David’s Bridal Bridesmaid Dress Colors: 2023 Trends

David’s Bridal Bridesmaid Dress Colors: 2023 Trends

December 29, 2022
By Katie Zamboni

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and we are so happy to be here to celebrate with you! But you know who is even more excited? The girls you chose for your bridal party. These are your ride-or-die ladies and they would do anything to give you the love and support you need for this major milestone (including a getaway car if necessary!).

Like most of us, you have probably been dreaming about the venue and colors since the day you got really serious with your significant other, but just in case you haven’t been able to find the right inspiration, we are here today to break down some of the hottest bridesmaid dress color trends hitting the scene.

Trends come and go, so you want to make sure that any colors or popular details you select will stand the test of time and look beautiful in pictures no matter what’s in style. Lucky for you, Queenly is here (with a huge selection of David’s Bridal dresses) to keep you looking trendsetting for years to come. Walk with us down the aisle as we take a look at the 2022 color trends you can expect to see.

Pop of Color

David’s Bridal has listed a few bridesmaid dress colors that are trending now and are taking top spots in the wedding season to come. Those colors are shades of blue and purple, and soft pinks and grays.

These four color groups can be darkened or lightened depending on the time of year, but they are the colors you should be expected to see the most for upcoming weddings. They are flattering to all complexions and look great next to a white wedding dress.

They are also great options for creating a great vibe for the wedding. The darker shades of any of these colors will create a more formal atmosphere, whereas the lighter colors can lend themselves to a more casual affair. You can also expect these colors to look great in varying fabrics, so if tulle is the stuff made of nightmares for you, you can rest easy knowing you can still pick a trendy color without compromising on your wants.

A great benefit of picking a simple gown with a plain color is that it will never go out of style (even if the color you chose is no longer the most popular option). The bridesmaids’ gowns that tend to look dated and unfortunately tacky as time goes on are those that follow too closely with very specific details that are only popular for a minute in fashion.

Pairing a simple yet elegant bridesmaid dress with a popular or trendy color will always have a timeless quality and every few years your chosen colors will come back as the hit for the season, so you’re bound to have trendy wedding pics for years to come.

Start here for some great inspiration:

Lack of Color

There’s also a non-color that is trending currently for bridesmaid dress looks, and that is white. An all-white wedding is glamorous and so elegant, you and your wedding party will exude style and sophistication. It can be a hot-button topic with brides; obviously, you don’t want to be outshined or not stand out at your own wedding. It would be even worse if this happened because YOU made the decision to put every girl next to you in white.

But white bridesmaid dresses are beautiful and so different from traditional wedding dresses. The best advice here, if you like this trend and want to do something that is a bit risky but pays off greatly, is to go short for your girls and stick to traditional looks for yourself. This way you can get the effect with the white gowns without taking away from your dress and your moment to shine.

Color Combo

In addition to these trending colors are a few great color combinations that are definitely worth a second look. Again, due to the nature of the trend, these ideas are less likely to appear outdated one day and will have lasting style effects for photos. Your wedding pics will be as timeless as you are!

Monochrome Magic

The first option would be the same dress in various shades and hues of that color. This style of color combination is always a style win and has been around a long time without ever losing its stylish edge. Multiple shades of pinks, blues, and grays work wonders for this trend and always ensure that your pictures are stunning and you stand out in a sea of color.

A white dress in the middle of multiple shades of color will pop, as it will be the brightest option and have more contrast against the varying degrees of color on your bridesmaids. The color will make for a gorgeous background and your bridesmaids will be happy to have a little individuality as well, so bonus points for being such a thoughtful bride!

Here are some great styles that could definitely be built upon:

Colorful Ombre

An ombre is generally seen in one color, from dark to light or vice versa. Something that is trending right now instead is an ombre that uses multiple colors in varying degrees to create a boho-esque rainbow.

An ombre is generally seen in one color, from dark to light or vice versa. Something that is trending right now instead is an ombre that uses multiple colors in varying degrees to create a boho-esque rainbow.

The look is beautiful and works so well for fall weddings in autumnal colors; think a color scheme with navy blue, sage green, lavender, rose pink. All the colors you crave in a style that will look amazing on the day and in posed photos. It’s the kind of trend that others will be jealous of; you’ll have your best friend wanting to redo her own nuptials before the end of the ceremony!

While this trend is innovative and so beautiful, keep the style of the gown lighter; we recommend a silk or tulle option, something that will offer structure but sway naturally when your ladies are on the dance floor, but is also a fabric that isn’t overwhelming.

While a satin ball gown might have been your first thought, this dress trend just will be too much for a fuller skirt. The tulle or organza has the airy quality to keep it from being too much so if you did have fuller skirts in mind this is the way to do it.

We aren’t picking favorites but do think the best choice for this trend would be a silk midi slip dress. The barely-there and effortless quality of the gown make it a perfect complement to the boho vibes of the ombre trend. What’s also great is David’s Bridal believes the midi slip bridesmaid dress to be the trendiest option for the upcoming wedding season so your options will be endless!

Coming in With Contrast

This trend is really new but so artistic and creative. Contrasting dress options is a great color combination for bridesmaid dresses and will look so cool in photos. Think alternating blue and orange dresses, or red and green. You could do a variety of shades of each color to give it a really unique flair or stick to one shade of each color for a more uniform look.

Either way, this is a great idea for a woman with a large bridal party, but definitely make sure it’s an even number! The effect will be stronger the more bridesmaids standing next to each other and each style and color of bridesmaid dress will pop next to a contrasting color. With the amount of color this look demands, your bright white gown will glow in your photos and you will be setting a trend that your attendees will talk about for years to come.

Jeweled Look

A hue that is sure to stand the test of time but is killing the bridesmaid dress game right now is the jeweled tone. Sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and rose are the most classic gem colors that are the epitome of elegance and class.

We love weddings that utilize these colors altogether; yes, you read that right. Weddings with each bridesmaid dressed in a gown in a different jewel tone are a beautiful and luxurious experience. The eye catches each color and it is a lovely thing.

If jewel tones are a little too deep or bold for you, or your wedding is in the summer and these colors are too heavy for the heat, try using these jewel tones in what is being called sorbet hues. David’s Bridal has a great selection of jeweled tones in softer, slightly muted hues that have a breezier feel. This way you can use the bold and royal-adjacent color scheme with the appropriate vibe for a summer or spring wedding.

Ready To Walk

We hope these color trends courtesy of David’s Bridal have helped inspire you today. No matter what you choose, remember that sticking to the vibe that is the most authentic to you and your love is the most important part to ensure that you never need a wedding redo.

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