What to Wear to Your Bachelorette Party

What to Wear to Your Bachelorette Party

April 12, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

Being a bride-to-be means balancing the most stressful, fun, and exciting time of your life. From event planning to wardrobe selection to food tastings, you’ll be doing it all! Picking your wedding gown is usually one of the highlights of planning. All eyes are on you while you play dress up in fabulous dresses. Since buying your wedding gown is a main event, it can be easy to let your bachelorette party outfits fall to the sideline.

Planning your wedding is stressful enough, so planning your bachelorette party should be fun! This can be the perfect time to highlight your true style or experiment with a new one. Narrowing down your ideal look can be a challenge, but you can never go wrong with these classic styles!

Types of Bachelorette Styles

If your bachelorette celebration is across multiple days, or if you want to be extra and change throughout the day, wearing different styles is the best way to stand out. You’re the bride! This is your time to shine! Whether you haven’t experimented with these styles yet or just can’t narrow them down, here are our favorite fun, trendy styles to rock during your bachelorette party.

Cocktail Dresses

You can never go wrong with a classic cocktail dress! This style is a popular choice for showing off your fun side or dancing the night away. If you’re spending your bachelorette celebration with a fun group of friends at a nightclub or bar, this can be the perfect style for you. Not all cocktail dresses are ideal for this though! You can find tons of elegant, modern cocktail dresses that can be worn to brunch or a fancy dinner. Your dress is what you make of it!

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Sometimes it’s fun to try something other than a dress. This is your chance to experiment with a jumpsuit or romper! Jumpsuits are a trendy option for a bachelorette party in a cooler city or a daytime celebration with your family. With so many options to choose from, there’s a jumpsuit for any part of your bachelorette celebration. Rompers have also been all the rave these days! This cute outfit can be the perfect option for a beach themed party, a weekend somewhere warm, or a night of dancing!


Get ready for all eyes to be on you! Overskirts are a fun way to have a dramatic presence during your bachelorette party and girl- you earned it! Whether you’re twirling on the dance floor or strutting around a new city, wearing an overskirt will let everyone know that the day is about you! Be as dramatic or subtle as you’d like, there’s an overskirt for every style.

Long Dresses

Show the world the bride that you are! A long, white gown is an ideal option for feeling elegant even before your wedding day. This kind of bachelorette style will show off your angelic side and isn’t that the point of wearing white? You’ll have everyone at your bachelorette party on edge waiting for you to unveil your next floor length dress.

For the Professional Bachelorette…

If your fashion taste is more on the sensible and professional side, try swapping a sexy, two-piece look for an elegant jumpsuit or cocktail dress. Remember, you want to wear what you feel the most comfortable in! Don’t push yourself too far out of your comfort zone or else you might be worrying about your wardrobe instead of having fun. Let loose, but be true to you!

For the Bohemian Bachelorette…

Oh hey bohemian babe, we knew we’d find you here! If your bachelorette party has more of a boho vibe, then try out an outfit with lace or floral patterns. This fun, flirty style will show everyone that you’re a chilled out bride who is ready for her bachelorette celebration!

For the Over the Top Bachelorette…

Your wedding is all about you, so that means your bachelorette party is too! These over the top looks are perfect for an over the top bride. You’re guaranteed to be the bachelorette that no one forgets! It’s time to jump out of your comfort zone and into one of these daring looks!

For the Elegant Bachelorette…

Classy never goes out of style! These elegant bachelorette outfits are perfect for a bride who wants to keep her celebration on the classier side. These formal wear options are perfect for weekend brunch or dinner with your besties.

For the Sexy Bachelorette…

Step out and show the world just how sexy you are! These bachelorette party outfits ooze sex appeal and they’re the perfect options if you want to stand out on your last night out. Make sure to take tons of pics- your fiancé will thank you later!

For the Floral Bachelorette…

Feeling floral? Let your sweet side out in a floral themed bachelorette outfit. The springtime style is sure to brighten up any party with its fun vibes and cheerful energy. Don’t forget to accessorize! This is your time to experiment with some cute, flower themed jewelry.

Just like your wedding day, your bachelorette party is all about you! Whether you choose a cocktail dress, jumpsuit, romper, or two-piece outfit, your outfit will be captured in photos and remembered for years to come. Don’t be afraid to try something new or pick what makes you feel the most comfortable. Once the perfect look is picked out, all you’ll need to do is have fun with your girls!

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