Bridesmaid Dress Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Bridesmaid Dress Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

January 13, 2022
By Emily Tinoco

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Bridesmaid Dress Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Bridesmaid trends come and go but some classic styles are meant to stay. If you’re looking for a timeless look for your bride tribe, look no further.

Summer is coming and so is wedding season! Look below for some unique bridesmaid dress themes and options that you can find on Queenly! Here, we’ve gathered the best bridesmaid dress trends that will age well and will keep your wedding photos the cream of the crop.

1. All White Wedding

We know that white is usually reserved for the bride, and bride only, but we can’t help but love bridal entourages dressed in all white to match the bride's wedding gown. The styles can range from short to midi and lace to tulle, but we can’t deny how elegant the pictures look when everyone is dressed head to toe in white.

You can also do a fun variation on this concept with a grey scheme for your bridesmaid's dresses. Lighter hues like birdy grey will stand out slightly from the all-white bridal gown while still exuding elegance.

2. Monochromatic Magic

If an all-white wedding theme isn’t your thing, and you want some variety in looks, try dresses in all the same color, but in a variety of styles. You can do short to long, sheath to mermaid (we don’t recommend anything in a ball gown, save that for the bride), and satin to lace.

Typically, you'll want to match bridesmaids’ dresses to your wedding colors, so have a fabric swatch on-hand when creating cohesion throughout your dresses, invitations, and decor.

You’ll give each lady in your party enough freedom to choose the dress that’s right for their curves, but in one color so everyone will look great together. Your ladies will thank you and your pictures will come out beautifully! Example of different styles of blue bridesmaid dresses on Queenly:

3. Ombre Effect

Ok, so you love the idea of every girl having an individual style, but you want to take it a step further. Instead of doing everything in one color, have the girls choose dresses in colors that have an ombre effect. Start with either your lightest or darkest option, and pick dresses that go up or down in color from there.

While you could do this in any color palette, it is a style that works best for autumnal colors. Think rust, burnt sienna, hunter green, or navy. These colors are deep but still vibrant so your pictures will be amazing, but will keep everything from being too loud. Just like the previous option, this gives your bridesmaids the freedom to choose whichever styles they want, from cowl necklines to wrap dresses to velvet cocktail dresses.

4. Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re interested in a more bold and bright dress style, try something with glitz and glam. Metallic or sequin fabric looks amazing next to the bridal white dresses and will really make your big day stand out.

This is perfect for that glamorous wedding of your dreams. Going with sequined dresses is not for every bride, but can definitely add an element of glamour to your celebration. If you’re looking to have your bridal party sparkle at your wedding, take a look at these options for your bridesmaids that you can find on Queenly!

Floor-length numbers will look formal, and we love these styles that have low-back silhouettes for a little extra detail. If you want something with a little more edge than long bridesmaid dresses, try something with a high slit, a cutout dress, or even a flare mini dress option that will be more fun for the reception. Convertible dresses are also an option if you want something that will look classy for the ceremony and trendy for the reception. Check out popular dresses on Queenly:

5. Tulle Tales

Tulle and chiffon are other looks that are usually reserved for the bride but designers have been coming out with a lot of options in tiered tulle that is boho chic for maids of honor, bridesmaids, and even flower girl dresses.

Bridesmaid styles in tulle look amazing in pictures in nude and soft pink colors, and tiers. We highly recommend styles with tiers. The dresses will look less bridal with tiers and give so much texture for pictures. The flower girl can match with a knee-length dress fit for a little princess. Check out tulle dresses here:

6. Tip-Toe in the Tulips: Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses with floral patterns are great for summer weddings and will never go out of style. They can be fun and light while still being appropriate for weddings and offer the most variety in different styles.

If you are planning florals for a fall wedding or winter wedding, you can find dresses in cooler colors, like deep blues and greens. If a spring wedding or summer wedding is for you, then go with warmer colors like yellows or reds. Don’t ever forget that black floral options are very glamorous and look amazing in photos.

Floral prints and accents are the way to go if you are looking for a good summer-themed wedding and a way to make your bridal party stand out in a subtle way! Florals are nice and feminine and add a warm tone to your celebration. These are some of our favorite floral dresses that you can find on Queenly!

7. Garden Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastels are big this season! So why not join the trend and dress your girls in beautiful pastel colors? You can either go for an array of different colors or different shades of one pastel color. Either way, this option will look beautiful.

8. Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Satin dresses are a great choice for your bridal party! The glossy fabric of satin photographs well, giving your group of close friends a subtle glamorous glow, perfect for a sunrise or sunset wedding. Satin bridesmaid dresses are also easy to steam, comfortable to wear, and package pretty well!

9. Short Bridesmaid Dresses

If you're part of a smaller, less extravagant wedding party, short tea-length bridesmaid dresses could be a great way to go. Your bridesmaids will be grateful to not need to get these dresses hemmed! The bridesmaid cocktail dress style works well for the summer months, when it can be hot and stuffy inside a heavier dress (sorry brides!).

10. Lovely Lace

The last option we will mention is to go with lace! So classic and feminine. This textile is a great way to give your celebration a romantic vibe. These are our favorite lace dresses you can find on Queenly.

They’re beautiful and elegant and will give such a soft kiss of femininity and glamour to your wedding party that everyone will look stunning. Lace will look great on every girl and with any size bridesmaid dress, so it is a great way to make sure everyone feels and looks beautiful on your big day. Lace can be added to the bodice, sleeves, skirt, or waist for a hint of cohesion, or you can choose all-over lace for a statement look.

But lace is just one aspect of your bridal party. If you want to go with all-over lace dresses for your girls, make sure to pick them in a shade that compliments everyone's skin tones and body types. We do recommend starting with something in a soft blush or deep burgundy variety. Check out lace dresses on Queenly:

Happy Shopping!

Styles and trends come and go but wedding day photos are forever. Sticking with fashionable designs like these will keep the photos timeless, ensuring their longevity on mantle places and the beauty of them will keep your ideas on-trend long after your wedding date.

No one wants to see their wedding pictures go out of style, so sticking with lasting looks will eliminate the threat of not aging well.

Happy dress shopping! Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous wedding parties this summer 😎 We hope you love these styles and find the right one for you and your wedding party!

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