What to Wear for a Pageant Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

What to Wear for a Pageant Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

August 3, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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Interviews are easily the most important part of any pageant. Unless you’re completely new to the industry, you’ve probably heard the phrase “pageants are won in the interview room.” No matter your experience level, system, or division, this saying holds true.

Whether you’re competing in a pageant, trying to score a new job, or want to be accepted into the academic program of your dreams, there’s probably an interview somewhere along the way. While the goal of every interview typically revolves around getting to know your personality, qualifications, and whether or not you’re right for the role, a pageant interview consists of much more. Your ability to take on the role of a titleholder isn’t just determined by your personality, charm, and accomplishments, but also the way you present yourself to the judges.

What you wear will always impact your first impression. However, this is much more important during a pageant. Your pageant wardrobe will play an integral role in whether or not you take home the crown of your dreams. On top of being fashion forward and showcasing your knowledge of pageant trends, your outfit should reflect your personality and help the judges know who you truly are.

Pageants are always changing. The past few years have seen countless changes in terms of age limits, regulations, areas of competition, and obviously- fashion! Pageant interview attire has changed drastically since the inception of pageants, but it has become increasingly eye-catching, dramatic, and fun in more recent years. When choosing your next interview look, keep in mind these do’s and don’ts!

Do: Feel Powerful in a Pantsuit

Pantsuits have become increasingly popular in pageantry over the past few years. Instead of seeing a sea of sheath dresses and midi skirts, we’re seeing more and more jumpsuits, blazer sets, and two-piece pantsuits. Although we think that glass ceilings can be shattered whether or not you’re wearing pants or a skirt, choosing to wear pants in your interview can make you feel extra powerful and confident in front of the judges.

Don’t: Play it Safe

Your pageant interview is likely your first time in front of the judges. Don’t let this go to waste! Use this opportunity to stand out amongst all of the other contestants who are vying for the title. Remember, you’re all trying to impress the panel! These ladies will be going above and beyond, so why won’t you? Don’t settle for a simple interview dress. Try out a new pageant interview trend and step outside your comfort zone and into the crown!

Do: Wear Bold, Eye-Catching Colors

Remember what we said about standing out in the interview room? You can also do this by choosing a bold, eye-catching color! The color you choose to wear for your interview will convey a certain personality and emotion to the judges. This can be a fashionable way to show them the charismatic, outgoing side of your personality. Just think about how perfect these bold shades would be for a pageant interview!

Don’t: Wear Busy Patterns

Pageantry can have a lot of rules, but one of the most universal ones is: don’t distract the judges. This can be applied to many areas of competition, including evening gown, fun fashion, and interview. While patterns can be cute to wear during a night out or when getting brunch with your girls, many judges find patterns distracting, especially in the interview room. Don’t give the judges anything else to focus on other than your charming personality and impressive accomplishments.

Do: Embrace Boss Babe Vibes

Your interview is your opportunity to feel powerful and confident in front of the judges. Although there are so many cute interview styles to choose from, there’s one style that does exceptionally well in any interview room: boss babe vibes. Think executive energy with some supermodel style sprinkled in. You get it!

Don’t: Forget to be Professional

Even though a pageant interview isn’t quite formal as your typical corporate interview, you still want to make sure you come across as professional. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the fact that this is a pageant. You’ll get the change to embrace all things rhinestones and sparkles during the evening gown or fun fashion competition, so save these for later. It’s time to embrace your professional side!

Do: Try a New Neckline

We’ve already mentioned this a few times, but pageant interview attire has changed a lot in recent years! Colors are getting bolder, silhouettes are shifting, and styles are becoming more fashion forward. Your interview outfit can be your opportunity to experiment with a new style that will leave the judges excited to see the rest of your wardrobe. In addition, depending on the type of interview, you might be sitting across from the judges, meaning they will only see you from the waist up.

Don’t: Show Too Much in a Strapless Look

Strapless looks can be super cute, but not always for a pageant interview. This sexy, trendy style can come across as a bit too informal during your interview. This is especially true if you need to sit during your interview, as the judges will barely be able to see other parts of your outfit.

Don’t give the judges any reasons to keep you away from the crown of your dreams. Your pageant interview is your chance to impress the judges and let them know why you truly deserve to be the next titleholder. Keep these Dos and Don'ts of pageant interview in mind when shopping for your next interview outfit and you’ll surely be a stand out contestant!

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