Interview with Sofia Acosta, Miss Supranational USA 2022

Interview with Sofia Acosta, Miss Supranational USA 2022

August 2, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Sofia Acosta is Miss Supranational USA 2022! This national titleholder hails from Miami, Florida, and has a heart of gold with a trendy fashion sense to match. Sofia’s had quite a busy year traveling throughout the United States to promote her title, give back to others, and prepare for the international competition, but we were lucky enough to catch her for a Queenly TeaTalk! Join us as we talk with Sofia about how she’s been preparing for Miss Supranational, her favorite areas of competition, and why she started competing in pageantry.

Katerina: Hi Sofia! It’s so great to see you and thanks for joining us! How has your week been so far?

Sofia: It was amazing, actually! I was in Puerto Rico walking and working on my runway walk, but I’m back in Miami already. To introduce myself, my name is Sofia Acosta and I’m from Miami, Florida. I won the Miss Supranational USA title last June in Chicago and I leave in a month for Poland. It’s right around the corner and I’m super excited! I’ve been working on my preparation nonstop!

Katerina: Wow! So, it’s just a month away! What are some of the last-minute prep you’ve been doing other than finalizing your walk?

Sofia: Well, when it comes to preparation, you never stop getting ready and preparing yourself for the competition. So, I guess the final prep I would say is planning everything out, like my outfits for the events over there and all of the requirements. For example, the organization asks the queens to bring certain things and I’m trying to get everything ready so I can leave for Poland with everything that I need to represent the United States of America the best that I can.

Katerina: If anyone follows your pageant journey or even just on social media, I’m just they all know you’re going to do an incredible job! Speaking of wardrobe, is there anything in your wardrobe that you’re really excited to wear and showcase at an international pageant?

Sofia: I love everything because I picked it all myself, but I’m excited to wear my evening gown and national costume. I think those are the two things I’m most looking forward to wearing. It’ll be my first time ever wearing a national costume so I’m really excited about that!

Katerina: Are you able to give us any sneak peeks about what your national costume might be about? Of course, don’t go into details, we want to be surprised, but maybe just a hint to get people really excited for it!

Sofia: Hmm…I can just say that it’ll be super shiny and it’s going to have many different colors!

Katerina: So we really need to get ready for you to light up that stage! You’re going to absolutely shine up there! Are there any other areas of competition that you’re looking forward to?

Sofia: Miss Supranational has the Miss Elegance and Top Model competition as well. I think it’s going to be so fun because as I said before, Miss Supranational has so many areas of competition. I’m really looking forward to the Miss Elegance competition. For that, I’m still working on my gown.

Katerina: So, a lot of people might have never heard of the Miss Elegance competition! You mentioned that you’re working on another gown. What do you do for that competition?

Sofia: At Miss Supranational, the Elegance competition is very similar to evening gown, but in this specific case they focus on the contestant’s pose, elegance, and how she projects herself to the audience. It’s all about you and your walk.

Katerina: That sounds like such a unique competition! Are there any other titleholders that you’re really excited to meet in Poland?

Sofia: Well, the current queen, of course! But, I guess everyone! We’re all in the same group chat and today I actually connected with Miss Supranational Panama and we had a conversation this morning. We were both getting ready for an area of competition and she reached out to me and she’s really, really nice! She would be the one I’m most excited for.

Katerina: That’s truly what pageantry is all about! Being able to bond with other women over a shared passion. Speaking about pageantry as a passion, what got you into pageantry in the first place?

Sofia: Oh wow! Someone hasn’t asked me this question in a while. You know, people enter pageants for all different reasons. The reason why was because I needed to boost my confidence. I know it’s kind of confusing because you’re putting yourself out there for people to judge you even though you’re saying you need to gain confidence. I will say, pageantry is very challenging and when you get out of your comfort zone is when you start growing as a person. It was a moment in my life when I needed that boost of confidence and I found that in pageantry.

Katerina: That’s so amazing! A lot of people enter pageantry for that same exact reason, but not everyone is as successful as you have. It’s amazing what you’ve been able to do just from something you wanted to try for a confidence boost. Now you’re about to represent the USA at an international pageant!

Sofia: I never thought this could be possible. You know, you just need to take things day by day because you’re going to fall many times, but you need to get up and make sure you learn from those mistakes and move forward. In pageantry, a lot of those doors close for us most of the time, but that doesn’t mean that your journey should end there. There are plenty of other opportunities and people should never stop fighting for what they really want.

Katerina: You’re an amazing example for women not only in pageantry but in all areas of life! I think they can really look to you and your perseverance. We are so lucky to have you as a national titleholder. Have you had a favorite part of your reign so far?

Sofia: Well my favorite appearance was back in December when we did a toy drive in Florida. That was my favorite event that I’ve done as Miss Supranational United States. I was able to give toys to so many kids and we were there all day playing and dancing, so it was so fun!

Katerina: We love a queen that gives back! It’s incredible that you were able to have that experience as a titleholder after these past few years. I hope that you have the absolute best time in Poland and I know you will do such a phenomenal job representing the USA!

Thank you again, Sofia! Be sure to check out the full video here and follow Queenly on Instagram for more interviews

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Sofia Acosta

Miss Supranational USA 2021

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