Mugler’s Fashion: The Icon and His Influence on the Fashion World

Mugler’s Fashion: The Icon and His Influence on the Fashion World

March 5, 2022
By The gr0 Team

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Thierry Mugler will be sorely missed. He was a legend in cutting-edge fashion. We will be feeling his absence for generations to come, but the mark that he left will live forever. Mugler’s designs have been worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood; legends in their own right of the 80s, 90s, and even 2000s.

If you’ve been a fan of Mugler, keep reading as we pay an iconic tribute to an iconic man. Some of you might be hearing the name for the first time, and you should stick around as well. Just because you’re learning about Mugler for the first time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the name. We’ll even be giving you a few looks that give off a little Mugler inspo so you can have your own moment.

How It Started

Before we can talk about where it went, we need to start with where it began. Mugler was born in France in 1948. He studied ballet as a boy but inevitably studied interior design in his 20’s. Inspiration struck in a different way, however, and he created his first fashion collection in 1973. It was called “Cafe de Paris.”

Throughout his entire career, Mugler’s designs were revolutionary. He created looks that were futuristic and daring. Above all, they were all about accentuating, and exaggerating, the natural curves of a woman. His designs featured strong, pronounced shoulders and tightly cinched waists.

Why Is It So Important?

Queenly is alllll about designers making women feel and look their best. Mugler appreciated the curves of a woman and made sure to put them on display in his fashion. Why is it important? Women these days have so much negativity coming at them from all over. So any designer that finds it vital for their passion to emphasize our curves is a designer that we can lovingly adore.

In addition to this, many of the designs had a science fiction theme. Robotic looks were at home in Mugler’s design book.

Iconic Looks

Mugler’s looks have been gracing runways and red carpets for decades. While affording one of his actual designs might be difficult, we can at least look. We can also get some of the best inspiration for our own fashion moments. Let’s take a walk down memory lane at some of his most cutting-edge creations.

Hall was a model that Thierry liked to work with regularly. She was the face of his perfume line as well as one of the first models ever to walk a runway in his designs. Now here she is, bringing us our first iconic look. It was the 1995 runway show and she walked in a floor-length white jeweled gown.

It was stunning. A show-stopper of a dress finished with a floor-length fur coat. The overlay of the gown was sheer and the lining was nude. The crystal embellishments covered the length of her arms and centered mainly around her bust, waist torso, and down through her thighs. It was a literal dream of a dress.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell walked the runway for Mugler in 1992 in Paris. It was for his spring/summer collection and the theme was “fembot.” The look was a gold bodysuit. It was composed of small segments that were pieced together to create the whole look. The midsection featured a lace-up corset and the bottom was a bikini style piece with what looks like gold coins linked together hanging down.

It was revealing but so cool. The bust had stars cut out over her breasts and featured a plunging neckline. Besides the bodysuit, the only other items were gold cuffs that looked like they were cut from a button down shirt. Female robot was the theme and Mugler understood the assignment.

From the metallic gold of the look to the use of actual metal for the garment, Naomi Campbell owned that look and the runway. We are pretty sure this is one of the reasons metallic dresses are so popular today.


Beyonce donned a Mugler design for her “I am…” world tour in 2009. It was a crystal gold bodysuit with gold leggings. Less metallic, more luxe. One to never shy away from daring looks, Beyonce was fierce. Her music is all about empowering women and the outfit made her look bold and strong. She was shining. Literally.

Beyonce was flanked on stage by backup dancers wearing pleather jumpsuits in a variety of colors. These colors made the whole ensemble flow and look good, but all eyes were on the sparkling look on stage: Beyonce. It might be hard to pull off in everyday life, but there are ways. If you find a gorgeous embellished bodysuit like hers, you could try adding a sheer layer over the top. Something that covers you up just a little without taking away from the sparkle.

You could also try a skirt or a pair of pants over the bodysuit. Yes, you will lose some sparkle but it will be a complete outfit you could wear on a date night or a cocktail party. If you are going for a more polished look, something for cocktail events, try a pair of linen or satin pants. Something that has movement and flow. Definitely leave the jeans at home.

Kim Kardashian

The Met Gala requires celebrities and attendees to really push the envelope with their fashion. Themes are always open to interpretation, but half the fun of attending, as well as watching, is to see what designers have come up with. Cue the 2019 Met Gala, when Kim wore that iconic “wet dress.” Mugler had retired years before making this look (which took eight months by the way) but revived his passion for this piece.

It featured a nude midi dress that buttoned up the middle. The dress was the epitome of a cinched waist and a tight-fitting corset top. In true Mugler fashion, the bust was tight but featured a plunging neckline. The fabric itself had a silky sheen to it, to add to the wet look. There were also crystal embellishments that hung from the dress, mimicking the effect of raindrops or dripping water from clothes.

Regardless of the theme that year, everyone knows what you’re talking about when you reference this dress.

These three have some serious style inspo, we’ve included a few here:

Cardi B

Talk about a revenge body. Three weeks after giving birth to her baby boy, Cardi B wore a show-stopping red sequin dress. It featured a feathered headpiece that framed her face and added even more drama to an already jaw-dropping gown.

The gown was hip-hugging, curve-flattering, and floor-length. It featured a plunging neckline that covered just enough of her bust. Cardi B exuded old Hollywood glam; it was a stunning moment and we are sure all eyes were on her all night.

Cardi B

No, that’s not a typo. Mugler’s gown was inspired by the painting “Birth of Venus.” It was made to commemorate his 20th anniversary. Cardi B later reprised the look in 2019 for the Grammys.

The look: a black and pink floor-length gown. No, it wasn’t a two-toned dress like you see trending right now. It hugged every curve of a woman’s body, a true signature of Mugler’s designs. From the waist down the dress was black; the waist up the gown was light pink. But this dress was made to look like the painting where Venus is coming out of a shell.

The gown featured a bottom half of a shell from the waist up that encircled the wearer almost like an upside-down tutu. Except this dress was made of some of the finest satin. Pearls adorned the waist and neckline of the gown and it featured long pink gloves. It made whoever was wearing the gown look as if they were blossoming for the first time.

Very similar to the look from the red dress, Cardi B looked revolutionary in the gown. When it first debuted, the reviews were mixed. It was definitely a break from traditional runway looks, but we are so glad it stood the test of time.

Here are a few stunners to get you inspired:

Goodbye to a Legend

We hope you’ve enjoyed our walk down fashion memory lane with one of the greatest designers to ever live. It might be hard, but we think that these looks will be able to inspire your outfits for years to come. Just like Mugler always interpreted fashion in his own way, you can also channel these looks how you see fit.

Mugler was a revolutionary and took risks at every turn. If there’s anything we can learn from his life and legacy it’s that we should all take more risks. We never know what memories and moments we will leave behind for others.

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