Why You Should Buy Your Quinceañera Dress Early | Expert Tips

Why You Should Buy Your Quinceañera Dress Early | Expert Tips

March 22, 2023
By Queenly x Mi Padrino

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Listen up ladies, this is important! At Queenly, we are here to make your big day the best that it can be… and that involves a gorgeous quince gown (among other things, but...you know, dress to impress.)

Shopping for your Quinceanera dress online can help you save a ton of money when planning for your big day. However, you have to keep in mind that it’ll take time to package your dress with care and ship it directly to your door. You don’t want to stress out about your dress possibly not arriving in time for your quince, so take some of Yuri’s following tips into consideration for why you should buy your quince dress early.

Think About the Cost

Even though we hate to, we have to talk about money. We know quinceañera dresses aren’t cheap, but that’s because they aren’t cheap to make. There are a lot of intricate details, including beading or embroidery in each dress, many of which are done by hand. These details make most quince dresses a bit more expensive than your average formal gown… but a quinceañera isn’t your average event. This is why we recommend that people begin saving for, or creating a payment plan for, their dresses at the 1-½ or 2 year mark.

The closer your event is, the more details you’ll have to think about. If you get your dress in advance, you won’t have to worry -- because you already took care of it months ago! For this very reason, Queenly offers split payment options like Affirm, Zip, and Sezzle because everyone’s situation is different and we want to make sure everyone can celebrate these milestone events.

Ease of Mind

People are always scrolling through Queenly, and kind of freaking out, because their event is suddenly around the corner and they don’t have a dress yet. You really want to avoid this anxiety by just ordering your dress far in advance. At Queenly, we are all about the experience! We want you to feel relaxed scrolling through dresses and choosing one that speaks to you. If you are rushed, this experience is more stressful than anything, and we don’t want that for you!

Coordinating Your Decor

Your dress is a very central piece of your entire event. All your decor, your theme, possibly your invitations, and even the attire of several other people will depend on what you are going to wear. For example, if you get a blush pink dress later in the game, but then realize the blush pink isn’t the exact color you thought it would be, now your decor is all the wrong color! However, if you already have your dress when you go to decide on decorations, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be well-coordinated together. Trust us, this is so much nicer than nightmares about color swatches and centerpieces.


It’s more likely than not that you will need some sort of alterations for your quinceañera dress, so plan on setting aside some time to get it altered. It’s better to plan ahead, instead of needing alterations at the last minute and having no time for them. Alterations are much more than saying just “cut the dress here and there...”. It’s unfortunately just not that easy. There are several small details and layers to these dresses, so altering them is more than just cutting them. You don’t want to rush your seamstress, either. This dress is a large part of an important day, so you want to give them plenty of time to do a great job.

Buy From Someone Trustworthy

It’s no secret that we love to utilize the internet these days! It seems so much easier to find a dress online than in person -- after all, you can click through 100 dresses in a matter of minutes! However, be wary of shady websites that offer dresses for too-good-to-be-true prices -- they usually are just that. Queenly is one of the most trustworthy websites you can use when shopping online for your Quinceanera dress. Our sellers know how important your Quinceanera is, so you can be sure that your purchase is safe and secure!


Maybe you are concerned that buying a dress a year or two in advance will be impossible to determine what size to buy. Just remember it is always easier to take in a dress, than to try to make a small dress bigger. Queenly offers split payments for quinceanera dresses that actually help with this because you can start paying off the dress even before you figure out what size to order!

Shopping for your quinceanera dress doesn’t have to be stressful! A queen like you deserves the royal treatment whether she’s buying a new prom dress online or shopping secondhand. At Queenly, we’ve committed ourselves to promoting sustainable fashion while making it affordable for everyone. Join our community of Queens who have listed outfits in their online closet. It’s as easy as signing up for a free account, snapping some pics, and uploading the details- that’s it!

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