Miss USA 2022 On Stage Questions (and the Answers)

Miss USA 2022 On Stage Questions (and the Answers)

October 28, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Whether you’re a newbie to the industry or a pageant veteran, competing for the crown of your dreams can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. The contestants at Miss USA 2022 knew this all too well, as each titleholder gets one opportunity to win this coveted national title. After competing in the evening gown, swimsuit, and interview competitions, the Top 5 were left to participate in the on stage question. The on stage question competition can be one of the most challenging areas of competition, as the judges can ask you nearly any question about any topic.

One of the best ways to prepare for this area of competition is to practice previous pageant questions from popular pageants, including Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss USA. If you picture yourself at one of these major pageants, then it’s important to prepare by practicing with actual questions that have been asked in the past. Let’s get you started by reviewing the questions and answers from Miss USA 2022!

Miss Nebraska USA, Natalie Pieper, was the first contestant in the Top 5 to select her judge and answer a question. After selecting Judge #5, Nicole Williams English, she was asked:

Question: “You’re in the early stages of your professional life. In 2022, why do some women still face equity and equality issues in hiring, especially in traditionally male-dominated fields?”

Answer: “From my experience as well as well as the research that I’ve done in women in higher professions, a lot of the potential and full talent in females continues to be neglected and fails to be recognized. A lot of the reason being is because of a subconscious neglect for women. We’re still regarding women as less than and as a corporate attorney, I’m going to continue to pave the way for the avenue for specifically female attornies after me.”

Natalie delivered an incredible answer on the Miss USA stage! Not only did she connect her answer to past research (showcasing her knowledge on the topic) but she also included information about her professional life. This gave the judges a look into her life outside of pageantry and highlighted that she’s a boss babe in all ways!

Then, it was time for Miss Illinois USA, Angel Reyes, to select a judge. Judge #1, Aaron Potts, asked her:

Question: “Voters your age have become quite vocal about age limits for elected officials. Are placing age limits, young or old, on any profession, ethical?”

Answer: “I absolutely, absolutely do not think that that is ethical. I think that anyone no matter your age, no matter your race, no matter your gender- I’m a champion for inclusivity and diversity and I think that anyone and everybody should have the opportunity to go after and pursue all of their wildest dreams. So, I absolutely do not believe that that is ethical.”

Conviction is key! By giving a powerful answer to such a direct question, Angel showed that she is confident in her beliefs and will always deliver them with passion and conviction. It’s always important to show the judges that you mean what you say- nobody likes a flake!

Now, it was Miss Texas USA, R’Bonny Gabriel’s turn to answer a question. Judge #2, Soo Yeon Lee, asked her:

Question: “Global studies indicate that we are increasingly seen as more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. You are asked to create a task force to address this issue. What is your first priority?”
Answer: “Yes, well I think there’s ways we can implement addressing climate change within our careers or our lifestyle. It’s as easier as adding a recycle bin to your house, everybody can do that, or being creative in ways you can also implement it in your job. I am a fashion designer, I actually made the outfit that I’m wearing and I upcycle pieces and recycle different clothing to be more sustainable in my industry because I feel it’s like my duty. So, I think that’s something we can all look for ways in our certain industries or in our homes to be sustainable as well.”

If you aren’t sure- ask! Imagine if R’Bonney didn’t ask the judge to clarify and she had spoken about a completely different topic. Even though the on stage questions are timed, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or for the judge to repeat your question. R’Bonney didn’t let this faze her, and she delivered a passionate, personal answer.

It was finally time for Miss North Carolina USA, Morgan Romano, to select her judge. Judge #6, Ashlee Clark, proceeded to ask her:

Question: “We heard your thoughts on social media-influenced fashion trends earlier. Should content creators and influencers be required by law to disclose whether they’re being paid or actually use the products and services they provide?”

Answer: “I’m not sure they should be required by law to provide that information. If you’re following an influencer you’re- you chose to follow them and you believe the things that they’re posting are things that they truly love and hopefully content creators out there are sharing things that they do truly use and would buy with their own, hard-earned money and those are the influencers that I choose to follow.”

Not all questions are super serious and Morgan’s question proved just that! Instead of being asked about climate change or politics, Morgan was able to talk about social media influencers. Instead of delivering a casual answer, Morgan kept her answer both informed and personal by describing how she chooses which influencers to follow.

Last, but certainly not least, Miss Ohio USA, Sir’Quora Carroll, was ready to answer her on stage question. Judge #3, Olivia Ponton, asked:

Question: “Representation in entertainment is under a microscope lately. From colorblind and nontraditional casting in live-action movies to musicians playing historical instruments, why is there so much pushback on representation?”

Answer: “I think as a country we have to take the time to understand that we are the United States of America. In order for us to be united, we have to stand with one another and yes, we are pushing back, but in order to become united we have to change the trajectory of the different platforms that we’ve seen and that’s getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Talk about passion! Sir’Quora’s answer at Miss USA was delivered with such fierceness and conviction. Sometimes, it can be tempting to give an answer that will please as many people as possible. Instead of falling for this, Sir’Quora gave her true opinion and did so with confidence!

Practicing for your next pageant starts with research! Tune into past pageants so you can watch the walking patterns, get pageant wardrobe inspiration, and practice with past on stage questions. The questions and answers from Miss USA 2022 are the perfect place to start your journey, so it’s time to get going!

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