David’s Bridal Discontinued Dresses That We’d Love to Come Back

David’s Bridal Discontinued Dresses That We’d Love to Come Back

March 5, 2022
By Erin Clark

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It’s true; just like all designers do every year, David’s Bridal also discontinues looks. They come out with so many new dress styles and colors each year that they have to get rid of some of the older options to keep everything fresh and exciting. While we love fresh and exciting, we also love classic and timeless. Thanks to Queenly, however, you can find both new and classic styles on our site without breaking a sweat.

Today, we’ve gathered a few facts about the well-known company as well as put together a list of some classic, historic looks that we think should definitely make a new entrance to the party. Whether you’re getting ready for prom, your wedding, or just a day of shopping, we’ve got all the details you’ll need to comb through the archives.

How Did David’s Bridal Originate?

What started out as a local Ft. Lauderdale, Florida bridal shop in 1950 has now turned into a nationwide sensation. Even if you didn’t find the dress for you, David’s Bridal is probably somewhere you looked. Their styles have always evolved with the times and one thing has always been certain: you can find a great bang for your buck with their label.

David, the man behind the name, started the business but sold it in 1970 when it became the household name it is today. Did you know that an estimated one in three women will wear a David’s Bridal Gown? So if you know three brides, there’s a good chance you know where they got their gowns.

Even though it was still a one-off name when Phillip Youtie purchased the company, his dream was to expand the brand and its reach. He expanded the company to part of what it is today but ultimately sold the business in 1999. In the year 2000, the business went further; under new ownership, they started selling bridesmaid and evening gown styles and really made a permanent niche for themselves in formal wear.

What Do We Love About Them?

David's Bridal Dresses

There’s a lot to love about David’s Bridal gowns. Not only are they affordable for almost any budget, but they also have a vast range of colors and styles. They do their very best to keep up with the latest trends as well as forecast what will be popular in upcoming seasons.

Above all style and color options, David’s Bridal has made a genuine commitment to be available for anyone, any size. Their mannequins as well as dresses come in a variety of sizes to be as inclusive as possible. We love a company that promotes for every woman out there!

What We Miss

Because trends for evening wear come and go, so too do the gowns that are available from designers. Even in companies that pride themselves on choices, there are so many options that it makes sense to offer.

So, today is all about the trends of days’ past. Queenly is breaking down all the classic looks and style points that have gone dormant but definitely need a revival.

Shoulders First

Yes, the shoulder pad did have a bit of a moment a few months back, but not quite the resuscitation we truly hoped for. A strong shoulder is a perfect statement for any trendsetter. It creates a beautiful silhouette and is a great style point for all body shapes.

While not entirely traditional for wedding gowns, it’s a great look for evening wear and would be right at home on a sleek prom look.

Cold shoulder details are another style that has been put in the time capsule, but we think they deserve another look. The open shoulder with a strap and sleeve detail creates an ethereal vibe that is perfect for the boho bride or whimsical prom-going teen.

If you need some shoulder inspo, check out these top picks:

Sleeve Details

No doubt about it, we all made fun of mothers and aunts for their puffy sleeve choices, but we think it deserves a new moment. It’s a fun, rocker chic trend that can signify an ultimate party look. It might not be for everyone, but a good puff sleeve can add detail that no one is expecting but everyone will envy.

An off-the-shoulder lace and embellished three-quarter sleeve is a style that we haven’t seen since the 80s but has stood the test of time in wedding photos. It might not be on any wedding or prom mood boards now, but that’s just because the style has been taken out of the conversation. Well, we think that these sparkly partial sleeves deserve a new seat at the table and we will be first in line to welcome them back.

Some style picks to consider:

The Side Sweep

It’s a style that pulls focus to one hip and draws attention to the mid-section but is a slimming style no matter your size. While it truly will never go out of style, it is a silhouette that has been put on the backburner thanks to trendy sheath and straight gowns. While it might not be the most popular in magazines, we want to bring it back!

The side sweep will look great for all body types and is a classic look that will give any prom or wedding photos a timeless quality. Even with the eye being brought to the middle of your body, and that’s an area most of us are self-conscious about, the side detail will actually work to give your waist more definition to give you a killer shape.

Here are a few we love:

Start The Petitions

We hope these inspired some to grab their pens and start a letter-writing campaign for David’s Bridal. Joking, but we hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane nonetheless. Queenly’s goal is to always bring you the best of what fashion has to offer, but that doesn’t mean we leave classics in the past, especially when they hit just as well as anything on-trend!

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