Prom 2023 Trends: The Hottest Prom Trends

Prom 2023 Trends: The Hottest Prom Trends

December 23, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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It might not seem like it yet, but Prom 2023 is right around the corner! You should never be rushed while shopping for such an important dress, so it’s super important to research your trends early and find the right style for you. You never know what you’ll find when you put in the extra time and effort!

Formalwear trends, especially when it comes to prom, are constantly changing. Just think about all the dresses you loved in middle school…not so hot now! Staying on top of these ever changing trends will ensure that you look your absolute best on prom night. Who knows- maybe you’ll even win Prom Queen in one of these trendy prom dresses!

Be a Butterfly Babe

We all know that Y2K trends are making a major comeback, but this is especially true when it comes to butterflies! Butterfly patterns, butterfly embellishments, or a butterfly-inspired prom dress is one of the most fun ways that you can incorporate Y2K vibes into your prom look. We expect butterfly-inspired gowns, especially Sherri Hill butterfly dresses, to be super popular during the 2023 prom season.

Shine Like a Neon Light

Get ready to shine on prom night! Neon colors are more popular than ever, so you can bet on seeing them at your prom. You can expect to see neon shades of green, pink, yellow, and orange on every dance floor, so let’s find out which color is right for you. Oh, if you’re trying to be THAT extra, you can combine a neon color with sparkly sequins for an ultra glamorous look!

Add a Sexy Side Slit

Your prom might be one of the first times that you step out of your comfort zone and start dressing more maturely. One way to achieve this is by choosing a prom dress with a side slit. These sexy slits will elevate any prom dress into an elegant one and you’ll be sure to turn heads while you strut across the floor.

Sassy One Shoulder Styles

One-shoulder styles have always been a popular style for any event, but this silhouette is being embraced by more teens than ever during the 2023 prom season. This asymmetrical style will add an element of uniqueness to your overall prom look while still letting you throw your hands up on the dance floor. The best part about this style is that you can easily combine it with other 2023 prom trends to create the ultimate prom gown.

Bring the Barbie Vibes

Barbiecore is taking over and this is even true when it comes to prom! Hot pink, bright pink, light pink, and of course, Barbie pink, will all be staples of the 2023 prom season. If there’s ever a time to embrace all things pink, it’s during your prom night! While some like to use prom night as their chance to try out a more mature look, like a black, velvet gown, others like to use their last “high school hoorah” to give a teen queen vibe. Think pink, sparkles, and rhinestones!

Make a Short Statement

Short dresses are the obvious choice for homecoming, but did you know that you can also wear a short dress to prom? Short prom dresses are the perfect option for someone who loves tearing up the dance floor with fun dance moves. You’ll be able to dance so easily in a cute cocktail dress! Even though you’ll be wearing a short dress, this is still your prom night, so you want it to be a bit more eye-catching than your typical ones. Try finding a cocktail dress with sequins, embellishments, or even a funky pattern! Since short dresses are worn on more occasions than floor-length gowns, you’ll be able to browse through more options than you can imagine.

Are you as excited for the 2023 prom season as we are? If these trends haven’t gotten you excited yet then we don’t know what will! Remember, it’s never too early to start shopping for your prom gown, especially if you want to buy one of these trending styles. Trendy styles tend to fly off the racks fast, so it’s time to start prom shopping!

Prom shopping should be a breeze! A future prom queen like you deserves the royal treatment whether she’s buying a new dress online or shopping secondhand. At Queenly, we’ve committed ourselves to promoting sustainable fashion while making it affordable for everyone. Join our community of Queens who have listed outfits in their online closet. It’s as easy as signing up for a free account, snapping some pics, and uploading the details- that’s it!

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