The Modern Day Quinceañera Celebration and Dresses

The Modern Day Quinceañera Celebration and Dresses

January 13, 2022
By Emily Tinoco

Quinceañeras are a time-honored tradition for Hispanic girls turning 15. From the big parties to the even bigger dresses, the only day meant to rival a 15th birthday party is her wedding.

These dresses have traditionally been ball gowns in a variety of fabrics, but bigger has always been better. As far back as the 1800s in Spain, girls becoming young women have worn big hoop skirts and corsets to cinch their waist just so while making sure they had all the volume possible on their bottom half.

Luckily for you, hoop skirts and corset garments have gone out of style for good, so you can breathe, literally, easily knowing you can still have the perfect look without suffering from it.

If you’re on the cusp of a big 15th bash but haven’t locked in your perfect look yet, then you’re in luck. We are going to take a look at all the latest trends, from cut to color, and give you the tips you need to kill it on your big day.

Palette Princess

Traditional colors have always been royal blue, deep red, and purples. Now, dresses are made to fit into themed parties so the colors vary a lot more. Colors that you can expect to see, and are going to be a big hit in the season to come, are pastels.

Baby blues and lavenders are perfect for these styles of dresses and offer a great color complement to any skin tone. Blush and nude dresses are trending all over the spectrum as well, so if you want to be a little more unique then go for something in an off-white, it’ll definitely turn heads!

Celebs from Zendaya to Anne Hathaway have been known to rock a gown in nude and blush hues so the look really can translate to women from all backgrounds.

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Here are some perfect pastels for your special day:

Cape Queen

It might sound like a crazy feature to a dress, but capes are having a serious moment right now. Quince dresses are meant to have unique and standout features and a cape adds a little something extra to an already extra look.

Trust us, extra is a good thing for your quinceañera. If you can’t find the right gown that features a cape, you could try finding the perfect gown and finding a cape to add to the look; think of something with crystal or lace details to really make your look stand out. Red Riding Hood would be so proud!

Room for Ruffles

Tiered ruffle dresses are making big waves in fashion right now and it is a perfect look for your big night. Dresses with multiple layers of ruffles will have volume and make a dramatic statement during your grand entrance. Quince dresses are meant to be big voluminous ball gowns, so what better way to update this look than with a ruffle detail that says tradition with your own personal touch.

Ruffle dresses in bright colors are the “it” look right now for this trend and it comes as no surprise; these colors demand attention and ruffles give them a reason why. They are fun and lively for the nature of the evening and will have you looking picture-perfect.

Selena Gomez stunned in a simple yet elegant ruffle gown at the Met Gala and Jhené Aiko rocked one at the Grammy’s. Both women were jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you have a darker complexion, try the same look in greens and yellows. These colors will compliment your skin tone wonderfully and no one will be able to compare with your perfect quince look.

Haute Halter

Halter necklines are trending right now for quinceañera dresses and we think you should seriously look into it. They offer structure and balance for a big ball gown and will elongate your body, no matter how tall or short you are.

If you feel too covered, try a halter neckline in a sheer fabric, something with sparkle is a great option. Taylor Swift wore a beautiful white gown with a halter neckline to the Fragrance Foundation Awards; it had a reverse sheer, where the bodice was sheer and the neckline was full fabric and this would be a killer look for your quinceañera.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

We hope you found some quince dress inspiration today that will have you looking your very best for your big birthday. Our goal is to always keep you dressed in the best and brightest fashion has to offer and we know that any of these trends will have you standing out like the queen you are on your big day.


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