Everything You Need for a Quinceanera

Everything You Need for a Quinceanera

July 9, 2022
By The Queenly Team (via Mi Padrino)

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Every quinceanera dreams about having an unforgettable dress, a nice comida, and an amazing dj or banda for their XV. But those are only a few of the things you need for a quinceañera!

So we made this full list of all things needed for a quinceanera, broken down into 5 main types of items

There are definitely a ton of other things to think about in terms of how to plan a quinceanera, but this checklist should help you stay on top of everything you need to buy and book!

Printed Items

Here are the main items you may need to get printed for your quinceanera:

Save the Dates - Not every quince sends out save the dates, but they can be great to help mark your big day on everyone's calendar!

Quinceanera Invitations - There are tons of styles to choose from -- match them to your overall colors or theme!

Reception/Ceremony Program - A program can help your guests know what to expect on your big day and can also be a great memory keepsake!

Menu Card - Make sure to get well-designed menu cards for your tables. Let your guests know what delicious entree you have for them.

Thank You Cards - Send out thank you's to your padrinos, court, guests, vendors, etc. after your event!

Not every quinceanera buys all of these items, and some can be done online now, so think through your budget and guests and your event overall, and do what's right for you!

Quinceanera & Court Items

Here is everything you may need to get for the quinceanera herself and her court for her big day:

Quinceanera Dress - This one speaks for itself :) Petticoat or Hoop, Make sure you get the perfect princess ball gown effect!

Bridal Buddy (undergarment slip) - You will thank us later when you’re rushing towards the bathroom!

Quinceanera Tiara or Crown - No quinceanera outfit is complete without the crown! Let everyone know you're the #QuinceQueen today!

Quinceanera Heels/Shoes - Your dad typically changes your flats to heels at the reception as part of a quince tradition. Put some quince stickers on the bottom for some extra flare!

Quinceanera Jewelry - The quinceanera is typically gifted with pieces of jewelry from her padrinos, close relatives, and/or parents.They're all part of the longstanding quinceanera traditions and each have their own significance:

Quinceanera Sash - Wear a sash proudly like the queen you are! These are also great to wear to school the week of your quince!

Getting Ready Robe - Find affordable silk robes online or at a department store. These will make you feel so luxurious when getting prepped. Perfect to wear while you’re getting your hair and makeup done!

Dama Dresses - Your quinceanera court should look and feel as beautiful as you on the big day. Your girls have to look fire in all the pictures!

Chambelan Attire - Make sure your chambelanes compliment your dress! Buy or rent the best chambelan tuxedos or have them wear button downs and get them accessories

Baile Sorpresa Outfits - You and your court need to show off your dancing skills, but it can be tough to dance in that dress! Bring a change of clothes in case you want to have something more comfortable to dance in!

Emergency Bag - You never know what will happen on your big day -- it’s better to be prepared than sorry! Here’s a complete list of what to pack in your emergency kit!

Again, every quince is unique, so it's ultimately up to you to decide which items you'd like to include and which ones you don't!

Here is a complete list of items you need for the ceremony:

Traditional Cojines - These are used for kneeling on during a traditional part of the ceremony.

Bible - The bible during a quinceanera ceremony is usually given during the ceremony and is blessed by the priest.

Rosary - The rosary is typically paired with the bible. The rosary beads means you are honoring a your relationship with the faith.

Natural Bouquet - A natural bouquet of flowers is essential to the quinceanera ceremony. This is given to the Virgin Mary during the ceremony.

Artificial Bouquet - A bouquet made of artificial flowers has become popular and is highly practical during your big day. This is the quince queens prop for pictures!

Candles for Candle Lighting Ceremony - This is one of the newer quinceanera trends. Candle-lighting has become a beautiful addition to modern quinceanera ceremonies.

Decor for the Chair - Don't stress too much about this detail - typically the venue or event decorator takes care of this!

The quinceanera ceremony is the more traditional part of the XV, but it's ultimately your decision on which aspects to include!

Here is a complete list of items you need for your reception:

Last Doll/Bear - This is supposed to be the quinceaneras last toy, marking their journey to adulthood!

Guest Books - Fun ways to remember your big day and everyone who was there to celebrate with you! A lot of quinces have been loving drop boxes as a cool alternative to standard guest books!

Card Boxes - Get cute card boxes to match your theme! Find handmade ones from local vendors for a elegant touch to your party.

Photo Album - A quinceanera album is just a staple piece. You'll want to keep the photos and memories of this big day.

Cake Toppers - There are so many trending types of cake toppers for quinceaneras. Find one that reflects the color/theme of your quince!

Cake Serving Sets - This one is also self-explanatory. You'll need cute serving sets that match your theme! Queremos pastel! Queremos pastel!

Toasting Glasses - Elegant glassware gives your quinceanera party a high end touch. Cheers to the Quince Queen!

Brindis Sets - Don't forget this piece! Your toasting glasses can be beautifully displayed and decorated.

Party Favors - You know your tias and abuelos love recuerdos! Get your friends and family to help out with making cute party gift favors for even more memories.

Guest Entertainment/Props - Anything to keep your guests having a blast - fog machine, sparkler effects, etc. Ask your DJ or decorator if they have any special props. These could add a special touch to any of your dances too!

Vals Props - Get all the details right for your vals! Some ideas we've seen include roses, wings, etc.

Reception Decor - Saving the best for last...
This covers everything from what you need on your tables to big props that help set the scene for the entire XV
Find quinceanera decorations that fit your theme whether its Arabian Nights or Under The Sea or anything in between.
Get props and standups to put around the room and build the right atmosphere.
Check out our Pinterest for more ideas!

Think about what order of events you want to follow and start looking for products based off what traditions you want to include!


Here is a complete list of vendors you may want to hire for your quinceanera:

Reception Venue - Make sure this is the FIRST vendor you book. Venues can be booked out for months in advance, so book early.

Ceremony Venue - Try to book this in the first month of planning too. Book this one early for easy peace of mind.

Event Catering - Food fit for a queen! Ask you family and friends for recommendations for the perfect caterer!

Banda/Mariachi - et down with the banda! Or wake up to a beautiful serenata from mariachis. (Or both!)

DJ - Make sure the music on the dance floor fits you perfectly. Talk with them and make sure they can play all your favorite songs!

Photographer - Make sure you establish a great relationship with them so they can help you capture the perfect moments!

Event Planner - Planners can be great if it's your first time planning a big event - they'll help out with literally everything!

Choreographers - Your dances are one of the most important parts of your big day. Make sure you have enough time to learn your dance routines!

Decorators - Find a theme and decorations that match your unique personality! Create a vision board on Pinterest and share it with your decorator!

Photo Booths - You and your guests will love having a photo booth! They give fun memories for everyone to take home!

Florists - It's important to find a good florist that matches your big day. Decorate your ceremony with your favorite flowers

Cake/Baker - You want to make sure your cake tastes great! Figure out what you like, and schedule as many taste tests as you can :)

Hotels - Don't forget about your out of town family and family friends! Find the perfect place for your guests from out of town to stay.

Pastors/Priests - A lot of quinceanera families prefer bilingual religious leaders to lead the ceremony

Limos/Transportation - You and your court can have fun and rock out to music on your way to the reception!

Makeup Artists - It's extremely important that you can find a makeup artist that you're happy with. Get glammed up for your big day!

Bar Service - Get a good bartender for cocktails! Your tio borrachos will appreciate it!

Happy Planning!

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