Cute Hoco Proposals to Hint at Your Crush

Cute Hoco Proposals to Hint at Your Crush

January 13, 2022
By The Queenly Team

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Although not often as over-the-top as promposals, how you ask your date to homecoming can be a big deal. The homecoming dance often follows a big football game. It’s a great tradition to invite your date to the dance and sometimes even the game.

There are so many great ways to do this. Whether you’re pulling out all of the stops or keeping it simple, we’ve included tons of hoco proposals below that will get your crush thinking.

The sky really is the limit here. Maybe try a personalized proposal with their favorite snack. Or, enlist the entire school band to play their favorite song at halftime and run to find them with a big sign. Whatever you choose, make sure it's thoughtful and personal.

You’ve got your dress, now you just need your date.

Keep reading to see our takes on funny, sweet, and creative ways to invite your desired homecoming date to the dance.

If You’re the Class Clown

Everyone loves a hoco proposal that includes a bit of humor. Here are some of our ideas to make your date laugh, and say yes.

Stuck in Love

Every prankster will love this proposal. It is definitely a big gesture, and your date will surely be over the moon that you took the time and will keep them laughing all night long.

This proposal could not be easier. Leave school a few minutes early (with permission, of course) and cover their entire car with sticky notes. Yes, you heard us.

What does the sign say? “Will you STICK by my side at homecoming?”

This proposal will be sure to get your date laughing and give them the hint that you might just be crushing on them. It will also provide a great photo op.

When Pigs Fly

This hoco proposal is great, especially if your crush has strict parents. It will get the rents laughing and your date giggling as they say yes.

Go to your local party store and find some blow-up balloons in the shape of pigs. Next, create a sign that says this killer line, “Your dad said I can take you to homecoming when pigs fly. What do you say?”

Yes, obviously. You can thank us later.

Don’t Be a Meanie

This one is plain and simple. And hilarious. Grab your full-body hot dog costume out of your closet and show up to your date with a simple sign reading: “Don’t be a meanie and go to homecoming with this weenie!”

This is the perfect hoco proposal for a couple who loves to joke around. Or, if you want to show your date that you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself in the name of love. The pictures will be hilarious and the proposal memorable.

So You’ve Decided To Bribe Them With Food

What says “be my date” more than their favorite snack?

As you should. What says “be my date” more than their favorite snack? Your date will feel like you’ve put thought into the proposal and be able to enjoy their favorite food well after you’re gone. Bonus, this food will now forever remind them of you!

This Is Cheesy

Pizza is the key to a lot of hearts. If your date loves a good slice, this is the perfect hoco proposal for them. Some local pizza shops will even bake a heart-shaped pizza for you upon request. We’ve never felt more in love.

All you have to do is write your proposal on the inside of the box. Here’s one we love: “A PIZZA my heart will break if you say no to homecoming with me” How could you refuse?

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Flaming hot, to be exact. If your date loves flaming hot Cheetos, this is the proposal for you. All your sign needs to say is “These are flaming hot and so are you. Come to homecoming with me!” and they’re yours!

You’re Getting Personal

We love a personalized homecoming proposal. It will show your date that you’re thoughtful and sweet and make it hard to refuse.

Scavenger Hunt

This is possibly our favorite hoco proposal idea. Take your date on a wild ride through your hometown or even their own house if you can’t drive yet. Try to think of at least five clues that lead to each other and hide them for your date to find.

Take your date on a wild ride through your hometown or even their own house if you can’t drive yet

They can be ultra-personalized, like asking their favorite coffee barista to hold onto one or hiding one accompanied by some flowers.

The best part? You’re the last clue!

Enlist Their Sibling

Did someone hear a bark? That’s right. For this hoco proposal, you’ll have to grab your date’s furry friend. This will show your date that you’re an animal lover and polite enough to coordinate a furry switch with their family.

Puppy dog eyes are impossible to say no to, so bring yours with you. If you can’t take their pup on a joy ride, use your own or a friend’s.

Next, hang a sign around the dog’s neck (comfortably) that says “Will you RUFF it out with me at homecoming? They will have to say yes and the proposal pics will be extra cute.

Sticking to the Sweet Stuff

Whether that means candy or love songs, sweetness and creativity will give your crush the perfect hint.

Whether that means candy or love songs, sweetness and creativity will give your crush the perfect hint.

The Candy Man Can

Basically, our advice for this homecoming proposal is to take advantage of your date’s sweet tooth. Choose any of their favorite candies and create a clever sign to go along with it. Pinterest has tons of great ideas, and you can search by individual candy type.

Got a lollipop lover? Create a bouquet out of Dum Dums to go with this punny sign, “Be a Smartie and take this Dum Dum to homecoming!” They’ll be laughing and loving with this original and sweet hoco proposal.

Your Date’s Got a Sporty Side

Homecoming sporty date

There are so many great ways to ask your athletic date to the homecoming dance. There are awesome ways to incorporate their main sport into the proposal, or just include something else sporty! It will show that you’ve put thought into your proposal and tailored it to what they like.

Halftime Show

We like to call this idea the halftime show. Although we’re providing the framework, you can really take this hoco proposal any way you’d like.

The idea here is to create a scene. A big one. Do you know someone in the school marching band? Or the girl who does the announcements during halftime? A cheerleader? Maybe you’re even on the team yourself!

The important part is to choose someone that’s involved in a game day at your school. The rest is totally up to you. You can create a huge flashmob with all of your friends, have the band play your (hopefully) date’s favorite song, or even just grab a mic and head to midfield.

This hoco proposal is adorable and will show your date that you’re really willing to get up in front of the whole school and ask them to the dance. It’s a definite yes from us.

Track Star

So your date loves to run. This is an example of how to work your date’s individual interests into the hoco proposal.

Either arrive at practice or be stationed at the end of a big cross-country race for that extra element of surprise. Put on your favorite running clothes and create a sign that will make everyone around you say “aw”.

Once your date has crushed their race, you’ll be waiting with a sign that says “I would be XCited if you RAN to homecoming with me”. They’ll love it, their mom will love it, and you’ll be smiling all the way home.

Off You Go!

Now that you’ve asked your date, it’s time to get all dressed up and hit the dance floor! Homecoming is often a shockingly memorable night that holds less stress than prom but nearly all the fun.

Hoco proposals are similar to promposals, only on a smaller scale. And, now that the outdated law of boy-asks-girl is gone, it’s really anyone’s game. We love to see a simple and thoughtful hoco proposal or an over-the-top flash dance, whatever feels right to you.

In our opinion, any type of homecoming proposal is awesome, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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