7 Summer Colors to Make You Stand Out

7 Summer Colors to Make You Stand Out

June 29, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Summer fashion means something different for everyone. Whether you embrace comfy shorts, flowy skirts, or casual flip-flops, there’s something for everyone! One of the most universal ways to express yourself during this season is with fun, summer colors. Just like other aspects of summer fashion, there’s a wide variety of eye-catching colors that you can incorporate into your closet.

With so many different colors to choose from, it can seem like an overwhelming challenge to narrow them down to the perfect summer shades. That’s why we have the Pantone Color Institute to help us out! In case you didn’t know, Pantone analyzes the fashion world to annually announce the “Color of the Year.” Whichever color they choose absolutely dominates the fashion industry, making its way from haute couture runways to casual outfit inspiration. This year, Pantone went one step further and announced several shades of the summer that are sure to stand out in 2022.

But wait- how can anyone predict the popular colors for an upcoming season? Fashion week of course! Fashion is often split into two seasons, fall/winter and spring/summer. Since fashion shows are held before or at the start of each season, Pantone can easily pick out which colors will continue to be popular for months to come. Those spring shades you fell in love with? Keep them in your closet!

Check out each of these spring/summer 2022 color trends that are sure to make your summer wardrobe stand out. These shades captivated audiences on runways across the world, it’s time for you to do the same!

Very Peri

Queenly is officially obsessed with the Pantone Color of 2022! Very Peri is a bold shade of purple that symbolizes royalty and promotes personal creativity. As most would know, purple is created by combining shades of red and blue. What makes Very Peri unique is the violet-red undertone that shines through the deep blue base.

Even though it’s a big task to select the color of any year, 2022 proved to be particularly challenging. “How could we capture the rapidly changing world as it is now with one shade? How to come up with something that symbolizes the global zeitgeist and the transition the world is going through? The blue family was the starting point. It's a well-known color that corresponds to familiarity, to comfort. It includes the 'safety' factor and the liking that many people feel for blue. They also wanted to convey a sense of freshness, a push into the future, which includes the digitized world. That's where the purple-red undertone came in,” Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute of Color, explained.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is a popular shade during the warmer season and summer 2022 is no exception! This fresh and lighthearted color has been incorporated into many fashion weeks leading up to the summer, solidifying its spot in fashion history. Whether you’re going for a refined, elegant look in an evening gown or a flirty, floral vibe in a maxi dress, there’s a shade of pastel pink for everyone. Don’t be afraid to let your feminine side shine this summer!

Fuschia Innuendo

Fuschia Innuendo is a unique shade of pink that stands out among all others. Think Fuschia, but even brighter and bolder! This eye-catching color is perfect for a fashionista who doesn’t want to go unnoticed. Whether you’re going for a fully Fuschia look or just want a pop of pink in your outfit, this bold shade is perfect for you!

Daffodil Yellow

Bring a burst of energy everywhere you go this summer in this eye-catching shade of yellow! This bright shade of yellow can complement a wide variety of skin tones and looks beautiful when combined with other bright colors. Daffodil Yellow is the epitome of joy, so you won’t be able to stop smiling in this 2022 trend.

Light Blue

Light Blue is a color that constantly surrounds us during the summer. Whether you’re staring out at the sea or looking up at the sky, light blue is sure to catch your eye. The same goes for summer fashion! Light blue is the perfect shade for creating elegant, yet “fresh” looks. You’ll be sure to embody everything “summertime” in this universally flattering shade of blue.

Coral Rose

Coral Rose is a vivid shade of orange that radiates energy and creates a strong presence in any room. Orange was an especially popular color during the spring/summer 2022 fashion weeks and this particular shade is one that stood out the most! This unique color is created by combining bright orange with a hint of pink, making it perfect for summertime fashion.

Orchid Bloom Lavender

This classic springtime color is making its way to the summer season! Orchid Bloom Lavender represents a love of nature and all things floral, making it perfect for anyone who wants a sweet, summertime vibe. This shade is a cooler, lighter version of Very Peri, the Pantone Color of the Year, which makes it the ideal introductory shade to incorporate purple into your wardrobe. The versatility of this shade also makes it the perfect color to combine with other colors of the summer, such as pastel pink, light blue, and white.


No surprises here! The Pantone Color Institute selected white as one of the trendiest colors to wear this summer. A consistent summer fashion color, white is a universally flattering shade that can be incorporated into a wide variety of outfits in numerous ways. Whether you’re going for a fully white, angelic vibe or using white as the backdrop for a fun summer pattern, this color can be used to express all aspects of your personality. While some might think white is a dull, or boring shade, this bright color is actually quite captivating during the summer months, especially on an equally bright day.

There’s a perfect summer shade for everyone. These seven colors picked out by Pantone are just a few that will make you stand out all summer long. Whether you’re a fan of soft pastels or deep, bold shades, there’s a color for everyone!

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