This Women Owned Business Wants To Help You Declutter Your Home And Make Money

This Women Owned Business Wants To Help You Declutter Your Home And Make Money

July 19, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

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If you haven’t heard about Queenly yet, you will soon. This women-led fashion startup company is changing the way women shop and think about their wardrobe, specifically when it comes to formalwear, AKA the dresses in our lives we only wear once and then completely forget about.

Queenly is focused on all things formalwear - prom, homecoming, weddings, cotillions, galas, etc. On the Queenly app or website, you can browse through tens of thousands (I mean it!) of dresses for ANY formal event you can think of.

They truly distinguishes itself from any other generic marketplace site by having a mission that truly cares about their users finding that perfect Cinderella dress for their special moment, as well as helping the environment be more sustainable by not letting the old dresses go to waste.

This company is rooted in empowering women of all backgrounds and all sizes. On Queenly, you can seamlessly upload your dresses and list them for sale! No matter the style, size, designer, or color! This app has the largest inventory of formalwear in the US, and it’s because their focus is specifically making consumers’ lives easier by centralizing all of the inventory in one convenient platform.

Trisha Bantigue and Kathy Zhou founded the company when they experienced how difficult it was to find more affordable dresses for their pageant competitions, and then the hassle of then having to sell them on sketchy platforms afterwards. From their experience, they knew these gowns were very expensive, often only worn once or twice, and then, extremely hard to resell on generic marketplaces who don’t cater to a formalwear audience.

One cool thing that they have is that you can find the wardrobes of hundreds of beauty queens listed for sale on Queenly (such as former Miss USA’s)! Your daughter’s dream dress for prom might just be from Miss USA 2018 on Queenly, and you can snatch it for just a fraction of the price of a brand new one!

Queenly is one of many ways of helping the fashion industry and women’s overflowing wardrobes. Why let your dresses just sit in your closet when the same dress can make another individual feel like a queen and make you some money at the same time? As resale becomes more and more popular with sites such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and The RealReal, selling old dresses is now a lucrative way to get some money back on what you’ve spent, while making more space in your closet.

What differentiates Queenly is that they understand the tedious process of buying a dress for a special occasion event requires a more high touch experience, and since they have a tailored audience that is specifically looking to buy a formal dress. This means that if you list a dress for sale on Queenly, chances are that it will get sold faster than if you list it on generic resale sites that don’t necessarily have users looking for a prom or wedding dress.

How to list a dress for sale on Queenly

Queenly has done an amazing job at offering their audience the best user-friendly app. On the seller-end side, easy-to-read instructions that make the upload as seamless as possible. Take a look for yourself!

Following your listing, Queenly will notify you if a potential buyer has asked any questions about your dress or if you have any pending offers. Queenly makes it easy to make sure your dresses get sold fast by allowing potential buyers to submit offers to their sellers.

After you have sold a dress, Queenly will send you an email with instructions on how to package your dress, along with a free prepaid shipping label for you to print out. All that is left for you to do is drop off at your local post office!

Once your dress has shipped, your seller earnings are disbursed to your preferred payout method. You get 80% of the profits! Queenly takes care of all the costs entailed to the shipping, quality check, payment processing fees, and more, so you can just sit back and relax.

How to ship and get paid quickly on Queenly

So what are you waiting for? Download the Queenly app today on iPhone or Android or go on to start making some cash!

Get the app.

One girl's dress is another girl's treasure.

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