9 Thrifty Bridal Bouquets: A Fun DIY Guide

9 Thrifty Bridal Bouquets: A Fun DIY Guide

March 4, 2022
By Lacey Nakashima

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Bridal on a budget isn’t always easy. But everyone has to have a cutoff somewhere, and knowing your limits ahead of time will make the process of planning so much easier. Imagine all the stress you’ll save yourself by planning ahead.

That’s what we’re here to do today. Floral arrangements and bridal bouquets usually cost a pretty penny. If you’re looking for a fun way to save money, you’ve come to the right place! Queenly is here to give you nine fun ideas for creating your own bridal bouquets. We know that DIY can get out of hand and can go in all sorts of directions.

So our goal today is to give you ideas based on your wedding theme. Not every idea and bouquet will work across all weddings. We want to make sure you’ve got the right direction for your personal tastes.

Sticking to Tradition

So you might be a traditional bride who definitely wants flowers. That’s ok! There are ways to get fresh flowers in colors you want on a budget.

Shopping Local

Finding local flower vendors could help save money. Florists are great, but the elevated costs come into play when they have to source flowers then charge you for them. They do add a premium because they are having to do the legwork of getting the flowers in the first place. By finding flower vendors instead of florists, you’ll be able to cut out the middle man.

The downside? You’ll have a great way to source the flowers, but you might have to put arrangements together yourself. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because well, let’s face it, it’s work. You’ll have to carve out time for putting bouquets together. Hopefully, you have some really ride-or-die bridesmaids that’ll come through with help.

The upside? You can get exactly what you want and save a ton of money in the process. Labor isn’t free either, so not having to pay someone to make the bouquets will save a considerable amount of funds. You can still find all the right ribbons and accessories and customize each bouquet for you and your girls.

Shop in Season

One of the biggest budget busters is wanting flowers that are out of season. You might have had your eyes on a certain flower since you were little. But decided you’re a summer bride, and those flowers are in season in December. Vendors and florists charge a serious premium on flowers that are out of season. It’s not only difficult to source them, but also difficult to keep them fresh.

Shopping for flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding will ensure a more affordable price.

A Few Flowers

Here’s a list of a few top picks that are full and beautiful that save money.

We do know that these are some great tips, but maybe you don’t know flowers that well but are really married (see what we did there) to the idea of fresh florals. Here’s a list of a few top picks that are full and beautiful that save money.


If you’re wearing a lace gown, or really into the romantic elements of a wedding, hydrangea is a really great option. They’re beautiful, come in a variety of colors, and each bloom is full and big. You could add greenery around them to add fullness and additional color. They would also make the perfect centerpieces if you want something that looks big without costing an arm and a leg.


Maybe you’re a little country. You like a straight flowing gown that’s sweet with a little sass. Sunflowers are a cute and fun way to show off your personality and have gorgeous fresh stems. They add liveliness to a wedding and look so pretty in photos.

Sunflowers are really cost-effective as well, so you’ll be able to add a lot of fresh flowers to your day without breaking the bank. Plus, the yellow is such a great pop of color against a gorgeous white gown so you’ll stand out for sure.


Daisies are great flowers that can be dressed up or down. If you’re a bride planning a more casual affair, daisies will help add to the sweetness. You might have chosen a two-piece gown, chic but laid back, and you want your bouquet to exude the same vibes. Daisies will help add to the chill vibe you’re creating.

Maybe you’re a fancier bride that wants an upscale but creative vibe to your wedding. You’ve chosen a museum for your big day and the sexy side slit gown to match. Black and white daisies will add to this elegant affair. Mix in a few daisies in a few pops of color and bam, walking art.

More DIY Than That

Ok, so you still want to save more money, and have something a little more out of the box for your big day. We’ve got a few ideas in mind. They might seem a little wild at first, but these DIYs will definitely leave a lasting impression on guests.


We’ll start with an easy transition. Feathers are fun, flirty, and add natural movement to the day. You’ll be able to sway around with your feather bouquet and it will swing back. Plus, feathers are cost-effective and can be purchased at almost any craft store. You shouldn’t have any issue finding the right color for your wedding either, so it's a plus side all around!

Feathers would be a great bouquet for the modern, but funky bride. You like modern elements with little bits and pieces of tradition mixed in.

Wood Flowers

They’ll have a similar look to a fresh bouquet, but with a unique vintage feel. They might be a bit hard to make, so be sure to have a few trial runs before starting. You might have to source the wood flowers and put the bouquets together yourself if it proves to be a slightly more difficult task than you were expecting.

