What Color Prom Dress Should I Wear: A Helpful Quiz

What Color Prom Dress Should I Wear: A Helpful Quiz

March 5, 2022
By The gr0 Team

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Prom is a great time to debut a daring new look. Today, we are bringing you some signature colors and the personality traits that they accentuate. If one sounds like you, then you know you’ve found the right one.

Queenly is all about women supporting women, and there’s no better way to do that than to help everyone out there find the right color to match their unique and true selves. While we always encourage taking risks and trying new things, having a signature color means you have a comfort zone. When all else fails, this signature will never let you down.

So read on for all the different vibes and charm that each different dress color exudes to make sure you make the right choice for your best self.

Girliest Girl

Are you planning a tiara to match your gown? Did you grow up on princesses and just know that one of these was based on your past life? Are you waiting for the day your mice and woodland friends show up and start helping you clean the house?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you might be a bit really in touch with your feminine side. Being in touch with your girly qualities doesn’t mean you can’t like sports or outdoorsy things, it just means that when you get dressed up, you like to push the princess as much as possible.

Of course, if you’re into the princess vibe, the number one color go-to is pink. With so many shades to choose from, you really aren’t limited to just one basic hue. Mauve and blush rose are trending pretty hard right now and are a great compliment to women of any ethnicity.

Pink might not be your thing, so you could try shades of yellow, purple or blue. We recommend bright or pastels, as these have more of a feminine touch. Electric and neon shades of these colors are great for those that are girly but love a Barbie moment more than a princess; bonus points if you can find a barbie dream car to rent for the night!

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, go for a soft gray. It’s a color that is trending hard right now and is beautiful and classy. The softer tones really keep the look feminine and sleek and give off elegant vibes and will keep you in the spotlight all night.

If you are looking for the right fit for your carriage, start here:

Goth Girl

Goth Girl Prom Color Scheme

Does any movie by Tim Burton really call to your soul? Are you hoping for a collage made of black roses? Do you like a good seance once or twice a week?

Chances are you’re a bit of a goth girl. We love a good goth moment, and if this is something you’re into, there are quite a few colors that would work for you. Most people would assume that black is the only color you’ll wear, but if that were the case you wouldn’t be reading this hoping to find the color for you.

Black might be one of your favorite options, but there are plenty of ways to showcase your goth vibes without only wearing one color. Burgundy, deep purple, and dark emerald greens are perfect colors for a gothic edge. They’re deep and dark hues of these colors, so you won’t feel like the color is too bright and draw a lot of attention.

If you aren’t comfortable with this much color, no matter how subtle, but want a black dress with a little something more, opt for a black lace gown. You’ll get all the Morticia Adams vibes, but with a little extra eye-catching texture to take your look next level.

Start here for a few goth looks:

Girl at the Rock Show

Are you most comfortable seeing a band perform from the mosh pit? Is everyone always asking you to turn down the guitar solo? Does pop music make you cry, but for the wrong reasons?

Yep, you’re definitely a rocker chick. The 80s of big hair and punk outfits were your scene, but you’re bringing it back for the new generations. A lot of those classic 80s looks just aren’t formal enough for prom, so let’s take the look and give it a contemporary spin.

Metallics. A gold, silver, metallic white, or black dress would be killer for you at prom. These are looks that stand out, which any good rocker knows you definitely do, but sophisticated and fun. You’ll give edge but you’ll also give glam. Any girl that loves rock days of the past knows that every legendary rocker enjoyed a glam moment or two. Really set the look ablaze with a faux mohawk or electric eye shadows to add extra edgy effects.

We’ve gathered some of our favorites here:

Glitzy Girl

Is no outfit complete until you’ve added at least three different types of accessories? Are you always overdressed for every occasion you show up to? Do you wish you were alive during times when people dressed up to fly?

You might be a total diva, but this also means you love sparkle and allll the shine. We love a girl who’s over the top whenever she gets dressed; if the glitz and glam of celebrity life appeals to you, really stick to the classics.

The little black dress will never go out of style, and if you really want to revive the days of Old Hollywood, we highly suggest a mermaid black gown. It’s drama, classic, sophisticated, and so beautiful.

If you don’t want to go with black, you want something with more pop, you should head to red. A red dress will draw attention no matter what room you walk into and will add intrigue to any silhouette. It’s the perfect color for anyone wanting to be timeless but with a gorgeous femininity.

These styles are sure to get you noticed:

Get Shopping

As long as you are being true to yourself and the style you want to exude at prom, we are confident you will find your signature color for your prom dress. Remember, your signature color is a power color, it’s meant to give you the boldness needed to demand all eyes on you everywhere you go. As long as you’re true to who you are, we know you’ll find the color made for you.

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