What Is Mom’s Weekend for Sororities?

What Is Mom’s Weekend for Sororities?

November 15, 2022
By Kimberly Vernon

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“It’s not four years, it’s for life!” Finding your “home” in a sorority is an amazing way to create a sense of community, strong rooted friendships, and incredible memories to last a lifetime. Oftentimes your sorority sisters truly do begin to feel like family, whether it’s your Big who always has the best advice, your pledge class sisters who are always your go-to gals to hang out or study with, or your own Little who you’d protect to the ends of the earth. All in all, having a community within a sorority is a great way to make college campuses not seem so huge after all, with your sisters by your side.

Sorority sisters truly do create a unique bond as your chosen family, especially if you are going to college away from home. Being on your own at college for the first time can be an incredibly exciting yet, at times, challenging opportunity. While you may be experiencing a new sense of freedom and adulthood, you may also be missing the comfort and support of your family and friends back home. While joining a sorority may help you find that special “home away from home,” feeling homesick or missing those you grew up with is a totally normal feeling! This is where family-oriented events like Mom’s Weekends come to the rescue!

What is Mom’s Weekend?

Mom’s Days or Mom’s Weekends are a special event hosted by sororities that allows girls to invite their mothers and mother-like figures (aunts, grandmas, or other guardians) to come meet their sorority sisters. Depending on the school, the structure of the event may differ! Some schools have Mom’s Days and Dad’s Days, and others may lump the two events together and host Parents Weekends!

Overall, these events are wholesome opportunities to provide your family an inside look to your life at college and your sorority. If you are the first person in your family to join Greek life, this weekend can be the perfect opportunity to introduce your parents into what it’s really like! On the other hand, maybe your parents are Greek life alumni (or better yet, if your mom is a legacy!) Then this weekend is an exciting time to share this chapter of your life and learn about how things were for your parents “back in the day!”

What Do People Usually Do?

So… what exactly do you do during Mom’s Weekend? Well, whether it’s a Mom’s Day or Weekend the activities may vary! Remember, the goal of this event is to connect your real life family with your college family and give your parent an eye into your new life at college! There are many different ways to accomplish this goal through fun activities and events! If you're entering your first Mom’s Day or perhaps an upperclassman planning a Mom’s Weekend, here is a list of fun activities to do with your sorority sisters and their moms:

Sorority House Tour: Similar to house tour days during recruitment week, Mom’s are always curious about what the inside of a sorority house is actually like! From the common eating area, study hall, and chapter room, there can be a lot of great history to learn about a sorority simply through touring a house!

Campus Scavenger Hunt: Who doesn’t love a good friendly competition? Scavenger hunts on your university campus, can be a great way to get your steps in for the day and have fun while exploring and showing your mom the school!

Arts and Crafts: The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to arts and crafts activities! From jewelry making, macrame, painting, drawing, pottery, etc. there are so many great ideas out there on Pinterest! Also creating crafts to donate for a cause (ex. Cards for a retirement home) is another way to have fun and give back.

Philanthropy Volunteering: Speaking about giving back, every sorority has a philanthropy of their choosing that they raise money and support throughout the year. Volunteering for a cause is another great way to truly show your Mom what your sorority is really all about.

Yoga and Meditation Class: For a more chill and zen Mom’s Day experience, a yoga or meditation class may be the way to go! Bonus points if you go to a school by the ocean or forest for a more immersive experience with your moms.

Sip and Paint Night: Whether you are someone with or without artistic abilities, sip and paint nights are a really popular Mom’s Day activity. (Of course you’re probably drinking sparkling apple cider and not actual wine) Similar to arts and crafts, sip and paint nights are a great way to get everyone engaged and having fun!

Mom and Daughter Brunch: Mom and daughter Brunches are a CLASSIC Mom’s Day activity! Get your best brunch outfits on, and enjoy a chill meal with your sorority sisters and mom.

Tea Party: Similar to the Brunch option, Tea Parties are another classic mom’s day activity that also can serve as etiquette classes and give you the opportunity to wear a fun big hat!

Baking and Cookie Decorations: For moms and daughters with a sweet tooth, having a baking/cookie decorating party can be a great way to connect with each other while also indulging in some delicious sweets! This idea can also be holiday themed if mom’s day is near Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, or really any holiday!

Pumpkin Patch Outing: If your mom’s day is in the fall, then a pumpkin patch outing can make for the perfect activity for Mom’s Day! Get your coziest fall outfits on, grab a warm PSL (pumpkin spice latte), and enjoy the fun activities and pictures a pumpkin patch has to offer. Bonus activity: After the mom’s and daughters have chosen their pumpkin, take it back to the sorority house and have a pumpkin carving contest!

Spa Day: From getting mani/pedis, taking a trip to an actual day spa, or doing DIY face masks and facials, spa days are a great way to kick back and relax with the sorority sisters and moms!

What to Wear?

Now onto our favorite topic… fashion! What you and your mom wear during Mom’s Day is largely dependent on what activity you are doing! More often than not, your sorority will provide a Mom’s Day t-shirt for everyone in attendance to wear and you can easily pair the shirt with a pair of jeans, trousers, or (if your Mom’s Day activity is something more physical) leggings!

If you have a classier meal planned for Mom’s Day (ex. Brunch, tea party, etc.) then a dress or jumpsuit may be the way to go! Bonus points: if you can color coordinate with your mom, that will make for even better photo ops! Here are some outfits that would be perfect for a Mom’s Day brunch!

Midi Dresses

Midi Dresses are the perfect length for brunch, because they’re length poses as both a casual yet classy look!


For those who prefer pants over skirts, then jumpsuits may be the way to go! Look comfortable and cute at the same time by rocking a stellar jumpsuit!

Floral Dresses

What even is brunch, without a floral dress? Floral dresses are a quintessential go to brunch outfit for any age! Check out some of our favorite floral dresses!

What does your sorority have planned this year for their Mom’s Day? From sorority house tours, volunteer philanthropy events, university campus scavenger hunts, to a classic mom and daughter brunch, no matter what is planned, you are sure to have an amazing time spent with both your sorority sisters and mom!

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