Prom Dresses That Are So Crazy, They’re Cute Again

Prom Dresses That Are So Crazy, They’re Cute Again

November 26, 2022
By The gr0 Team

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Fashion (Almost) Fail

As lovers of fashion, we have seen some crazy trends come and go and understand when risks are taken in the name of fashion. We know from fashion industry leaders that many of these trends stood the test of time.

But what about those that were so crazy, we can’t imagine how they ever got their 10 seconds of fame, and then came back again? Follow us down the rabbit hole as we explore a few fashion trends that are terrible in theory, but have been reinvigorated in new and cute ways.

1. Puff, the Magic Sleeve?

Ok, so in case you haven’t noticed, puff sleeves have come back in full swing this year. Blame it on quarantine, but they’ve become the latest craze to hit fashion trends and we can’t lie; we stan this trend.

Puff sleeves aren’t what you’ve seen in the past. They aren’t giant balloons stuck on your shoulder that get in the way when you turn your head. Instead, they’ve become a light, mostly sheer, kiss of volume that has been meticulously added to the prettiest dresses we’ve seen hit the runways this season.

While puff sleeves in the past were invasive and really, well, big, the puff sleeves we see today are nothing like this. They have been brought back with purpose, adding movement to a form-fitting dress that is begging for some flow. They aren’t huge like they used to be either; when the trend was brought back a lot of designers opted for the term “balloon sleeve” instead of puff to give the look new meaning. What used to be a cumbersome add-on is now a charming accessory for your arms. View some stylish sleeved dresses on Queenly:

2. Tutu’s for Days

If you thought tutus were just for ballet class, think again. Back in the ’80s when Madonna really made the tutu skirt a thing, they were a style for those trying to have a bit of rocker edge. Cut to handmade one shoulder tops tucked into a few layers of bright-colored tulle that barely hit below the fingertip, which was sticking out of a fingerless lace glove, and you have yourself 1980’s fashion 101.

But we aren’t talking about those skirts! What you can expect to find now if you’re inspired by tulle, is a softer, fuller skirt; something that is accentuated with satin belt details, or something cut off at mid-thigh that is muted in color and paired with a lace bodice.

Maybe it is the shift in style that helped breathe new life into the tutu trend, but whatever it was, we are so happy it happened. Tutu dresses and skirts can come in a variety of lengths and details now so you have so many ways to wear them. If you want to stick to that classic rocker edge, find one that has layers, something cut at different angles that seem sharp and uneven. A tutu like this will exude rock show vibes.

Want something a little more refined? No problem; go for the tutu that is a little longer, one continuous length that is paired with lace or satin details, perfect for a more polished, elegant look. Then there’s the option of a high-low skirt with some crystal or floral embellishment if you’re more of a boho-chic kinda girl. Any way you decide to wear it, a tutu is sure to slay. Check out some popular tulle dresses:

3. Sassy Sequins

Hear us out. Sequins have come back to the conversation, and they have a lot to say. In the past, dresses with sequins were loud and tacky; they seemed to be about hiding the person wearing them instead of putting your personality on display. Thankfully for us, designers are taking our original vibes into more careful consideration when adding this touch to dresses.

Where we used to see sequins and have to look away, now we do a double-take. Sequins are back and are still loud, but with more class and intentional placement. If you have noticed, major brands like Adrianna Pappell are more strategically placed to emphasize the natural shape of a woman and bring more energy to the look. We have also seen some amazing over-the-top skirts and top options out there that would stun for prom. Pair a loud sequined skirt with a cute tuxedo top for a trendy look or maybe a simple satin number with a sequin cape for a little shine. Either way, sequins are back and we think you should at least take a look.

4. Rock the Ruche

Ruching really hit the scene around the ’70s and it used to be a detail reserved for fancy garments. They would ruche around the hip and backside area and come together around the waist usually with a big jeweled feature. This type of ruching definitely made your hips look wide and your booty seem big, regardless of your size.

Thankfully, with the resurgence of ruching, designers have realized there are better ways to do this that actually make women look good. Instead of coming together in the middle of a dress, the ruching is bunched on the side seams of dresses, making your waist slimmer while accentuating your hips, giving you curves for days. A few years ago, ruching was something you saw in old photographs and thought, what were they thinking? Now we see ruching on dresses and immediately know it will take your look to the next level.

5. Wild Thing

Animal print is a touchy subject; you either love it or hate it. Well, we love it! Animal print was a wild and scary thing when it hit the scene, immediately causing a stir and being categorized as only for rocker types. Now, animal print is more subtle. Even when dresses feature an animal print in full force, they have a softer edge to them.

Mixing a satin or silk material with the strong vibe of an animal print keeps it classy and feminine, but still gives you the ferocity of whatever animal your dress is channeling. Other designers have gone for a more subtle animal print. While it is still an all-over design, it is done in a more camouflaged way (see what we did there). So you get a gorgeous, sultry look with a wildcat undertone. It’s beautiful, really, and you should rock it with confidence so powerful you’ll feel like the queen of the jungle.

6. Soft Touch

Velvet. It just sounds so soft. Another trend that sprung out a few decades ago, velvet dresses were the thing of our childhood nightmares. Think back to all those Christmas photos when your mom ratted up your hair and made you wear a giant velvet dress complete with an underskirt and tights. We shiver remembering those days. Velvet has come back, but it stepped a little lighter this time. Velvet comes in standard or crushed now, so we really have options with texture.

These new styles of dresses are usually kept to a mini or knee-length design and rightfully so. Velvet gives a heaviness to the dress that can weigh you down if it’s too long or too big. If you do find a floor-length gown in a velvet texture, opt for something that features a high slit or possibly something with a low back. These style details will keep the look light with such a heavy fabric.

Regardless of these little things, velvet has really done a full 180 from where it started as the go-to for over-the-top, rigid looks. It’s less stiff and more styled now and gives your look a soft edge that screams style and comfortability. So if you’re exhausted when you get home from dancing all night, your look can double as a really suitable nightgown. Examples of velvet dresses found on Queenly:

7. Metal Mania

Metallic fabrics were another look from the ’80s that were the quintessential brand of rockers everywhere. Now, fashion has taken that look and given it new meaning. Metallics still have a rocker edge but have become more high fashion in comparison to decades past. It is still a stronger look than tulle or ball gown counterparts but has earned a place in high fashion. Paired with your favorite bold necklaces or a wistful of bangles, this look is sure to get you noticed. So if you choose a metallic dress, be ready for all eyes on you.

8. Trailblazer

Ok, we know, a blazer isn’t exactly a dress. BUT, boxy blazers with shoulder pad detail have come back and they are powerful. Shoulder pads were the hit detail for working women in the ’80s; they gave us a strong frame and made us feel like we could shatter the glass ceiling. Then people started realizing that they looked ridiculous, and they ceased to exist.

But if you’re struggling to find the right look for prom, try this trend! Imagine a cute form-fitting mini dress in a simple design and color, paired with a fierce boxy blazer for a look that no one else would have thought of. It will give you originality and keep you fashion-forward at the same time. It might be seen as an accessory, but we have been noticing the amount of actual boxy blazers as a dress option that has hit the market and we can’t help but stan this trend. It’s cute and crazy but in all the right places.

No Fails, All Fashion

We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have unboxing all these fashion fails from the past. While these prom looks from the past might have received a snare or two from current generations, thanks to innovative, new designers we have found a way to bring these trends into this decade. We are confident that thanks to new life, any of these trends have earned their spot at the prom table. Happy dress hunting!

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