How to Dress for Every Wedding Venue: A Wedding Guest Guide

How to Dress for Every Wedding Venue: A Wedding Guest Guide

September 7, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Weddings happen so frequently that it’s not about the when but the where. Being the perfect wedding guest is about more than bringing a great gift and even better vibes, it’s also about your wardrobe! What you wear will live for a lifetime in someone’s wedding album, so it’s essential to ensure that your outfit is picture-perfect. We’ve shared tons of wedding guest tips in our other Queenly blog posts: Wearing Black to a Wedding: The Dos and Don’ts, 12 Best Cocktail Dresses for Wedding Guests, and How White is Too White for a Wedding (which we totally think you’ll love!) So, now it’s time to dive into what to wear at the most popular wedding venues! You’ll want to follow the dress code above all, of course, but there’s always so much more to consider. Let’s answer the common question: what should I wear to a wedding based on the venue?

What to Wear to a Banquet Hall Wedding

Banquet halls are the most common wedding venue and probably the ones you’ll be attending the most. Banquet halls provide varying levels of formality for couples with any budget, making them ideal for most weddings. When deciding on your wedding guest wardrobe, check the invitation for any dress code- this will be your guiding factor. Then, take some time to look up the wedding venue. View photos of the banquet hall and browse through their website to see what past weddings have been like. This will help you decide on the perfect dress for any venue!

What to Wear to a Church Wedding

Places of worship are very common locations for wedding ceremonies. Although some couples choose to have their entire wedding at one venue, most will have their wedding ceremony in one location and their wedding reception in another. If you’ll be visiting a place of worship during a wedding ceremony, be sure to look up any specific wardrobe suggestions they might have. Each culture and religion has a different position on what’s appropriate for their place of worship. If you aren’t completely comfortable and want to be sure you’re dressed appropriately- just ask the couple! Overall, you’ll want to browse through dresses with sleeves, longer skirts, and higher necklines.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are some of the most intimate, beautiful wedding ceremonies that you could attend. Aside from the potential for sand in your sandals, these ceremonies are a picturesque way to celebrate the couple’s new chapter. With everything looking so picture-perfect, you’ll want to make sure your outfit is too! A beach wedding likely means it’ll be warm (or even a bit hot) out, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when planning your outfit. The formality of a beach wedding can vary greatly, from casually chic to seaside elegance. Be sure to check the dress code before picking out your wedding guest dress, but overall, you’ll want any outfit you choose to have a beachy, summertime vibe. Florals, fun patterns, and bright colors- we’re looking at you!

What to Wear to a Resort Wedding

We hope you have your passport ready! Destination weddings are a popular choice for well-traveled couples and those with families scattered across the world. If you’re lucky enough to receive a wedding invitation with a boarding pass inside, then it’s time to start shopping for the perfect wedding guest dress for a destination wedding. Not all destination weddings are the same, so let’s talk resort weddings! Resort weddings are usually on the dressier side since you’ll be in a breathtakingly beautiful location. Don’t forget to try and match the tropical vibe! This is the perfect time to experiment with pastel colors, floral prints, and lace. Need some more inspiration? Check out these 15 Must-Have Summer Styles!

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding

Rustic chic, anyone? Barn weddings are very common in the midwest and south, so if you live in these areas or know a bride-to-be who lives there, then you’ll probably get the chance to attend one of these boho celebrations! Barn weddings are a bit more on the casual side, so you’ll want to leave the floor-length gowns at home. Instead, browse through casual, chic cocktail dresses that have a rustic or boho vibe. You’ll fit right in with your countryside charm!

What to Wear to a Country Club Wedding

Country clubs are known for hosting well-planned and fabulous weddings. These events are usually hosted between manicured lawns and beautiful, indoor spaces. Although these weddings can partially take place outside, you don’t want to dress like you’re going for a picnic in the park. Country clubs are chic venues, so you’ll want a wedding guest dress to match. While you’ll want to be comfortable in your outfit, you still need to keep things classy!

What to Wear to a Winery Wedding

Wineries are a popular outdoor wedding venue for those living in California and the northwest. Acres of breathtaking vineyards, eye-catching flowers, and of course, delicious wine, make these venues the perfect option for a memorable wedding. You’ll want to keep things chic, comfortable, and cute, so try going for a tea length or cocktail dress. Pro tip: a dark or wine-colored dress (like burgundy, magenta, or red) will prevent any spills from being too noticeable throughout the celebration. Oh- and you’ll match too! It’s a win-win!

Couples often spend a lot of time planning every detail of their dream wedding day. Once they’ve found the perfect venue, you can bet that they dropped a big chunk of change to lock it down! The venue will usually impact many aspects of the wedding, from menus, to dress codes, to the schedule of events. Wedding venues are more important than you think, so be sure to keep it in mind when shopping for your wedding guest dress!

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