Pageant Trend Alert: Jumpsuits are IN!

Pageant Trend Alert: Jumpsuits are IN!

October 21, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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It’s time to take on the biggest pageant trend that’s been blowing up in recent years: jumpsuits! While evening gowns and floor-length dresses will always be a staple of pageantry, pants are starting to pop up during all areas of competition. While pageant jumpsuits are most common during interview, fun fashion, orientation, and rehearsals, we’ve even seen titleholders wear them during the evening gown competition. How can anyone forget about the stunning Sherri Hill jumpsuit that Rachel Slawson, Miss Utah USA 2020, wore on the Miss USA stage!

If you want to stay on trend at your next pageant, then try incorporating a jumpsuit into your pageant wardrobe. There are so many opportunities for you to wear a trendy pageant jumpsuit- you just need to find the right one for you! You might be wondering… “where can I buy a pageant jumpsuit?” The good news is that there are tons of designer jumpsuits right here on Queenly! Popular pageant designers like Jovani, Mac Duggal, Rachel Allen, Sherri Hill, and Tarik Ediz all sell jumpsuits that would be perfect for a pageant. You can easily browse through each one on Queenly until you find a jumpsuit that you love!

One opportunity for you to wear a jumpsuit during your pageant is the opening number. Pageant opening numbers usually involve a fun dance number, contestant introductions, or both! While some pageants provide their contestants with matching opening number outfits, some pageants provide wardrobe guidelines for contestants to follow. Typically, this involves all contestants wearing a matching color on stage. If you have the ability to choose your own opening number style, try browsing through some jumpsuits to make yourself stand out on stage and best showcase your dance moves. Since this is an opening number jumpsuit, look at designs that are sequined or solid colors. For example, these jumpsuits would be perfect for a pageant opening number!

Another area of competition that provides the perfect opportunity to wear a jumpsuit is your interview. While pageant interviews used to feature professional dresses, blazers, and pantyhose, pageant interview fashion has expanded to include more trendy, modern options. This includes trendy pageant interview jumpsuits! We’ve seen so many jumpsuit styles enter the interview room, from two-piece interview jumpsuits to professional pageant interview jumpsuits. With so many silhouettes, colors, and styles to choose from, there’s truly a jumpsuit to make you stand out in any interview room.

Wearing a jumpsuit during the formal wear competition is definitely something new, but who knows, maybe it can be the next big thing! We’ve seen contestants wear stunning jumpsuits at major pageants like Miss USA, so maybe it’s time to try out the trend for yourself! This formal jumpsuit should be extra glamorous and eye-catching, so it’s time to pull out all the stops. Think rhinestones, sequins, fringe, liquid beading- you name it, we want it! This pageant jumpsuit should make you feel like a confident queen on stage, so don’t stop your search until you find the perfect one. You won’t need to worry about standing out on stage when you try this pageant trend!

Picture this: you open up your Queenly app, start scrolling through jumpsuits, and there it is: the perfect pageant jumpsuit! It’s everything you ever wanted and more- it’s absolutely perfect! Once you find your ideal style, you might start to wonder, “what color jumpsuit should I wear?” This will depend on a ton of factors, like your complexion, age, personality, and the pageant system you are competing in. We’re here with some good news: you don’t have to settle on one color! So many pageant designers, like Mac Duggal, drop their designs in a variety of colors. This way, you can wear your dream jumpsuit to multiple events or to various pageants.

What’s stopping you from wearing a jumpsuit? Maybe you think the silhouette won’t look flattering on you or you just haven’t found the right style yet. Just like many things in life- you won’t know until you try! Pageants are a time for you to try new trends and express yourself through fashion. Jumpsuits are the perfect outfit to let you do exactly that! Trust us, there are seriously so many styles, colors, and silhouettes to choose from.

Shopping should be a breeze! A queen like you deserves the royal treatment whether she’s buying a new dress online or shopping secondhand. At Queenly, we’ve committed ourselves to promoting sustainable fashion while making it affordable for everyone. Join our community of Queens who have listed outfits in their online closet. It’s as easy as signing up for a free account, snapping some pics, and uploading the details- that’s it!

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