What Does the Mother of the Bride Wear: A Calming Style Guide

What Does the Mother of the Bride Wear: A Calming Style Guide

March 4, 2022
By Erin Clark

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Planning a wedding can bring on unwanted stress and anxiety. Well, Queenly doesn’t play that game! We want you to enjoy the process from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that when you’re stress-free those around you remain calm but that’s another story. So today, we want to talk about mother of the bride looks.

Mother of the bride looks should be a happy, fun day of shopping. Our moms just want to look their best for us, and that’s something we can get behind. Problems arise when they expect us to pick their gowns, not just help them shop. We’ve already said yes to our dress, so we in no way, shape, or form are mentally prepared to do that for them as well.

That’s our goal today: give you a few tips and tricks that will help your mom say yes to a dress, with minimal effort from you.

Step One

Do your homework. Before any serious online shopping, browse. Looking through a few magazines or casually browsing online will clear up any confusion for your mom. She will start to understand that you’re there as support to help her pick the one that looks best, but you will not make the decision for her.

It’s also a great way to find out her style preferences. See what colors she heads toward, or what cuts and silhouettes she pulls to look at closer. This way, if she insists on you picking her outfit for your wedding, you’ll be ready to pull styles for her. You’ll be making choices based on her likes and dislikes and she will think you’re doing all the hard work for her. Win-win!

Styles To Choose From

While the style that fits your mother’s personal tastes and personality is the best choice, there are a few styles that are universal. Picking the right color and cut that is best for her is priority one, these are basic fashion styles and silhouettes that work really well. If nothing else, this gives you somewhere to start so you both aren’t lost.


A neutral-colored lace gown is a very flattering look for the mother of the bride. As long as you aren’t wearing head-to-toe lace, your mother will shine on your wedding day. We will preface this with it won’t take any of the attention away from you we promise. But it will help her look flattering for pictures and compliment your white gown. Champagne gowns are a beautiful touch and will translate to any season of wedding.

Lace is also a flattering look for mature women in these more neutral colors. Don’t automatically put your mother in all black. If she does prefer a darker color, try something in burgundy or navy blue.

Try these looks:

Women’s Suit

A jumpsuit or female suit option is an amazing look for the mother that doesn’t feel as comfortable in a gown. They’re very trendy right now, but always a classic fashion staple, so your mom will feel confident and beautiful. We recommend this style in gray or pastel tones.

These are softer colors that add vibrancy without being too in your face. As the mother of the bride, she wants to stand out but only enough to be seen. We doubt that neon green is her favorite color, and it really isn’t an appropriate look for a wedding anyway.

Sequins and Embellishments

Jeweled gowns are a beautiful option for the mother of the bride. They are delicate and intricate designs that are complimentary for a mature woman. Look for these garments in darker colors or a neutral option. The reason is that a neutral or dark color will be beautiful without being too showy or stealing focus. If a gown with embellishment feels too heavy for mom, try a slip-style gown with a sequin overlay. The dress will be naturally lighter and look more delicate.

Mothers tend to like a little sparkle and shine, so we think moms will be happy with these styles.

Here are a few picks for inspo:

Simple Satin

A simple satin gown with draping will always be a great option. It will offer mom comfortability and movement for the evening and the material will look elegant. The whole reason mom is stressed about picking the right gown is to make sure she looks appropriate and doesn’t embarrass you on your big day. Gowns in these simple styles and cuts are always a crowd-pleaser.

These are gorgeous options:

Remember To Have Fun

Helping your mother pick out her perfect look for your wedding should be fun. If she’s putting a lot of pressure on you to pick her gown, remember these tips and style staples to help you out. It’s a way to ensure that she gets a look that she loves, and you save your sanity for napkin choices.

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