Quinceañera Cakes: How You Can Cut Costs, Then Cut The Cake

Quinceañera Cakes: How You Can Cut Costs, Then Cut The Cake

July 21, 2022
By The Queenly Team (via Mi Padrino)

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How To Cut Your Quinceañera Cake Cost

There are plenty of ways to save money on quinceañera cakes. You want to be aware that most of the time, bakers will charge you per slice, which can average at about $3-$6 per person, depending on the factors.These delicious desserts can end up running you anywhere from $100 to $1000, in total. If you are trying to cut costs, here are some easy tricks to do so!

Sheet Cakes (AKA, Dat Side Cake)

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Many people choose to display a small cake for cutting, and keep sheet cakes in the back for serving. Your baker will likely charge you more for each tier you add because they are difficult to balance and each need to be decorated. Sheet cakes still taste amazing and have the frosting and flavors you want, but will help you lower your quinceañera cake costs by not having a huge, tiered dessert on display.

Smaller Servings & Slices

Typically, quinceañera cake prices are determined by the size and number of servings. If you know a lot of people won’t eat cake, try making yours a size or so smaller. You can also try serving smaller slices, if you think it might not be enough for guests. They can always go up for seconds if there’s enough left over!

Fake It Till You Make It

Still have your heart set on a huge display? Ask your baker to use some fake foam tiers. The fake tiers will still need to be decorated so they’ll still cost you a little bit, but they are much cheaper than the real deal, infinitely easier to balance, and your guests won’t know the difference. They’ll still look amazing in pics! Editor's Note: This cake by Claudia Moraes Gastronomia is real though! But if you have a tight budget and would love a cake as elaborate as this, talk with your baker to see if you can save negotiate some parts of the display!

Deconstructed Or Mini Cakes

Like we stated, tiered quinceañera cake prices can be through the rough because of how difficult they are to assemble and transport. Instead of having a multi-tiered display, consider putting individual cakes on each guest table. This can even help you save some money from your decorations budget because they can double as your centerpieces, or at least part of them. Make them a little different for each table to add to the fun and decor!

Regular Shmegular Flavors

A simple way to cut your quinceañera cake cost is to go with a cheaper flavor. When you go to the tasting, your baker will probably try to make you fall in love with a flavor like the “mocha almond chocolate with fresh raspberry filling”, but you must resist! These flavors take a lot more work to achieve and are therefore often more expensive. Plus, the more complex your flavor, the more likely it is that all your guests won’t be pleased. This isn’t to say you can’t have a fun flavor, just try to keep it simple. Go with a classic flavor to please your wallet and your guests!

BYS (Bake it Yourself)

A huge way to save money on your quinceañera cake is to bake it yourself. See if one of your padrinos/madrinas can help! It’ll truly save you tons! Plus, you can then have the freedom to decorate it however you want. There are tons of recipes online to find the perfect one for your quince. One of our biggest tips to is practice baking and decorating months before the big party so you can make sure you’ve got it down exactly how you want it! Bake for family and friend gatherings beforehand to get your practice in!

Simple Cake

Keep your quince cake simple! There are a ton of different factors that go into making a cake, and labor is the number one reason for your price to go up. Opt for a more simple looking quince cake that takes much less time to make but is equally delicious! You can always add some extra decorations yourself to make sure it looks as great as you want it to too!

Skip the Fondant

Keeping in the spirit of simple; ask your baker to decorate with buttercream instead of fondant. Yes, fondant is amazing for making intricate designs, but it is also very time-consuming for your baker. Opt for buttercream frosting and keep to a more simple design. You’d be surprised what kind of designs can still be achieved with buttercream. Plus, it tastes better.

Dessert Table

We’ve all seen the popular trend of displaying a cupcake tree and, more recently, donut walls at events as well. These are cute and functional. Dessert tables are fun because you can make them as varied as you’d like! You can do something like donuts or cupcake displays or a combination of both! We’ve even seen people set up tables full of various desserts, like pies, muffins, candies and tarts!

DIY Cake Topper

This tip doesn’t necessarily cut your costs with your baker, but it will save you some money overall. Instead of ordering an expensive cake topper, you can opt to make your own! Many people paint their own peg people toppers, or create a cute little sign to put on top. You can even spray paint a pumpkin carriage for a Cinderella theme, like below! It can both be a good way to save a few bucks and also give you a fun craft to do with tu familia!

Cake Favors

Don’t have your favors picked out yet? You can use your cake as a favor! This is another tip that doesn’t necessarily cut your actual quince cake costs, but can help you decrease your budget overall. We love this idea because, too often, we receive party favors that we can’t really enjoy. After a long night of dancing and celebrating, what would be better than heading home with a delicious dessert! People are often too full to completely enjoy it at the reception anyway! Another reason why we love this idea is because it is sometimes difficult to make room for everything in the reception schedule, so you can cut out time for dessert by just sending it home with your guests!

Tres Leches

A traditional but inexpensive (and delicious) option is the Tres Leches! This ‘wet-cake’ is a mixture of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream that sets in overnight to create the wet effect! It’s a sweet, delicious option if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a typical tiered cake! Loved by many, you can find them fairly easily! They’re a staple in Mexican bakeries and since they’ve been around for quite some time, you might even have a tia that knows how to make it or knows someone who does! There may be guests who don’t love the tres leches, so you can set out relatively cheap sheet cakes as well to make sure they have an option they do like! You can also make Ensalada de Frutas (fruit salad in condensed milk) or Gelatina (jello concoction), which pair perfectly with tres leches!

Real Flowers

Decorate your cake with real, fresh flowers instead of sugar flowers! This will actually be way cheaper than doing frosting-based or edible decorations! Try to choose in-season flowers.

Cake Accessories

When looking at different bakers ask about the accessories they use -- typical 15 bridges, stands, etc. These quinceanera cake accessories can add up pretty quickly, so make sure you take that cost into consideration before deciding on a baker, and even see if you can shop around for a better price and just get them on your own!

Local Bakers & Culinary Schools

Look for local bakers or culinary schools instead of a professional bakery. This will help you save money because they may not have the same training, but can still put together an awesome dessert. You may be able to ask if a student or group of students would be interested in making your quinceañera cake for a better price than a local bakery, as it could be a great way to help them build out their portfolio!

Cupcakes, Duh!

Skip the cake, and go for cupcakes! They are often way less expensive than individual slices, but can be just as delicious and more fun to decorate! Have the baker do a cupcake tower and decorate them with your quince colors and theme. You can even find cupcake tower stands online and then make the cupcakes yourself!

Ready to order your cake? Keep track of all your details with our Cake Checklist!

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