Slow Fashion Brands Making a Difference in Style

Slow Fashion Brands Making a Difference in Style

January 13, 2022
By Cathy Nguyen

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Fashion should never be compromised, and neither should the planet. Designers are realizing that “fast fashion,” or styles and designs that are only trendy for a moment and then out, and subsequently thrown out, are the bad mark fashion can leave on the world. Did you know that a recent study concluded that in 2021 every garment bought was worn at least 32% fewer times than any garment that was bought 15 years ago?

Statistics like these go on for days and they are so important. If we as consumers can’t find better ways to set the bar for fashion and style, then we aren’t understanding the assignment. The world needs us to be on its side, and designers are answering the call.

We have gathered some of the best new trends coming to "slow fashion", designs and styles that last a lifetime and take little toll on the environment. Here’s why you should be paying attention to these purchases.

Back To Basics

It’s an ingenious trend, and we love it for its simplicity. Many designers are opting for simple cut designs instead of choosing styles and fabrics that are of the moment. By creating more simple, patterned dresses and tops, you are creating apparel that can be bought and kept for years without going out of style. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has made it her mission to campaign for trend-proof, low-impact fashion and beauty products from ethical clothing brands.

Sure, sustainable fabrics with a low carbon footprint might not be the trendiest pick of the season, but simple apparel like basic denim or knitwear is always trending due to its role as a fashion staple. These styles include plain white shift dresses and a simple take on the little black dress. Essentially, they are styles that offer any and all options for accessories as they are neutral colored designs that match any and everything in your arsenal.

Regardless of the fact that you are helping ship a designer that cares about the world, styles such as these are great staples to have in your closet. You can always fit a few extra necklaces in your case, but having the perfect clothing to showcase them is just as important. We also recommend finding designers who create jewelry from recycled, sustainable materials. They’re beautiful and the perfect pairing to your sustainable fashion finds.

If you need a nudge in the right direction for styles of this nature, check out BCBG. They are an ethical brand with fun and innovation at the forefront and this black dress is a perfectly simple yet always fashionable option and the perfect piece for almost any occasion.

If you’re looking for adorable basics, give these a try:

Made To Order

Did you know that after the year 2000, clothing designers were producing double the amount of collections they put out each year due to growing trends and wants of fast fashion? This not only increases designs being made but also clothing scraps and fashion waste being produced in the supply chain.

From a trendsetting perspective, it means that designs and patterns are overlapping and less unique. From an environmental standpoint, it means that we are causing increasing amounts of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Certain designers and sustainable clothing brands realize that in order to reduce their waste, they need to ensure that they are not overproducing styles during the manufacturing process. This means that instead of making a set number, they only make what is ordered and nothing more to reduce environmental impact. It eliminates a lot of excess pieces that end up as waste, which helps two-fold: you get to buy staple items for your wardrobe that others can’t get their hands on, and designers can cut sleep easier knowing they aren’t producing more clothing than they will sell.

A designer we love that always has our planet in mind is Alyce Paris. Their gowns are made on a pre-order basis, ensuring that only the set amount needed will be made and nothing more. On top of this, the label also chooses to phase out sellers that are unable to sell the gowns that they order, further ensuring that their brand does not overproduce.

Check out these cute dresses from Alyce Paris:

All Natural

A lot can be said of the synthetic materials we use for fashion purposes.15,000 different chemicals are used to create fabrics and CO2 emissions are higher due to the creation of these synthetic fibers. These facts translate to the same point: synthetic fibers are compromising our overall ability to look stylish and still be kind to our planet.

Did you know that cultivating environmentally friendly fabrics like organic cotton produces 3.5 times fewer carbon emissions compared to synthetic counterparts? Well, designers are taking notice and doing something about their fabric options.

Top designers are producing clothing in the name of sustainable fashion and creating their looks using only organic, natural fibers. Clothing is now being made using hemp and other eco-friendly fibers like bamboo instead of synthetic materials like nylon that cause more damage than necessary.

Some designers are now taking it a step further. In an effort to increase the interest and efforts of fashion sustainability, many are taking to using plants from the sea to create organic basics. It is an initiative that helps to promote more positive ideas and viewpoints about not only the world but fashion’s role in it. Instead of just trying to eliminate certain side-effects of producing garments, these brands are promoting better practices and transparency for the road ahead.

Kat Von D is a big supporter of slow fashion that uses material alternatives that don’t involve harmful side-effects that drive climate change. She promotes the usage of vegan leather, such as apples, and makes big statements when it comes to only using vegan beauty products. Next time you’re looking for a great dress to attend a wedding, try adding a cute pair of apple leather shoes to your look!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Over the last 20 years, pressure in fashion is for women to wear an article of clothing once, and then never look at it again. The stress has been growing that we must buy a new outfit for every new event we have. It’s a great thing in theory; with each new event, we have a new garment to buy and look forward to wearing. However, this takes a toll on the environment by producing ever-growing amounts of fashion waste.

If we are expected to only wear a dress one time and then get rid of it, not only are we constantly spending money and putting a strain on our finances, but we are also putting a strain on our environment. Now, we get it. New clothing for new events is fun and we want you to always be trying new looks and experimenting with your fashion choices. However, we want you to do this in a way that benefits you, your wallet, and the planet.

We can achieve this by buying secondhand. You use an app, like Queenly, that pairs you with the gown you’ve been eyeing being sold at a great price by women that are just as fashionable but also kind and caring to our environment. Instead of tossing a garment after one use, it’s being resold and recycled to a new owner at an affordable rate. Upcycling used to be a niche in fashion but designers and buyers alike are realizing the economical and ecological value in the concept.

Actress Shailene Woodley only buys second-hand fashion. Every look she has ever worn for press or red carpets has been a garment that she already owns or something that she has bought from someone else. It’s a great idea and method to follow, especially when it comes to specialty gowns and events. These are dresses that we want to look and feel great in, but really, how many times are you going to need that perfect prom look?

Designers are also creating collections and labels under the notion that only existing fabrics may be used to produce garments, whereas other designers are only using recycled scraps as acceptable fabric. This means that even though fabrics were created and there is a potential for negative side-effects, the buck stops here. Using these scraps and existing materials means that there will not be an additional fashion waste factor to attend to and counteract.

By eliminating the need for new materials, you eliminate the risk of creating pollution or waste. You are able to create garments and clothing that have zero negative side-effect. Actress Gina Rivera is a huge proponent of this type of production method in fashion!

Another great way to “close the loop” is to recycle your fashion. Most luxury designer gowns and clothing items are made to last, meaning that they won’t wear and tear after a few uses. Instead of throwing away that perfect formal look after one use, hold onto it for the next big event you have and wear that gown again with confidence. You already know how amazing you look in it, so now also know that you are doing your part to save the planet from fashion pollution.

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Doing Your Part

Buying from designers and sustainable fashion brands that use these production methods, as well as taking a tip from us on better buying practices means that you are doing your part for fair trade fashion and conservation. Fashion is meant to create lasting impressions and stunning moments in your life, but should never be at the price of our planet.

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