comfortable, but stylish shoes across the stage.

Diverse Styles

Diverse Styles by Sydni Dion is a pageant shoe line created for pageant queens by a pageant queen! Sydni Dion is a former Miss Illinois USA 2021 and Miss Illinois Teen USA 2017. After experiencing what it was like to place in the Top 5 at both pageants as an African-American woman, Sydni began designing high heels to match every skin tone. Diverse Styles heels come in so many shades and styles, so you’ll be able to wear them for both interview and evening gown!

Touch Ups

Touch Ups are a popular pageant heel choice for the evening gown competition. These beige high heels feature a short platform and secure straps, making them the ideal option for a contestant who prioritizes waking confidently and comfortably.

Steve Madden

Being a pageant queen means staying on top of the trends and wearing a wardrobe that wows the judges from start to finish. Steve Madden is a designer best known for his trendy handbags and heels. Steve Madden heels can be a trendy, affordable option for tying together your orientation, rehearsal, or casual wear outfit.

Betsey Johnson

A winning pageant wardrobe is one that stands out from the countless other outfits judges will see all week. Common features of the best pageant shoes and heels :

One of the best ways to look confident and statuesque on stage is to wear high heels that elongate your legs. This is especially important for contestants on the shorter side (which is below 5’7” in pageant world.) Wearing a heel that elongates your legs will help you hold your own among your taller competitors. There are two things to look for in a pageant heel that will elongate your legs. First, you’ll need to be comfortable wearing a high heel- emphasis on the high. Although it might seem daunting, heels that are at least 5 inches are ideal! The second thing you’ll have to do is find a shade that matches your skin tone. The illusion of elongation happens when the judges can’t tell where your leg ends and your shoe begins. The best way to achieve this is by shopping for a shade of beige or brown that matches best!

Best pageant shoes for every type of dress

Best shoes with evening gown portion

The most popular pageant shoe worn during the evening gown portion is a tall, skin-tone heel that elongates the legs. Pageant shoe designers who sell this style are Marc DeFang, Chinese Laundry, Diverse Styles, and Johnathan Kayne. You can also choose to wear heels that match the color of your evening gown.

Best shoes for bikini competition portion

Your shoes for the swimsuit competition at a pageant should elongate your legs while helping you stand tall and strong. You should wear a tall heel that matches your skin tone to achieve this. Another popular option during the swimsuit portion is clear high heels.

Best shoes for fun fashion competition

You have a lot of freedom when choosing pageant shoes for the fun fashion competition. You can wear any heel that matches your fun fashion outfit, so you can experiment with different colors and styles. Try adding rhinestones, glitter, or ribbons for an extra eye-catching style!

Fun fashion is a newer area of competition that gives contestants the chance to showcase their personality in an eye-catching outfit! This is your chance to wear a pair of rhinestone heels by Marc DeFang or to try a trendy designer like Steve Madden or Betsey Johnson. If your fun fashion outfit is over the top enough, you can always wear a classic pageant style, like a beige platform heel.

The best pageant interview shoes

Overall, your pageant interview shoes should be on the modest side. This means finding a close-toed shoe with a shorter heel (3 to 4 inches.) The color of your interview shoe should tie together your look, so try experimenting with matching and complementary colors.

Even though your interview heels won’t be the main focus of your interview, it’s still important to make sure your heels compliment your outfit. Depending on your overall vibe, you can decide to wear a trendy heel that pops or a modest heel that doesn’t detract from your interview outfit.


How tall are pageant heels?
Pageant heels come in a wide range of heights. The heel height you choose should be appropriate for the pageant system and one you can confidently walk in. Most pageant contestants wear heels that are 4 to 6 inches.

What color shoe should you wear with your pageant gown?
Nude heels are the most popular shoe to wear with a pageant gown. Other common colors that pageant heels come in are gold, silver, black, and clear. You can also wear a heel that matches the color of your evening gown for a more cohesive look.

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