How to Save Money and Shop for an Affordable Wedding Dress

How to Save Money and Shop for an Affordable Wedding Dress

July 14, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

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Currently, I am at an age when I am not thinking about marriage too seriously. However, something that has always been on my mind has been the kind of dress that I will wear on my dream day!

After watching countless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress and realizing how expensive wedding gowns can be, I have compiled of my top 4 options I have to save money when purchasing a wedding gown!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that you are only going to wear once. And looking gorgeous on your wedding day is not dependent on the price of the gown. Let’s take a look at my list!

Upcycling your mom’s gown or vintage gowns

One thing I am grateful for is having a mother with a passion for fashion. My mom got married in 1998 but her dress is still something I am completely in love with and hope to wear on my wedding day. Though I don’t currently have a picture of it, the dress features an off-the shoulder long sleeve style, with a lace overlay. It has a very long train, which might be one of my most favorite things.

In my case, I would keep the dress as is, but even if you decide to get some small alterations done, it would still save you tons of money. Also, there is nothing more special than rewearing your mom’s gown. Below are some older wedding dresses that you can find on Queenly. I can think of some great alterations to transform these dresses or even to keep as is!

Thrifting and Buying Gently Worn Gowns

Since thrifting is taking on the fashion world, why not the wedding industry as well? Buying second-hand is not only good for your spending habits, but also for the planet. There is so much fabric and materials that goes into making a wedding gown, it definitely deserves to be worn more than once.

Also, if you think going to a local thrift store is not for you, you can try different alternatives like online thrifting. Queenly is the perfect solution when it comes to finding your dream dress. On Queenly, you can shop gently used wedding gowns and gowns sold by some of your favorite designers at a fraction of the price. Check out these gowns on Queenly under $200!


Even if you choose to buy a new dress, some good news is that you can still resell it afterwards! Again, not only will this save you on costs, it will also ensure your dress gets worn multiple times after!

Opting For Unique Choices

Who says a wedding dress has to be a certain color, or style, or length. Choosing a different and unique dress from the ordinary ones we see at most weddings can also save you tons of money. Not only that, it will make your day one of a kind. So maybe go for that ivory dress, or the short one instead! Here are some unique dresses I found on Queenly that I think would make great choices.

Opting For Simple, Understated Choices

As your favorite TV commercials like to say, “we live in challenging times”. Many brides are opting for smaller, less extravagant weddings this year. Thankfully, this means you won’t have to splurge on an enormous ball gown, and instead you have a variety of options, from simple lace dresses, to long sleeve satin gowns. Checkout some “dressed down” but very elegant options below, for a perfect bridal look without breaking the bank!

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