The Best Gifts for a Quinceañera

The Best Gifts for a Quinceañera

July 21, 2022
By The Queenly Team (via Mi Padrino)

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You’re probably wondering what kind of gift you should get the quinceanera. Maybe you are the Madrina/Padrino for the surprise gift, or maybe you are just a friend going to a birthday! Either way, we have tons of quinceanera gift ideas for you: check out this list of the top 15 quinceañera gifts we think all of our quince queens would love!

A Polaroid Camera - Instant cameras are the fun vintage throwback thing to do, and we think our quince queens would love to capture one of a kind memories with this. Plus this quinceañera gift comes in so many cute colors that can fit anyone's style! Click through to Amazon in your favorite color!

Makeup Mirror - We want our quince queens to have that good-good lighting, so why not get them an inexpensive vanity mirror with lights?! It's a perfect quinceañera gift for our ladies who love makeup!

Headphones/Apple AirPods - What Quince Queen doesn't love music? They can listen to music without the hassle of dealing with tangled up wires!

Starbucks Gift Card - Did someone say Starbucks? After a long day at school, we know some of our quince queens chill out at their local Starbucks doing homework with their friends. A great quinceañera gift would be Starbucks on you! She will definitely appreciate get Venti Carmel Mocha!

Vans - A girl can never have enough shoes and Vans are a classic! It's a perfect quinceañera gift! Just make sure to call the quinceañera's mom to get her shoe size! (;

Record Player - If you know the quinceañera is a huge music lover, a retro record player is perfect! It might start her love for vinyl collecting! It's a perfect regalo sorpresa... and it can connect to her phone, too!

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - The quince queen will love to jam out to her favorite Spotify playlist anywhere she wants! She can take it to the beach, to the park, or anywhere she wants! Plus... her friends will be always be able to count on her to be the DJ!

Facial Cleansing Brushes - A lot of our quince queens are starting to figure out their skin care routine and this would be a great gift for a quinceañera.

Hair Products- Quinceañeras are at the age where they want to experiment with makeup, clothes, and of course, their hair! Whether they want a sleek and straight look or cute, bouncy curls; you can pick out one of the many hair styling appliances! Make sure to pick up a heat protective spray, too, for an added bonus!

Bath Bombs - After months of planning, plus balancing school and quince dance practice, let's help your quince to finally unwind! Bath Bombs are the perfect quinceañera gift that will help her relax after allllll that stress.

Face Roller - A face roller is the perfect quinceañera gift for any of the skincare obsessed quince queens! It'll help her soothe her skin and is a perfect addition to her skin care routine!

Adidas Fashion - We want our quince queens to come through drippin' (it means look cool) after their parties and what better clothing choice is there than an Adidas outfit? Choose from athletic pants, hats, or even a cute fanny pack!

Jewelry - If you're looking to get something more meaningful for the quince queen, jewelry is the perfect way to go! Check out all the cute bracelets and rosaries we have!

Makeup - Brighten her eyes by getting the quinceañera a makeup palette with a set of brushes! Traditionally, girls weren't allowed to wear makeup before turning 15. Many families still do this, so it's the perfect time to get her some new makeup to experiment with! Besides, a girl can never have too much makeup!

Photo Frames - Our quince queens are going to have plenty of pictures from their big day and there going to need something to display all their gorgeous memories! Consider giving her a frame already filled out with pictures of the two of you in some spots!

And... you could just always give the quinceanera a wad of money! Or gift cards! ? Either way, it's always the thought that counts for a lovely gift for her special day!

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