Wood flowers are a perfect antique touch for the more traditional bride. They add an element of romance. Best part? They last forever, so preserving your bouquet is easy!

Paper Flowers

Just like wood flowers, paper flowers are a great way to add vintage vibes and a lot of extra romance. You can create these relatively easily as well, so once you source the pages, it won’t be hard to create bouquets. It’s easy to add colored ribbons, feathers, or pearls to this look to create more personalized touches. You could also use tea to create a vintage look to the paper before cutting as well.

Want to add a more personalized touch? Create your bouquet out of your and your partner’s favorite book or your wedding song. Use the pages from your favorite chapter or part of the book that says the most about your love. If you use your favorite song, source music sheets that have both the words and the music notes on them, it’ll look gorgeous in pictures.

Don’t have a favorite book? Try using the pages from your favorite movie!

Here are a few vintage-inspired wedding dresses that would go well with these bouquets:

Palm Leaf Fan

Obviously, it would be super ideal to have your wedding on the beaches of Maui. But if that isn’t in the cards, try adding some island touches to your big day and having palm leaf fans instead of traditional bouquets.

This is the perfect element to add to any beach affair. If you have chosen a beach or private garden for your wedding, it will probably be on the warmer side. So a fan is not only an amazing keepsake for your bridal party, it’s a great way for them to keep cool.


Lanterns would be a cool touch for a lakeside event. Imagine getting married near the water and being able to float them after the ceremony for luck. Important side note here: only certain lake areas and venues allow this type of event. Make sure to call and ask ahead of time. If you wait until the day of, you might find out it’s a no-go.

If your venue does allow lanterns, this would be a great moment with all friends and family after the ceremony is over. You could have lanterns for each guest under their seat to participate. Or you could wait until your guests have left for cocktail hour and have this intimate moment with your bridal party during pictures. How very Rapunzel of you!

Cage Lanterns

If floating lanterns aren’t an option for your wedding venue, try cage lanterns. Any nautical-themed brides in the building? Cage lanterns are for you! They could be painted in different colors, to hint at the colors you would expect from floral bouquets. You could even add battery-powered tea lights to give it more effect.

Blog image on Queenly

What we love about these, just like most of the DIY items talked about today, is that they make great mementos for the bridal party. These can be painted in the bridesmaid’s favorite colors so when they take them home, they can add them easily to their decor.

Pro tip: if you are putting on a nautical affair, try adding navy cages to the tables as well. It will mimic the ones from the bridal party and save money by creating gorgeous tablescapes without florals.

If you are in need of some modern looks to go with these ideas, look here:

Flower or Embroidery Hoop

If you are a boho bride, this is the perfect bouquet alternative for you. Embroidery or flower hoops are traditionally made of wood. These usually come in an unfinished lighter wood style, but you could stain them to coordinate better with your colors and venue. You could also create a more rustic look and make them yourself out of twigs. It might not be perfectly round this way, but it will be a gorgeous touch.

When it comes to adorning the hoops, the sky's the limit. You could add more ribbons and lace to the hoop for sweeter, romantic vibes. Or you could wrap fake flowers around the hoop for more of a boho, cool vibe.

Pro tip: since it’s a boho wedding, flower crowns are totally appropriate. Whatever elements you add to the hoop, try adding a bit of these to your flower crowns as well!

Winter Muff

For all you winter brides out there, a hand muff is such a cute idea. They’re easy to find and are the perfect winter wedding touch for anyone looking for a bouquet alternative. Your bridal party will get a cute little keepsake they can use again. If it isn’t especially cold where you live, you can add to the ambiance with this detail.

You know what we think would be extra cute? A fur cape to go with the hand muff! You can coordinate the bridesmaid looks to be complemented by these extra touches.


Any garden party wouldn’t be complete without the perfect parasol to shade you from the sun. We think the same should be said about any garden venue wedding. A parasol isn’t anything too wild and bold, but so fun and unique for a wedding. When your bridesmaids walk out carrying these, your guests will be impressed. It’s a really cute touch and would be appropriate for garden venues or anything outdoors.

Here are a few dress looks that we think would look amazing with these:

Get Ready for “I Do!”

We hope you found the DIY inspiration you were looking for today. These are all fun and unique alternatives to traditional bridal bouquets. And we are sure that any one of these will definitely impress even your toughest critics.

Whether you’re a boho babe or a vintage beauty, we know that saving money and having unique touches on your day is important. These are great ways to add modern twists to traditional elements without breaking the bank. It’s also great because these DIY ideas keep you from having to eliminate these traditions altogether. So grab your girls and your best pair of scissors and start making those memories!

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