What is a Natural Pageant? and How to Win One

What is a Natural Pageant? and How to Win One

February 10, 2023
By Katerina Katakalides

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What is a natural pageant?

Natural pageants focus on natural beauty, personality, and community service. These pageants do not allow visible makeup on younger contestants and overall, contestants do not wear hair extensions, false lashes, or fake tans.

If you’re new to pageantry, then competing in a natural pageant could be a great way to introduce yourself to the industry. Starting off with a natural pageant can help you ease your way into competing without all the stress of finding an extravagant wardrobe, wearing glamorous hair and makeup, or walking in super high heels. Natural pageants are fun, lighthearted, and meant to celebrate you!

What to look for in a natural pageant dress

Natural pageant dresses are more on the semi-formal side rather than extravagant and glamorous. Think “sunday-best” instead of “Miss Universe.”

While you should still want your dress to be beautiful, this isn’t the most important thing. Instead of focusing on how your dress looks, you should focus on the way your dress makes you feel. Your natural pageant dress should make you feel confident without distracting from your natural beauty. Forget about the rhinestones, capes, and feathers. Your natural pageant dress should be beautiful without all the frills.

The best part of shopping for a natural pageant dress is looking at the price tags! Glitz pageant gowns typically cost thousands of dollars and the opposite is true of natural pageant dresses. You can find many natural pageant dresses for under $100. Talk about a deal!

Tips for taking natural pageant headshots

You should wear light makeup and a casual, but flattering top for your natural pageant headshot. You should refrain from over-editing or changing your appearance.

Natural pageant headshots are meant to highlight your natural beauty rather than achieve a “picture perfect” appearance. Forget about filters and blurring tools- your natural pageant headshot should be fully you! Of course, your headshot should be flattering, but this still means you should look like yourself. The best thing you can do is pick a clear, bright photo that allows your personality to shine through.

How to win a natural pageant

The best way to win a natural pageant is by being yourself! Natural pageants are meant to highlight your natural beauty and personality. Don’t focus too much time and energy on your wardrobe or appearance, as these aren’t as important as your personality.

While some may assume that winning a glamorous pageant like “Miss Universe” is the hardest thing you can do, it can also be challenging to win a natural pageant. Instead of being able to hide behind an evening gown worth thousands of dollars or behind pounds of makeup and a spray tan, natural pageants force you to be yourself on stage. There’s nothing to show the judges except for who you truly are!

Everyone has heard the saying “pageants are won in the interview room” and this is especially true during natural pageants! Unlike traditional beauty pageants, natural pageants focus heavily on personality, rather than appearance. Impressing the judges in the interview is almost a guaranteed way to win your next natural pageant. Even though appearance isn’t the most important thing during a natural pageant interview, you still want to look your best for the judges! Picking the perfect natural pageant interview outfit could help you stand out from the competition.

Natural pageants near you in 2023

Natural pageants are usually held by local fairs, festivals, and schools. These smaller-scale pageants can be found anywhere from big cities to small towns.


How do you walk in a natural pageant? Is it different than a glitz pageant walk?

Your walk at a natural pageant should be smooth and elegant. Instead of bouncing around and making exaggerated poses like you would at a glitz pageant, try making fluid, more natural movements.

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