How To Reuse a Prom Dress

How To Reuse a Prom Dress

May 3, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

Because of the nature of prom dresses, you might think the only option after prom is to keep it tucked in your closet forever. But no! There are so many things you can do with your prom dress! Let’s jump right in.

1. Sell your dress on Queenly!

Why should your dress only be worn once! Make a profit, save the environment, and give someone else their dream prom dress too! With a platform like Queenly, you are able to easily and safely upload your dress for thousands of girls to look at! Once someone is interested and buys, Queenly sends you a prepaid label. All you have to do is package and drop off your dress at your local USPS. And you keep 80% of the profits! What a win win!

I wish Queenly existed when I was in high school. These are some dresses listed now on Queenly that I would have loved to wear to my prom!

2. Have a photoshoot!

This can be done on your own or with a group of friends or with your family! If you spent all that time looking for a dress, why not wear it again and capture the moment. Personally, I would love to take my senior prom dress to my local castle-like winery and have my own photoshoot. I know I still fit into my prom dress now and I definitely know how to pose better than I did in high school.

3. Throw a Prom Reunion!

Thought prom would only happen in high school?? WRONG! Now that so many years have passed and I have made so many new friends, I think it would be fun to plan a get together or even make reservations at a nice restaurant and live out those memories with your friends! I mean imagine having those pictures when you are older. This is definitely something I am going to do.

My prom dress was a blush pink color. Here are some blush pink dresses on Queenly that I think would impress anyone!

4. Make some TikTok Videos!

One of my favorite videos to watch are transformations videos on TikTok. How fun would it be to grab your mom and sisters and shoot some videos of you all in your prom dresses! But don’t forget to include the ‘before’ pictures of when you actually went to prom to tug on those heart strings!

Which reuse tips are you going to try?

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